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Chapter 4 - Some People Just Never Die!

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 4 - Some People Just Never Die!

Chapter 4 - Some People Just Never Die!
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 4: Some People Just Never Die!

I don't own Star Wars. Thank you all for reviews! It's cool to have many a faithful reviewer.

"The Separatists leaders have all been killed, my master," Anakin, or Darth Vader now, said through the holo-communicator.

"Excellent! You have brought peace to the Republic. Now shut down all droid forces," Sideous replied to the good news. The hologram blinked off and he sat back, cackling at his now finished objectives. Or so he thought. Yoda stepped in at his usual slow speed and knocked out the two red robed guards with little effort.

"Emperor Palpatine, or should I say, Darth Sideous," Yoda said to the dark lord.

"Master Yoda," Sideous sneered, obviously displeased with his uninvited guest's arrival. "You will now feel the true power of the Dark Side!" Sideous shot out a deadly stream of lightning, knocking Yoda into a backwards roll. Yoda stopped, sprawled across the floor. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment, my little, green friend," Sideous mocked. Yoda stood back up and launched Sideous back into his chair with a massive force wave. Sideous knocked over his chair, crying like the insane old man he was. Sideous sprang back up and made for the exit, but Yoda stood blocking his path, his brilliant green lightsaber aimed towards him.

"If so powerful you have become, why leave?" Yoda derided.

"Your arrogance will be your downfall!" Sideous whipped out a blood red saber and aimed it at Yoda.

"Even should I fail, another enemy you will have. An ally once was he, your death now he may be," Yoda informed. Sideous scowled, not sure what Yoda meant, but rattled all the same.

"I look forward to ending your backwards speech!" Both flew at each other and began fighting at speeds and lethality never before seen.

"I know where you're going, and that's the grave!" Grievous whipped out all four of his sabers and ignited them, not taking any chances. The stranger switched on a red saber, lighting his face. "So it is the great Mace Windu I have the pleasure of killing," Grievous said.

"I don't think so!" Mace thrust his right arm out and concentrated, his face showing strain. Grievous stood and then began laughing.

"Don't you have anymore tricks? I have adapted to that ability, and proven the superiority of technology over the Force!" Grievous lunged forward, catching Mace off guard, and swung ferociously. Mace barely blocked each blow in time with his only hand available, but every attack from Grievous began to wear the Jedi out. "You're not even at full strength and you expect to beat me? What were you doing here?" Grievous swung, but Mace flipped up onto a higher platform where a window was.

"I was planning to assassinate Palpatine, but then I sensed something very odd, like an echo or vacuum in the force. Then I found it was you! I can't let an echo in the force go on living!" Mace leaped with Force assisted speed from the platform and tackled the general, knocking both down from the balcony and into the Jedi treasure below. Grievous rose quickly, but Mace had to pull himself up with his weakened left arm. "I can't win here," Mace huffed.

"So you have accepted your fate? Then prepare to die!" Grievous raised his blades in an executioner's stance.

"I won't die today!" Mace flipped up onto the balcony, quickly trailed by Grievous. Grievous began moving and attacking as fast as he could, pushing Mace back towards a window. "Gaah!" Mace launched a Force wave, but then something unexpected occurred. Grievous slid back some, but then he pushed back, throwing Mace through the window. Grievous ran forward as he watched the Jedi fall into the darkness below. Grievous dropped his shut off blades and stared at his hands in amazement.

"What have I become?" Grievous questioned.

He then thought back to what Mace said,' ...sensed something very odd, like an echo or a vacuum in the Force. Then I found it was you!'

"I must look into this," Grievous decided to himself. He then jumped out the window, after taking Mace's lightsaber, which appeared to be Darth Sideous', and began to climb back to the landing pad. After a while, he finally arrived and found his guards standing, waiting for their master.

"Were you successful?" Griff asked. Grievous glared at him.

"None of your business. How many Clones did you kill?" Grievous asked, turning away from them.

"Fifty-eight, sir," Ugly stepped forward and reported," and we captured a Jedi as you requested." Grievous turned back towards them in shock.

"What? I did not order that!" Grievous punched Ugly as hard as he could, sending the droid to the ground with a nasty dent in his face.

"Cool down, I'm the one you should be mad at!" a young male voice said from behind. Grievous turned to see a teenaged padawan leaving his ship.

"How did you tamper with their circuits? They're impenetrable!" Grievous extended to his full height and moved towards the young Jedi. He gripped the Jedi by his collar.

"I have an incredible ability to use the Force in mechanics," he explained, some of his air starting to get cut off from Grievous' tight grip. "Come on, what will one more Jedi's death be to you, when there's obviously no victory to look forward to? I can help you!" Grievous threw down the kid, who hopped back up and dusted himself off. "I heard what those Clones were saying when you arrived, and I know Sideous is now your enemy. Then we should unite against him!"

"Shut up! You already convinced me not to kill you, but if you keep rattling on you'll convince me other wise! You will be fairly useful to my plans so you can stick around for now, but I am in charge," Grievous enlightened.

"Fine, you're the one with the brains after all," the padawan chuckled.

"We're leaving now, but first, what is your name?" Grievous asked.

"I am Jorgon Dorn at your service! I can do anything mechanical, and then some!" he bowed courteously. Grievous turned on his saber and aimed it at the young Jedi's neck. Jorgon gulped.

"I asked for your name, not your resume. Now shut up," Grievous fumed. He then switched off the blade and walked into his starship.

"Gee, whiz! That's one mean guy," Jorgon said to himself. He then shuffled onto the ship as it began to lift off.

To Be Continued...

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