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Chapter 1 - The Meeting

Set in my Alien Fanfictional Universe: When a Rare King doesn't seem to be enough, another Rare form of Royalty appears.

Chapter 1 - The Meeting

Chapter 1 - The Meeting
Some people have called me unusual.

Because i was a King Xenomorph with totally Different Origins?
Or was it my Appearance?

Or.. Is it EVERYTHING about me?

Whatever the Answer, given me and my nature, I wasn't sure how there could be another Xeno that possessed Strange Qualities like i do.

Well, that is until today, actually..


I had been told by Members of my Family that somebody wanted to meet me.
When i asked about it, they refused a Direct Answer, for some strange reason.
Only to say that.. SHE wanted to meet me.

I wasn't sure who SHE was, but it better be good if they were also asking me to meet up with this.. Mysterious Being at a Distant Location.


So, i would arrive to the Requested Location.
And it didn't seem like anyone or anything else was around, except maybe some local wildlife.
Unless i am supposed to be meeting a Frog who wants to be Royalty?

Well, that was my thought, at least, until.. SHE stepped out from the brush.

'Ah, i was wondering for a minute if i going to meet somebody.' I say, greeting.. the most unusual thing I've ever laid my sight upon.


I was met by a HUGE Creature, and believe me when i say im not kidding around about that.
The creature was upwards of Twenty-One Feet Tall, as it was standing.
Making her Two Feet taller than i was.. and i was Nineteen Feet Tall.

I wasn't sure what exactly i was looking at, but it was another Xenomorph, which was the easiest thing i could Deduce.
But i looked to be a Class/Caste that i wasn't exactly familiar with.

It looked young, and the creature's hide looked Gorgeous.

W-Wait, did i say Gorgeous?
Yes, i suppose i did, and before i even heard this Xeno Speak, i could detect Feminine Pheromones.
So i must have been in the Presence of a Female Xenomorph to some effect.
But the appearance of this Xeno made her Scream Power, Royalty and so many other things.
Unless.. a Royal Xeno was Exactly what i was dealing with?
But.. if this was a Royal Xeno, why did she appear this differently?

To Start, If i was to Compare Her to normal Queens, there were Definitely things that this Xeno bore that Normal Queens have.
She had a Large Pair of Arms, with a second smaller pair beneath those, just like a Normal Queen.
You could see the classic exposed Ribs, although not as Prominent.
Plus, another Quality this Xeno shared with Other Queens, even along with myself, was the Spiked Protrusions on her Back.
You know the ones im talking about, Right?
I definitely don't mean the Tube-y Protrusions lesser Xenos display.

However there were parts of the Creature that Separated her from a Normal Queen.

She had a STUNNING Dark Silver exoskeletal hide, with Light Blue Accents lining her Chest Area.
Her Neck was more Black in Color.
And What further separates this Xeno from a Normal Queen was the Crest on her Head.
Her Crest covered her head and a portion of her Forehead like it was Armor.
It had spikes on top of it, along with back angled protrusions along the sides like a Normal Queen.
Only at the Back, you'd see two Long, Black, Scary looking Horns that stuck out a bit, curving outwards somewhat before curving back in.

Although only there were only two horns on her head, I may even liken that to the Horns I have, as strange as it must sound.
This was at least judging by their appearance.

Additionally, there were these Linear Gold Accents on it, like it was supposed to signify a Particularly Powerful Royalty.
The Back part of her head can be seen exposed at the back, looking Fairly Warrior-Esque with a Rigidness.
Above her arms, her Shoulders were something to behold, as it looks as though she was wearing armor, with a Thick, Black Exoskeletal Sheet acting almost like a Shoulder Plate, standing out above her arms.
Her long tail stuck out behind her, spiked and scary looking.
Her Body was more Curved, in addition, Her Legs and Arms looked Powerful with the Extra Thickness to them, likely bearing some incredible Muscle.
And Finally, her Teeth were Bare, and they looked Sharp and Powerful.

Honestly, it must sound Crazy, but this Xeno looks to me: If you were to Cross a Normal Queen with Myself.. well.. you would get.. THIS.
Whatever THIS was.


'Okay, was Weyland hoping to make a Copy of Me.. and Failed to do so?' I wondered, as the Appearance of the Xeno got the heck out of me.
My Comment made this Xeno Laugh Mentally, perhaps finding it to be funny.
'Weyland has nothing to do with me.' I hear her Speak to me.. in a.. rather soothing, lovely voice.
'Ah, so you know about Weyland? At least there's that.' I said.

Joking aside, it was time for me to get Acquainted with my new Guest.

'So, I am Ghost, i am King, and ruler of-' She stops me suddenly.
'I know, I met your Family, they told me about you.' She tells me.
'I am Empress Zantari.' She introduces herself to me.


'An EMPRESS?! THAT is why she looks so different?!' I thought in my head with utter surprise.
'And I thought I was a strange thing to behold!' I said.


'You seem Puzzled by my Appearance.' She tells me.
I stammer a bit, taken aback by her.
My State was making Empress Zantari laugh again.
'We are both Unusual, Are we not?' She asks, with a Smug Sense present.
'Pft.. Weyland's Face is Unusual.'
And this made her laugh like it was coming from her Heart.
Which was.. an Oddly pleasant thing to think about.
'Y-Yes, It is.. You have quite the Sense of Humor, I see.' She tells me.
'Is that a Quality Mama Solara told you about?' I asked her.
'I was warned your Qualities were.. Interesting.' She says.

'Gee, Thanks, Mother, what else did you say about me?' I wondered.

'So.. tell me, what is your Role as Empress? How do i Distinguish you from a Normal Queen?' I asked her.
'Ah, I am the Queen of all Queens, Ruler over all Xenomorphs.'

Boy did i GULP at hearing about this?

'Pft.. Heheheheh, I see you are apprehensive about being in my presence, now that you know of my Role.' She says, giggling.
'Now, let me set something Straight here, okay? Just because you are an Empress and say you rule over all Xenos, doesn't mean i will be taking orders from you.. Plain and Simple, Missy.' I tell her.
'Is that so?' She asked, slowly looking ready to pick a fight with me.
'It is this thing called a Hierarchy, its the last thing you need, Madam, so i hope you can respect what i say.' I tell her.
'Hmm, Perhaps i will, Perhaps i will not.. However, i must admit, I have been told of the times you have been in action.. i am not certain i want to deter you from that.' She says.
'Good, because somebody has to keep Weyland in check.' I say.
'And i am glad you are doing so, his actions towards our species are, for the most part, not what i would call Acceptable.' She says.
'I am hoping i can Impregnate him with our Xenomorph Offspring, and just hold him to the wall while he just takes it.' I tell her.
'Hmm.. would you be able to bring me any of his staff members in Exchange?' She asks.
'We will see, i cant be sure how successful i would be.' I say.

'You are certainly interesting, Ghost.' Empress Zantari tells me.
'You know what? So are you, My Lady.' I say.
I hear her Giggle, before giving me a Fond Kiss on the Cheek.


The End.


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