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Chapter 3 - Biff

A Short, Abandoned Story that i had written back in 2015 for 'Back to the Future Day', Which took place on October 21st, 2015.


November has Arrived, and with it, certain Anniversaries are Celebrated.
How do Doc and Marty Celebrate such an Anniversary?

Time Travel.

Chapter 3 - Biff

Chapter 3 - Biff
Marty drove HIS new Delorean back to his house, and found none other than Biff Tannen, having just arrived.

"Whoa, Biff? When did you get back from Palmdale?" Marty asked the tired, Green Track Suit clad Guy.

"Just now." Biff replied, but there was a problem with this..
"You weren't supposed to get back from Palmdale for... Six more days." Why so soon?

"Yeah, my Boss is a bit of Butthead that way, we had to cancel Everything because his Wife Died.." Oh, Rough...

"And you don't care if someone died?" To be honest, Biff was unsure what to think about it.

"Well... i don't think it was totally worth canceling the biggest meeting of my.. err, our career." That important, Huh?

"Sometimes, Biff, There's that someone who matters a lot to you, and at points like this, you'd be a bit more than let down if someone you knew or loved passed.." Biff nodded in understanding.

"Trust me, i get it... but now i wonder if another chance like this will come around again." Biff just sighed before heading inside.


Marty just laid back in bed, thinking about what he could possibly do with his new DeLorean.

"Hmm.. going to the past has been known to be tricky.. because we risk altering the timeline and... seriously screwing something up... hmm.." So a trip to the Future was considered.

"But when?" He's already seen 2015, so he can scratch THAT off his list.

"Hm.. Sooner or Later?" There were so many thoughts running through his head.

"Oh i don't know, and even then, there's the chance that a Tannen from that year could.. hmm.." And he didn't really want a Repeat of HELL Valley, even if there was the chance of it turning out a bit differently than the last time.

"20... I GOT IT!" He exclaimed excitedly, getting up from his bed in a hurry.


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