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Chapter 2 - 2

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 2 - 2

Chapter 2 - 2
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 2: Resurrection
I don't own Star Wars. Recently I have discovered why Grievous had to die. He was too powerful to disappear, and since he was never in the first trilogy, it was obvious he had died. If he had lived he could have drastically changed the galaxy, and you will see this in the chapters to come.

Grievous lay on the forest floor brimming with life and surrounded by odd trees and animals. He was in an interesting state of mind. He couldn't really tell if he lived, or was in some boring afterlife. Either way, he couldn't seem to move whatsoever. Maybe it was the damage received in battle, or maybe it was just the hundreds of feet-long drop. It was probably the drop that did it. But, Grievous was prepared for this moment. He had built a self-sustaining machine, one that would keep his brain working virtually forever. Soon he would die, and then he would live, if you could even call it life, and the Sith, particularly Darth Sideous, would regret betraying him.

His brain finally shut off, triggering his ship to automatically find and pick him up. Within a half hour it had tracked his robotic corpse and landed in the foliage. Two Grievous' Guards, Griff and Ugly, both constructed and named by Grievous himself, shuffled down the boarding ramp and moved him and his severed arm onto the ship. The starship blasted off, leaving the war torn planet behind.

Behind in Utapua, an order was made that threw the already battered world into further confusion. A lone Jedi barely escaped in a freighter, running from his once allies. Obi-wan looked down at his now mechanically healed torso. He had been given new lungs and ribs, and he now felt as if he was not quite human. The though almost disturbed him as much as his fellow soldiers turning on him within a second. He'd barely been able to find an old space freighter, narrowly escaping death. As he thought on these events he then recalled the horrible battle that earned him his mechanical organs. He had a strange feeling he failed, but he didn't know what to do. "Focus on the here and now," Qui-gon's words echoed through him. He then decided to try contacting help.

Grievous ship landed in a small, completely unnoticeable hangar on the frigid planet of Hoth. Griff and Ugly carried Grievous remains through the snow-incrusted halls with quick efficiency, unrivaled by even the most expensive assassin droids. Both stopped, their advanced sensors picking up an odd smell.

"I'll handle it," Griff said in its dull mechanical voice. He left Ugly holding Grievous while he walked farther ahead and found the source of his sensor reading. It was a huge Wompa ice beast, obviously attracted here by the caves warmth and safety from the dangerous icy winds outside. Griff ignited an orange lightsaber and stabbed the creature in the back of the neck, killing it before it knew there was an enemy. Griff picked the huge beast up and carried it outside, passing by Ugly on the way and giving him the signal that it was safe.

Griff chucked the beast with ease, and quickly walked back to his master's quarters. Ugly laid Grievous on a strong table and Griff connected several odd machines to Grievous head and chest. While the small devices hummed, Ugly reattached Grievous right arm and Griff replaced the missing parts of Grievous' hand and antenna. As soon as the two droids were done Grievous sat up forcefully and removed the humming healers, tossing them to his droid assistants. "So I'm alive again?" Grievous questioned out loud.

"Yes, sir," Griff answered. Grievous slapped the droid away.

"I really hate droids! Now get me my cape!" Grievous hopped off the table and separated his arms into four and juggled his remaining lightsaber, testing if his parts were still working correctly, while Ugly pulled out an extra cape from a container on the wall. He passed it to Grievous, who was now standing at his full height of about seven feet. Grievous strapped on his cape and then coughed, leaning over. "Contact Kamino and send them my DNA sample," Grievous ordered of Griff," and tell them to make me some lungs."

"Right away, sir," Griff moved to follow his orders. Grievous walked into his personal quarters, leaving Ugly to recharge. Grievous gripped a holo-photo, one that none but himself had seen. It was of him and what appeared to be a female, beautiful by his species' standards. He put it back down quickly. It was all memories he should have forgotten. Sideous would pay, for ruining his first life, and now his second life.

"I'll make you wish you had let me die!" Grievous swung his lightsaber downward, hacking his holo-photo and the small table that it stood on. He fell to the floor in anger and despair.

"Sir, we are to meet Shie-Dae on Kamino," Griff said while standing in the doorway.

"Fine then," Grievous stood back up and shoved the droid out of the way, closed the door, and walked on towards his ship.

"Can anyone hear me? My clones attacked me, over," Obi-wan said, in hope that someone would reply.

"Master Kenobi, is that you?" Bail said, appearing on the ship's screen.

"Bail Organa?" Obi-wan said in surprise. "General Grievous may still live. I failed to destroy him."

"That is the least of our problems. Clones all over the galaxy have turned on their Jedi generals, and there was a horrible massacre at the Jedi Temple in Corusaunt. We just saved Yoda from Kashyyyk and we'll pick you up as well," Bail explained.

"Thank you," Obi-wan replied.

Grievous ship landed smoothly on an isolated docking pad. Grievous and his two guards walked briskly on down the ramp into the small building, escaping the massive rainstorm. When they walked in a male Kaminoan in what appeared to be cover-alls sat casually reading some holo-news, not noticing the frightening figure before him. "I expect my order is ready," Grievous said impatiently. The Kaminoan almost fell out of his chair in surprise at the sudden boom of Grievous voice.

"Yes, of course, right this way," the Kaminoan lead them into a back room filled with odds and ends, including bacta containers and the like. Shie-Dae, the Kaminoan leading them, began looking about and messing with this and that. "Ah, here it is," Shie-Dae moved some junk out of the way and grabbed a small bacta container with two objects floating in it. "Now to my office," he pointed down a hall to another door and began walking. Grievous already didn't like this creature.

"I hope this doesn't take long," Grievous said, more of a warning then anything.

"I'm the quickest most efficient Kaminoan this side of the Galaxy," Shie-Dae bragged.

"I can tell by how your storage room is so organized," Grievous answered sarcastically.

"Sir, it was a horrible mess," Ugly corrected. Grievous turned and punched the droid to the ground.

"I REALLY hate droids!" Grievous fumed. Finally they entered a surgery room with a small table in the center. The table was hardly big enough for the general, but he was told to get on it anyways. He sat, his legs hanging over like he was a small child.

"Okay, I'll be done in a jiffy," Shie-Dae assured the general, and got to work.

To Be Continued...

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