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Chapter 5 - The Turn of Events

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 5 - The Turn of Events

Chapter 5 - The Turn of Events
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 5: The Turn of Events

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"If you're not with me, then you're my enemy!" Anakin leaped forward, his lightsaber glowing clear blue, and smashed his blade against Obi-wan's. Obi-wan barely blocked in time, surprised by Anakin's rage. Both fought fiercely, their blades humming and cracking as they spun clashed at high speeds. Finally, Obi-wan blocked Anakin's swing and pushed it to the side and moved in to cut his unguarded right arm off, when suddenly a red lightsaber with a curved hilt ignited in midair and stopped Obi-wan's swing. Anakin grabbed the saber with his left hand and shoved Obi-wan away, bringing both sabers in a guarding stance.

"So now you even use a Sith blade?" Obi-wan scoffed. Anakin just smirked.

"I kept it after I killed the pathetic old man, knowing it could prove useful in the future," Anakin explained, his voice devoid of the same warmth Anakin's voice once held.

"Then his death was avoidable," Obi-wan came to realization. "Then you had already been turning into Darth Vader before you swore allegiance to Palpatine."

"I was only getting revenge and fulfilling my destiny," Anakin answered, sounding much like his horrid master. "And now to fulfill yours..." Anakin stabbed forward with both blades, causing Obi-wan to jump back to narrowly land on the edge of the platform. Anakin shot forward and slashed to the right, knocking Obi-wan down onto a lower platform. Obi-wan flipped back, kicking Anakin in the face and knocking his former padawan off balance. Anakin flipped back also, but only so he may stay on his feet. He charged forward yet again, never ending his relentless attempts on his master's life. Swing after swing, parry after parry, neither stopping to catch a breather, master and apprentice fought. Both knocked back the other's guard and tried to retaliate with a Force push, initiating an intense battle of will. Both pushed as hard as they could, resulting in a draw as both went flying through the air. Obi-wan was sent rolling into a wall on a tower below, while Anakin hit a flight of stairs with his back, causing mutual pain to both. Anakin sprung back up and jumped down to where Obi-wan sat against the solid, metallic tower wall, cornering the Jedi Master. Obi-wan raised his head stared at Anakin.

"Why did it have to come to this?" Obi-wan questioned in the hope that Anakin would think logically for once.

"Because, you and the Jedi are weak! You weren't there when I needed you most!" Anakin replied angrily.

"You could have just told us what was wrong! You didn't have to kill all of us to get our attention!" Obi-wan yelled back, his anger flaring for just a moment. Anakin stepped back and lowered his blades, but only for a second.

"You turned Padme against me! For that I will never forgive you!" Anakin lunged forward with blades aimed to kill. Obi-wan rolled to the right just in time, and flipped up onto a tiny platform just above Anakin. Anakin jumped up after his former master and continued his assault as soon as he had landed. Obi-wan blocked and blocked, but his strength was leaving him while Anakin swung as hard as he could with his two blades. Just then, Obi-wan's lightsaber went flying out of his hand, its metal hilt clanging on its way down below. Obi-wan stepped back and stopped, looking over his back and seeing the huge river of lava below him, only to turn back and see Anakin raising his blades for the kill.

"Will this really make you happy, Anakin? Will you be fulfilled by one more death?" Obi-wan asked Anakin, sensing the man he once called friend. He only felt darkness.

"I will never be happy with out Padme! You've taken the only thing that truly mattered to me, and now, you will pay!"

"You have chosen this! When you decided to trust Palpatine over the Jedi, you threw away what really mattered! You have turned Padme against you! And she still loves you!" Obi-wan exclaimed, still hoping Anakin would return, and end Darth Vader.

"Shut up!" Anakin swung both arms, bringing his sabers down, but Obi-wan grabbed onto Anakin's hands, struggling to remain alive. Both strained to gain the upper hand, but Obi-wan was slowly pushing Anakin back, finally increasing his chance of survival. But, Anakin kicked forward with all his might into Obi-wan's chest, knocking the wind right out of Obi-wan's still sensitive artificial lungs. Obi-wan loosened his grip just a bit, but that was all Anakin needed, and the Dark Jedi broke free from Obi-wan's grasp. Obi-wan rolled right between Anakin's legs, escaping two fatal swings once more. Obi-wan crouched and slid around facing Anakin's back, but Anakin swung backwards quickly, grazing Obi-wan's right arm, in the same spot Dooku had wounded him before. Obi-wan cringed but he instantly sprung up and head butted Anakin in the face as hard as he could, causing Anakin to lose hold of his red lightsaber. Obi-wan grabbed it fast, cut Anakin's saber in two as it approached him, stabbed Anakin in the left side of his ribs, and pulled it to the right, cutting all the way through his side. Obi-wan stepped back in shock, dropping his shut off saber.

"I'm sorry..." Obi-wan said, appalled by what he had done to his apprentice. Anakin gawked; his eyes and mouth wide, and fell backwards off the platform, over come by his pain. Obi-wan dived at the edge and grabbed Anakin's hand, suspending him above the lava rocks below. "Please, Anakin! You can still change! Its not to late to rejoin the Jedi!" Obi-wan called out, tears streaming down his cheeks. Anakin's glazed look was replaced by a haunting glare.

"I hate you!" Anakin screamed, his eyes glowing with Sith fury. Obi-wan let go, taken aback by the evil in Anakin's voice and face. Anakin fell and landed hard on the hard and somewhat jagged boulders.

"You we're supposed to be the chosen one!" Obi-wan cried. "I have failed you," Obi-wan picked himself up and pulled his and Dooku's lightsabers to his hands. He silently slipped away towards Padme's ship, leaving Anakin to die.

Within the huge Senate room stood Darth Sideous, his victory over Yoda apparent. "Search everywhere till you find him," Sideous ordered three clone troopers. They all sped off on their hover ship. "Prepare my ship for Mustafar, I sense Lord Vader is in danger," Sideous commanded two other clones.

Sideous and his men ran across the rocky terrain, finally coming upon Anakin's brutally wounded body. "Get medical attention now!" Sideous barked orders to the clones that had followed him, resulting in them quickly leaving to complete their task. Sideous walked over to Anakin and examined his injuries, particularly the lightsaber wound. "I had sensed you would be in worse shape," Sideous uttered to himself. "Odd that I did not see the future correctly, or is it that the future is changed..." Sideous scowled as he thought on such matters. Had the Force changed something? Sideous cursed, clearly angry about the turn of events.

Mace Windu stared into the beautiful sky of Corusaunt, the unsuspecting Corusaunt. "This is the second time I've fallen," Mace thought to himself. "Maybe I should just stop getting up." But that wasn't the Mace he knew himself to be. He slowly picked himself up, his injuries kicking in as if they were brand new, and stood somewhat hunched over.

"Master Windu!" a familiar voice rang through the Jedi Master's ears.

"Qui-gon Jinn?" Mace questioned, wondering if he was now becoming delusional from the pain.

"You must journey to the planet Dagobah, where you will meet Master Yoda," the voice replied. Mace turned around to see a ghostly incarnation of Qui-gon.

"It is you, but how?" Mace asked. Qui-gon kept his stern gaze.

"You must save your questions for later, for you are still in danger," Qui-gon answered.

"Fine then," Mace nodded and made his way towards a star ship.

Grievous and company, which now included Griff, Ugly, and Jorgon, walked briskly through a dark corridor, Grievous leading the way as usual. At last, they entered a much brighter room, lit by a lone yellowish glowing lamp on the ceiling. Grievous stepped right through the tiny and messy room and sat at a humongous computer. He quickly began clicking buttons and going through files, searching for something. Then, he stopped and briefly read through a long article, unreadable by Jorgon, since its language was unknown to him, despite his lessons in the Jedi temple. Grievous read:

Force Echo: a person who has either experienced the death of thousands within a certain amount of time, especially Jedi or Force users, or experienced 'death' itself. A Force Echo's original strengths are multiplied, and further more, they have gain a natural but unnatural at unity with the Force. Only one such person has been known of, and their existence alone brought great chaos. Said person is now only known as Exile, and although once a Jedi, they had caused a massive amount of death, reaching into the thousands. Now only the highest-ranking Jedi Masters know of this, and are expected to destroy any such threat if it arises.

Grievous shut off the machine with one press of a button and stood up from his seat. He turned, but just stood still, thinking on what he read. Jorgon leaned against a wall, whistling as he waited. "Will you quit that?" Grievous turned his head so Jorgon could see his glaring yellow eyes. Jorgon grew silent, as did the room. "If I wrote a biography, I wouldn't know where to begin in my insane life," Grievous said to himself. He stood a while longer, still sullen.

To Be Continued...

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Weresheep on March 12, 2006, 1:14:37 PM

Weresheep on
WeresheepGreat story. But, did the computer talk about the Exile from Knights of the Old Republic 2? Yes, is what I think.