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Chapter 1 - A Fight to Remember

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 1 - A Fight to Remember

Chapter 1 - A Fight to Remember
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 1: A Fight to Remmember
I don't own Star Wars, but I wish I did so Grievous wouldn't have to die!

I made this fic because in many ways I was displeased with how short Grievous' and Obi-wan's battle was. I know Obi-wan is one of the greatest Jedi, but Grievous is the greatest non-force sensitive fighter. Obi-wan should have had tons of cuts and bruises on his face. He cheated. Anyways, this story is about what would have happened if Obi-wan had not killed Grievous. But both will suffer pretty badly. Don't worry, Obi-wan will still live.

Obi-wan stood ready, or so he thought, to battle the fearsome General Grievous. "Take your best shot," Obi-wan taunted the cyborg with a smirk.

"You fool, I have been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku," Grievous replied as he removed his cape, revealing his droid body. The general held up what appeared to be two, then four lightsabers.
"Hahaha," Grievous extended his four sturdy arms and began whirling his green and blue blades faster then Obi-wan could blink. His smirk quickly disappeared as he stepped back, not quite sure what to do about this new threat. Grievous began walking forward slowly, using his lightsabers as a body shield.

"Its now or never," Obi-wan thought to himself as he looked back to see not much more platform to step back on. The brave Jedi jabbed forward, disrupting Grievous shield, but also pulling the Jedi in close. Grievous swung all four blades precisely, knocking Obi-wan back as the Jedi barely blocked the attacks. Grievous spun his torso at incredible speeds, his blades appearing as one blue and green blur. Obi-wan jumped over Grievous, narrowly escaping the funnel of death. But, as soon as he landed, Grievous merely turned around, still spinning his arms rapidly. "I could really go for an evil monologue about now!" Obi-wan suggested hopefully.

"Don't worry, I'll make a speech for your corpse!" Grievous shot forward, all four blades extended to a point in the shape of a drill, and he began spinning once again, except this time he was running.

"Not good," Obi-wan stuck his saber right into the center, stopping the rotation of Grievous, but also sending him flying like a spiraling javelin. The Jedi slammed against the ground below, causing him to grab his injured back. Grievous leaped down and hacked downward, but Obi-wan flipped backwards onto his feet and out of the way.
Obi-wan jumped forward at the general, whose defenses were down, and swung at his head. But, at the nick of time Grievous bent back, avoiding decapitation, but losing most of his left antenna plate. Obi-wan rolled forward, dodging Grievous attempted backward stabs, and hopped to his feet. Grievous sprung to a stand as well and entered a new saber stance.

"I have all but barely begun to fight," Grievous said as he raised two arms over his head in stabbing positions, and the two others in defensive formations. "While you are limited to one style at a time, I can use two!" Grievous bragged.

"Well, you'll need it, Grievous! And now I'm not holding back!" Obi-wan declared as all of a sudden, hundreds of clone troopers appeared. Grievous showed little concern.

"So it's an all out war you want? Then allow me to illustrate my tactical superiority!" Grievous spoke into his radio transmitter," formation EG-67!" Suddenly at least twenty droidekas rolled out and popped into position. Their shields came on and when lasers were expected to come out, twenty starship rockets flew out, decimating a third of the troops. Obi-wan stared wide-eyed. "Don't lose focus!" Grievous stabbed forward at Obi-wan with mind numbing speed, nearly catching the Jedi Master off guard. Obi-wan blocked each blow, but was growing weary.

"Try this on for size!" Obi-wan thrust his hand forward and launched the general into a circular vehicle. Grievous slammed against it hard and fell forward, but caught himself with one foot on the vehicle. He flipped himself to the top of it, just as Obi-wan landed behind him. Obi-wan swung, and Grievous blocked the attack, but not with out a cut to the side. Grievous spun quickly and knocked Obi-wan away so he could recover a little.

"Darn Jedi," Grievous cursed. He hated all Jedi, but this one was really getting annoying, and there's only one thing to do with an annoyance. Grievous jumped and landed on the wall above Obi-wan. Obi-wan looked at the bizarre melding of flesh and machine.

"Get down here insect! If you're so superior, prove it!" Obi-wan mocked the increasingly impatient Grievous. Grievous scowled as best he could and launched himself at Obi-wan, blowing the Jedi onto his back.

"Die Jedi!" Grievous stabbed down with his two attacking lightsabers, impaling Obi-wan in the ribs.

"Aaaaahh!" Obi-wan yelled in pain. But he quickly stabbed upward, surprising the general, and impaled his robotic body.

"Gaaah!" Grievous jumped back in shock, while Obi-wan held his torso in agony. Obi-wan somehow rose to his feet, the Force now his only life source. Grievous stared in hate at this 'weak' human who dare stand up to the Great General Grievous. He could not understand what drove the Jedi on.

"It ends here!" Obi wan lunged forward and swung wildly and well aimed all at the same time Grievous tried to attack with his top left, but was terrified when his hand was cut clean off. Grievous smacked Obi-wan back with the melted end of his arm, but it did not keep the Jedi back for long. Grievous kept pacing backwards, stabbing and blocking Obi-wans's barrage of attacks. Grievous felt his foot slip and soon realized he was out of floor. Both warriors fell downward, landing on a small landing pad. They each rolled to a stop when Grievous collided with a wall, and Obi-wan grabbed the edge of the platform. Obi-wan used his momentum to catapult him straight into the air and into the middle of the landing pad. Grievous stood up and realized he had lost his lightsabers. He looked at the cocky Jedi holding his lightsaber. Grievous noticed why he was smiling. On Obi-wan's belt hung two lightsabers.
"What are you going to do with out your lightsabers?" Obi-wan scoffed at the displeased cyborg. Grievous stepped back with one foot and found what he was looking for.

"I'm still quite capable of killing Jedi filth such as your self," Grievous answered. "Your move." Obi-wan charge forward ready to strike, but gasped when he was suddenly stopped. The Jedi looked down to see Grievous' foot holding a lightsaber that was going through him.

"..." Obi-wan couldn't speak. Grievous turned off the blade and let the Jedi fall to the floor. Grievous stood, his lightsaber hilt in hand. He began to turn when he noticed Obi-wan stand once more.

"What?" Grievous' eyes nearly popped out. Obi-wan stood up as best he could, with his arms hanging at his sides.

"I... wont give up," Kenobi spoke softly. "Raugh!" Obi-wan attacked, slicing Grievous' entire right arm off. Grievous had no time to cry out, and so he uppercut the Jedi into the air. Grievous lost his balance and plummeted into the jungle below. Obi-wan laid still, while several clones ran to his aid.

"Sir! Are you all right?" Captain Cody checked his pulse. "Get him on some bacta!"

"Right away sir!" a clone answered. He quickly took out bacta injectors and applied the healing liquid to Kenobi's severe wounds. "He'll be all right, sir," the clone reported.

"Good, I just hope Grievous wasn't so lucky," Captain Cody said.


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Weresheep on March 15, 2006, 5:59:46 AM

Weresheep on
WeresheepNo arguements here. Grievous is boss.

Arpeggio on November 10, 2005, 4:26:20 AM

Arpeggio on
ArpeggioLOVE IT!!!!!!!! GRIEVOUS NEEDS MORE FANS!!! Sweet!!

anime_dragon18 on September 22, 2005, 4:24:45 AM

anime_dragon18 on
anime_dragon18Grievous freaking rules all! I loved it. I agree, Grievous should have never died, he is so freaking awesome.

mewtwo_mew on July 6, 2005, 3:55:14 PM

mewtwo_mew on
mewtwo_mewyay, general grevious is the best and deserved to live. this is a great story