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Chapter 4 - Going Back To The Future

A Short, Abandoned Story that i had written back in 2015 for 'Back to the Future Day', Which took place on October 21st, 2015.


November has Arrived, and with it, certain Anniversaries are Celebrated.
How do Doc and Marty Celebrate such an Anniversary?

Time Travel.

Chapter 4 - Going Back To The Future

Chapter 4 - Going Back To The Future
It was only a Few Minutes before Midnight at this point, when Marty drove over to Doc's Garage.

He knocked on the Door, and was greeted by Doc's Wife Clara.

"Good to see you again, Clara." Marty greeted her in a Kind Manner.

"You to, Marty, Emmett's in here." She let him in, and had just noticed Marty was dressed differently.

"Well, you look... Futuristic.." She commented, Marty nodded Gently.

"That's why i'm here to talk to doc." He replied.
"He Doc, can we talk?" Marty asked him, stepping up to Doc's Workbench.

"Sure, what abou-" And now HE saw Marty's get up.

Marty was wearing a Black, Full-Body suit that seem like it should be used in a movie about Aliens or something.

"Oh, you want to go time traveling, I see?" Doc asked him, seeming to be digging his look.

"To the Future, Doc, that's where i wanna take the DeLorean to for a.. Test Drive, if you will." Doc looked back at Clara, then back to Marty Again.

"Uh... Let's me discuss this with Clara for a Moment.." He then stepped aside to have a chat with Clara..


"Clara... will you be okay if Marty and I.. went somewhere?" Clara smiled gently.

"Emmett, i think by now i'd be able to tell where you are going, your going to the Future with Marty." Doc gently nodded at this.

"Don't Worry, i understand, You and Marty had a.. History.. of doing this, and it's understandable if he misses having.. Special Friend-to-Friend time with you." Especially since Doc had also spent a lot of time with Clara back in the Old West.

"You Two, go on now." She waved to them as they left the building.


The Time Circuits on the DeLorean were Activated.

"So you want to go to the Future, Eh?" Doc asked Marty as he Started punching numbers.

"Yeah, i think i've gotten Tired of the Past.. plus, we've also seen 2015 Already.. i think it's time to take it a little Further..." Marty replied, before finishing his Typing.

Then the date 'August 31st, 2055 - 7:01 PM' Appeared on the 'Destination Time' Read-out.

"Whew... You want to travel 70 Years into the Future?" Doc asked Marty in a State of Surprise.

And just in Time, it had now struck Midnight, it was now November 5th, 1985, the 30th Anniversary of Doc's Invention of the Flux Capacitor.

"Speaking of Which, Happy Anniversary." Marty said to Doc in a Proud Manner.

Doc smiled Happily, with this, the DeLorean Started hovering about 15 Feet off the Ground and turned to the Opposite Direction.

"Ready, Doc?" Marty asked him in Preparation for Take Off.

"Ready.." Marty looked behind him, the Flux Capacitor was... well... Fluxing.. Time to Visit the Future.

With an Enormous Blast, the DeLorean took off, turned around, then came back the Other Direction before Blasting into the Future in a Fiery Exit.


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