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A free-verse poem I wrote based on the actions of Jacen Solo during the Legacy of the Force series.

Corresponding Image:
Obi-Wan's lover is confused and upset. She has been having too many negative thoughts about his feelings for her. Of course Obi-Wan comes to stop these thoughts. (set during the prequel saga, episode II) (Based on my picture called Alira)
Story of General Steven Grey and the 13th battle fleet.
A girl went through life as a Jedi... through the Clone Wars... then meeting up with Darth Vader. Poem.
Based around Knights of the Old Republic when Morgana, Carth's wife lived and how she died. One-shot
Intro: AU-What if everyone we know alive and are in hiding or trying find each other. With a dark figure(aka Anakin) watching Jessica(new chara) Skywalker{Age-24} and Luke Skywalker{Age-20} helping their Uncle Owen Lars. Leia Organa/Skywalker(Age-20)
What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!
hey i'm a fan of star wars and sonic so this is both!!
A discription of the a new comic I made: Stick Wars