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Chapter 6 - What the Future Presents

A Short, Abandoned Story that i had written back in 2015 for 'Back to the Future Day', Which took place on October 21st, 2015.


November has Arrived, and with it, certain Anniversaries are Celebrated.
How do Doc and Marty Celebrate such an Anniversary?

Time Travel.

Chapter 6 - What the Future Presents

Chapter 6 - What the Future Presents
The took a crowbar and pried to door open.

Getting an idea as to how Dark and Desolate the place seemed.

"Wow... 70 Years Did a number on this place, surprised it's even still here." Marty commented.

Doc took a read of a Digital Newspaper, and the Current events were a bit startling.

'Tuesday, August 31st, 2055.. "Hurricane Raymond becomes the First Major Hurricane to hit Northern California"' Which would explain the Weather.

'"65th US President Malia Obama seeks Second Term, poised to run in 2056 Election.'" This impressed Doc, it appeared Malia Obama became the 2nd Female to Run for President in the United States, as well as the 2nd African American to do so.

"'NOAA Climate reports suggest that Global Warming may finally be on a Down turn as Ice Sheets Suddenly return to 2005-2010 Levels.'"
But then came something startling.
"Marty, look!" Doc said to him in Alert.

Marty looked at what Doc was talking about, and his eyes Widened.

"57 Year old Martian McFly Jr, Democrat, wins Hillvalley Mayoral Election, Dated: July 18th, 2055?" Marty seemed a bit impressed.

"Whoa, this is heavy." He says his trademark catchphrase.

"But you see Marty? It just goes to show you how Successful You and Your Family have turned out to be." Which made Marty Proud, to say the least.

"But then there's this." Marty scrolled down the list.
"'18 year old Martin McFly III leaves for Two Week long Trip to Florida.. Dated: August 29th, 2055..' Just 2 Days ago." Which gave Marty an Idea.

"Hmm, Maybe i can dress up as my Grandson, and if anyone asks.. i'll just say i decided to cancel my Trip." Whatever worked.

"And I'll just say i'm my son, Verne." Hey, Yeah, that could work.

"It could be like a Family Tradition."


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