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Chapter 2 - Doc's Surprise

A Short, Abandoned Story that i had written back in 2015 for 'Back to the Future Day', Which took place on October 21st, 2015.


November has Arrived, and with it, certain Anniversaries are Celebrated.
How do Doc and Marty Celebrate such an Anniversary?

Time Travel.

Chapter 2 - Doc's Surprise

Chapter 2 - Doc's Surprise
Marty took his Skateboard over to Doc's Place, and something strange was going on.

There was a sign that said 'For Sale'.

"W-what?" Marty was confused, was this because of Doc?

He knocked on Doc's Door, and kept eyeing the strange sign on the Garage door.

"What is going on, why is he choosing to move so suddenly?" He wondered.

"Especially since he's been spending more time in the Old West.." Perhaps Doc might be able to explain...


Speaking of which..

The Door opened to a 65+ year old Man dressed in brown clothing.

"Oh, Marty, Thank goodness your here.. come come.." He said, inviting Marty in.

"When did you get back from the Old West?" Marty asked Doc.

"I was here briefly on Halloween, but came back last night to do some finishing touches on a special surprise, specifically, for you." Marty was already a little surprised by the fact that Doc seemed to have been preparing something for him.

"Marty, do you remember what tomorrow is?" Doc asked him.

It took a minute for Marty to put Two and Two together, but remember what he was getting at.

"Ah yes, that would be the 30th Anniversary of when you invented Time Travel... wow, has it really be THAT long?" He went in shock

Doc chuckled and nodded.
"It has indeed been a long time.. But Marty.. the reason why i brought you here.. in regards to the Surprise... I've spent some time wiping THIS up." He uncovered his little 'project' and revealed it to Marty.

To Marty's surprise, it was a DeLorean Time Machine, much like the one that got smashed by a train as soon as Marty got back home.

"Wait.. did you... rebuild the DeLorean?" Marty asked him.
"Remember when i said i was here once on Halloween? I decided to gather the Scattered remains of the Delorean, bring it back to 1895, I worked on it there, then came back and worked on the finishing touches.. plus... I'm giving it to you Marty." Marty's Eyes were wide with Surprise.

"W-what? You mean it?" Marty asked him, rather excitedly.

Doc nodded.
"Of course there is ONE little condition.." Which Marty understood straight away, given their history.

"I will only use it either when Absolutely Necessary or when you ask me to." Doc smiled proudly at this.
"That's all i could ask for, after all, do we really want a repeat of HELL Valley or Worse?" You could bet that was a NO on both sides.

"Uh.. speaking of which... For Sale? What's going on?" Marty then changed the subject.

"Ah, yes, another reason why i wanted to talk to you, Clara, the Boys and i are moving here to 1985." But Marty jumped a bit at this.

"Whoa whoa, Doc, won't bringing Clara back from the Old west do something to the Present?" Marty asked him uneasily.

"Don't worry Marty, i already explained it to Everyone, i told them that Ms. Clayton and I were.. Moving out of State, going off and conducting science experiments.. they acknowledged and respected my 'Wishes' and thus, we came here looking for new place to live.. which oddly, happens to resemble my House from 1955." Huh, perhaps in Incarnation, if you will.

"So it'll be like Repeating History in someway." Doc nodded.
"To a degree, and that's not all.. it's in the Hilldale complex." Now this was something Marty remembered all too well.

October 21st, 2015, Thirty years from the Current Point.

Just around the time that Old Biff went back and altered time.

"That brings back memories.." Doc chuckled at this.
"It sure did, and we hope to be moved in by November 12th." Another Date in History in itself.

"Heh, November 5th and November 12th... I've missed hearing those dates.."


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