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Chapter 3 - Pressing Matters

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 3 - Pressing Matters

Chapter 3 - Pressing Matters
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 3: Pressing Matters

I don't own Star Wars. Thank you for reviews! I'm very glad you guys enjoy it.

Obi-wan exited his beat up freighter and walked into a perfectly polished why hallway. Before him stood Yoda hunched over his cane and Bail Organa standing confidently as usual. "Relieved to see you am I," Yoda greeted.

"As am I, master," Obi-wan replied, smiling for the first time that day.

"We must decide our plan of action soon," Bail said with urgency.

"Agreed, but what should we do?" Obi-wan answered. "Master Yoda?"

"Return to the Jedi Temple we must. More knowledge will be helpful," Yoda said.

Grievous opened his eyes and jumped off the undersized table. He took in a deep breath and exhaled, finding he could breath normally once again. "Fine job, and quick as well," Grievous said with more gentleness then usual.

"Its good to be good at my job," Shie-Dae chuckled, though Grievous had already lost any interest in the alien. "Now about my pay_"

"You don't have to worry about that, I will not cheat you," Grievous assured the uneasy Kaminoan. "In fact, I would like to offer you a business plan," the general added.

"What kind of plan would that be?" the alien asked, somewhat suspicious. Grievous took a roll of republic credits from Griff and turned back around.

"You sell exclusively to me, and I'll pay you more then you can imagine," the general held out the roll in his palm, about a million credits in all. Shie-Dae's eyes glowed with greed.

"I except," Shie-Dae snatched the credits from Grievous hand and began flipping them.

"There is only one condition," Grievous began. He ignited his clear blue lightsaber and aimed it at Shie-Dae's neck. The alien's eyes widened and his face grew paler, fear reeking off him. "Do not betray me, or you will die a horrible death," Grievous warned. He turned off his saber and began walking off with his guards in tow. "And clean up this mess!" Grievous added as he left the building.

"Gee whiz! Can't a guy do anything without a lightsaber getting jammed in his face?" Shie-Dae slapped his money onto a counter and began reorganizing his storage room.

"Now on to more pressing matters," Grievous said to himself as he and his two guards sat in their ship.

Obi-wan and Yoda walked, both horrified by the atrocity committed in the temple, into the control room. Obi-wan began tempering with the homing beacon and quickly switched it off. "There we go master," Obi-wan said with one final adjustment. He backed away from the main frame and looked down at the diminutive Jedi.

"Longer it would take to reconfigure the clones," Yoda said, more to himself then Obi-wan. Obi-wan then noticed the records archive. "Only pain you will find if looking in the records," Yoda warned Obi-wan.

"I must know what's going on," Obi-wan turned on the device and stared in shock as he watched his former apprentice slay Jedi after Jedi, even Masters, and even the younglings. Obi-wan quickly switched off the machine. "Everything has been for nothing!" Obi-wan let his emotions slip for just a second.

"Horrible this is, but still be followed the Jedi code must," Yoda scolded.

"Master, I should have been here," Obi-wan said. "I should have helped Anakin stay off the dark path!"

"Bringing Grievous to justice you were! No mistake have you made," Yoda tried to calm the young Jedi master.

"I failed, master," Obi-wan said, disappointment with himself was apparent. Yoda's eyes widened. Yoda turned away thinking on the matter. "I am sorry, master," Obi-wan apologized; he was now on his knees. Yoda turned back.

"Now two enemies we have, both dangerous to the galaxy. Destroy the Sith, we must!" Yoda said strongly. "But, keep an eye open for Grievous we must," Yoda added.

"Send me to kill the emperor, I can not destroy Anakin. He's like my brother," Obi-wan pleaded.

"Not strong enough to battle the emperor are you," Yoda said," Consumed by Darth Vader, young Skywalker has become."

Grievous' ship touched down on one of the docking platforms connected to the Jedi Temple, bringing several Clone troopers over. Grievous strode out with his guards by his sides, stopping right before a yellow marked Clone. "Your, General Grievous! You're supposed to be dead!" the Clone stepped back with his gun now in firing position. He turned to the other clones," Tell the Emperor Grievous is alive!"

"Please don't spoil the surprise!" Grievous and his guards lunged forward and attacked the small squad, Grievous with a blue and green saber, Griff with his orange saber, and Ugly wielding a double bladed yellow. Grievous quickly decapitated two Clones, while his guards diced two more. One Clone standing far off noticed the commotion and sped off on his speeder bike.

"After him!" Grievous commanded, Ugly sprinting as soon as the order came out. Ugly quickly caught up to the speeder and skillfully cut the driver in half, leaving the bike available for further use. The droid jumped on and flew back to wards Grievous, while his master and fellow guard felled more Clones. Ugly leaped from his ride and began dismembering additional foes.

"Stay here and deal with whoever dares to attack, I will be back shortly!" Grievous bounded out of the fray, deflecting shots on his way through the air, and landed on Ugly's speeder bike. Grievous took off into the huge corridors of the temple, leaving his guards behind, as well as the dying Clones. Grievous drove throughout the temple, catching many Clones' attention, but none knew who it was. He finally drove up a flight of stairs, reached the top, and turned sharply to the right.

The room he was in was filled with Clones, and they were all aiming at him. Grievous rammed the speeder into one, sending him into an explosive end with the wall. The general landed in the center of the Clones and began hacking them into pieces with four spinning lightsabers, sending limbs and guns all over the place. Grievous made quick work of them and ran on to his real target. He slid to a stop in a room filled with Jedi artifacts, a treasure room of the Jedi. Grievous turned off his sabers and began to scan the room for what he truly desired. "Ah, there it is," he said to himself. Grievous jumped up onto a balcony above and grabbed a small device out from a beautiful gold case. He eyed the machine, checking all of its markings, for it was a very valuable holocron. He slipped it into one of the pockets in his cape and prepared to leave, when a shadowy figure fell from the ceiling and in front of Grievous.

"Where do you think you're going?" the voice asked.

To Be Continued...

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