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Chapter 1 - I

A boy named Cade lives on this planet, problems arise...=P

Chapter 1 - I

Chapter 1 - I
Hi! This is only chapter one so you may want to keep reading in order to decide weather or not you like it. I know its not too special, I mean its a little wierd and I don't really introduce Cade very much at first because I want you to get to know him through what happens in the story, not what I say. I hope you enjoy it! ^-^

Up high in a large zone, way up above all the earth, in a galexy unlike our own, with stars everywhere, a purple above and a soft substance below, there lived many creatures, creatures which, together, could live in peace, working together to obtain what is most needed in life. These creatures were very brilliant and much dedicated to their duties in life. One, named Cade, was about 15 years old. He lived as a happy boy in a place with his family and friends who were most dear to him. Life was exciting and always changing, changing for the better. Every day was different and held a surprise so very deep, that it would unravel at the new of every day. One solomn day, something changed.......

All creatures awoke to many lound noises, booming, crashing, splicing through the air and echoing through the entire area, the entire planet. Everyone was determined to get to a safer place as soon as they could.
They were under attack.

Already, soldiers were gathering, and many were preparing to guard what is most dear to them. Far off in the distance, some of the stronger soldiers could almost see someone, something, the very thing that was attacking the planet. Suddenly, soldiers came nearer and nearer to the families, taking away those able to fight and protect. Cade was taken away, and was put in a room, a small room, dark, yet warm. "What could possibly be happening?" Cade asked to himself, out of breath and frightened. He felt the walls around him, they were made of brick, he went all the way around all four, feeling with his hands out in front, finding no door at all. The walls were damp, and he could feel paint chipping off. Walking towards the middle of the room, Cade found himself stopping quickly as he felt a cold hand grab his stiffened arm. "What is happening...." he thought, terrified. Cade fell to the ground, becoming unconcious, passing out with fear...


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