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Chapter 7 - A Rebellion is Born

What if Grievous got the fight he deserved and lived? What will happen the good General in his further quests? Read and review to find out!

Chapter 7 - A Rebellion is Born

Chapter 7 - A Rebellion is Born
Grievous Lives On!
Chapter 7: A Rebellion is Born

I don't own Star Wars. Thanks for reviews!

Obi-wan stood watching the multi colored horizon as the two suns set over the arid terrain of Tatooine. He had been living there for just a while now, and he didn't quite like the place. He stepped back down from his perch on the hill and began heading back to his place at a steady pace. He heard some movement of rocks and dirt and footsteps. 'Darn Tuskens,' Obi-wan thought to himself. He moved swiftly and silently, removing his trusty saber, and reached the doorway to his humble and well hidden home. Obi-wan stepped in quickly and ignited his saber, ready to take out whatever was bothering his house. He stopped suddenly to see a familiar masked face. "Plo Koon?" Obi-wan asked, confounded by the Jedi's sudden arrival.

"Master Qui-gon's spirit led me here," the Jedi answered in pained breaths. Obi-wan could see that Plo Koon was in less then perfect condition. Specifically, Plo had a mechanical leg, as well as a few other accessories.

"Please, let me help you," Obi-wan led the injured Kel Dor to another room where he had some medical equipment. He gave Plo some bacta and laid him down on a bed to let the Jedi Master rest.

"Thank you Obi-wan," Koon spoke softly as he fell asleep.

"I have brought him here for a reason," Qui-gon's voice said as the spirited form appeared out of nowhere.

"Master," Obi-wan bowed.

"You and Plo Koon will train under me, so you may prepare for the events to come," Qui-gon continued.

"What events?" Obi-wan asked.

"Remember what I taught you: Pay attention to the here and now. You will know enough when these events come to pass," Qui-gon said in his wisdom. "I will return when Master Koon has woken."

Bail Organa stepped into a well-lit but still somewhat dark circular room. As he entered he noticed the terrifying host in the center.

"Please take your seats, senators," Grievous ordered. Bail the saw several other senators, all of them he observed to be secret opponents of Palpatine's new Galactic Empire. Everyone sat down at their assigned places, except for Grievous in the middle of the circular table and his two guards and Jorgon. "You do not know yet why you are here, but I assure you will be most interested," Grievous began. "You may be curious, even frightened that I am the one who has called you here, but I am no enemy to any of you. I only seek to dethrone Palpatine from his unrightfully earned seat. I propose a plan to win back the Republic."

"How can we believe that such a horrendous enemy can be our ally?" one of the senators, a Zabrak, spoke up.

"Senator Dolle made a good question. Why should we believe you?" Bail seconded Dolle.

"Because I have been betrayed myself and have come to see the light," Grievous answered. "I am no longer an ally of the Sith but a Jedi. I even have an apprentice," Grievous pointed out Jorgon standing against the wall. "and I have battled Sideous," Grievous pulled out Sideous lightsaber hilt, showing all of the senators. Just then Mon Mothma stood up from her seat.

"I believe he can be trusted," Mothma said to everyone. "The only way we could ever defeat the emperor is with a Jedi as our leader, especially if the rumors are true that Palpatine is in fact Darth Sideous." Many senators showed alarm, obviously not aware that 'their' new emperor was a Sith lord. Mothma sat down, having said what she needed to.

"I am glad to have some support," Grievous said. "Now my plan is to form a rebellion and make strategic military strikes against the Empire, crippling it as best as possible."

"A bold plan indeed, Grievous, but where will we get an army strong enough to fight against the Empire?" Bail asked.

"We must secretly begin recruiting soldiers who are enemies of the Empire and invest in space fighters and the like. It may take a long time, even years maybe, but once we are prepared, the Empire will crumble!" Grievous explained with surprising passion to even himself. "I am determined to defeat this opponent, and I trust you are as well."

"I will join this cause," Bail said, standing up. Senator after senator stood up as they showed their new allegiance. Only two sat, and Grievous nodded his head to his two magna guards. They both shuffled off, leaving Jorgon standing alone.

Bright light stifled by liquid seeped through Dooku's open eyes. He pushed forward and opened the bacta filled container, spilling out its contents into a drainage vent around the glass and metal tube. Dooku pulled off the air mask and scowled as fresh air entered his lungs. "Defeated by a snot nosed punk, and now a droid?" Dooku questioned in disgust. "I must become stronger," he thought to himself, as he stood in the green-lighted metallic room lined with electronics.

Dooku walked into another room, a much more homey environment, and grabbed his usual suit and got dressed. He then sat down at an impressive computer much like the one at his now not so secret haven. He hacked into Sideous data that he once had almost full access to before he was betrayed. He scrolled through different Sith items of interest such as history, famous Sith, and what he really wanted to find: Sith techniques and hidden sources of power. There were many he'd already read of and mastered himself, counting the Sith cloning technique which now kept him alive. Finally, he found something useful.

The Valley of the Jedi.

He'd heard of it before, but little was known since its whereabouts were kept secret. There were incomplete reports, a map of the system in which the site resided, but nothing real specific. He'd most likely waste a lot of time searching three different planets, but he could think of no better plan. Dooku stood up and quickly made his way to his starship.

A few days later...

Sideous followed his loyal clone troopers as he made his way through the battle-wrecked Jedi Temple. They walked into the treasure room so Sideous may collect the artifacts left behind. "Check up there," Sideous pointed up at the balcony. Two clones used their grappling hooks and quickly scaled the wall and the barely remaining railing. They scanned a gold rectangular case for the item Sideous desired but found nothing.

"Sir, there's no holocron here," one of the clones marked with yellow, a leader, said.

"What?" Sideous questioned angrily. Surprisingly, he pushed through the clones in front of him and jumped up onto the balcony. He shoved the two clones out of his way and looked at the empty container. "Who could have taken this?" Sideous said to himself, his anger seething.

"Sir, I might know what happened," the clone leader spoke up. "A few days ago somebody broke in here and killed at least sixty clones. By the time we got back up here, there was no evidence to be found."

"And why wasn't I informed?" Sideous fumed.

"You were training with Lord Vader for two whole days, and we were ordered by your clone commander to not disturb you," the clone leader explained. "I'm sorry, I-" The clone grabbed at his throat as best as he could with his armor on while Sideous strangled him with the Force. The clone collapsed onto the floor and the other clone on the balcony picked him up to remove him.

"I want a bounty made for the retrieval of that holocron and the head of the thief! One billion credits! Now!" Sideous ordered, and all the clones rushed off to complete their mission.

Plo Koon opened his eyes and stared through his eye protection to see a concerned Obi-wan Kenobi. He quickly rose and shook his head.

"Its about time you woke up. I was beginning to think you were in a coma or something," Obi-wan joked. Plo could never understand human humor.

"How long was I out?" Plo asked.

"Nearly three days," Obi-wan answered. "Now that you're awake Master Qui-gon can begin training us for what's to come." Just then Qui-gon's spirit appeared. Plo Koon jumped up off his mattress and stood in respect of the Jedi Master.

"Now to begin our training..."

Mace Windu looked about the swampy environment that he had been led to. There were sound of all kinds in the surroundings; some quite others were rather hostile sounding. Mace turned his head to see the diminutive Jedi he came here to searching for. "Master Yoda," Mace acknowledged his good friend.

"Master Windu," Yoda replied in turn. "Trouble with Darth Sideous also you had?" Yoda asked, pointing at Mace's mechanical hand. He had been able to get a safe operation from a friendly medic in Corusaunt who didn't hate the Jedi like all of Palpatine's brainwashed subjects.

"Unfortunately, I also ran into General Grievous, who is now a potentially greater threat then Sideous himself," Mace responded. "I believe he has become a Force Echo." Yoda's already large eyes seemed to increase at this news.

"Sensed this Echo I have. Very worried its make me," Yoda said.

"Do not despair Master Yoda," Qui-gon's voice rang as he appeared. "Grievous is not what you think. He is not fully evil, and the Force still has use for him."

"Wise have you become in the Force, but hard to believe your words are," Yoda answered.

"You do not trust my word?" Qui-gon asked.

"Doesn't the Force Echo defy the Force?" Mace asked. "If so, then how could you know what will happen?"

"Can one defy life? Grievous is still only a speck of dust in the winds of the Force. You must believe what I say," Qui-gon tried to convince Mace.

"I don't think so," Mace said. Mace began walking off into the jungle, leaving Yoda and Qui-gon behind.

"I lead you here, and now you choose to go your own way?" Qui-gon questioned Mace.

"I came expecting more then lunacy," Mace said. "You're Chosen One is a crock. And you're just as crazy as you were when you were alive." Mace used the Force to jump far away, trying to escape the two Jedi.

"Palpatine has done more damage then thought," Qui-gon said. "He has destroyed what the Jedi were about, leaving them lost like everyone else."

"Just frustrated Master Windu may be," Yoda suggested. "Hard to stomach is betrayal," Yoda said, referring to Anakin's betrayal.

"If only..." Qui-gon said.

To Be Continued...

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Weresheep on March 12, 2006, 2:03:01 PM

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WeresheepIdea: Ypu know Krystal from Star Fox, right? Well, I was thinking, "What if she was looking at a picture at her family while the good General was looking at her from the shadows with a sad look on his face. He lost a family too. If you don't like this idea, comment my story. If you do, comment anyway!

Weresheep on March 12, 2006, 1:28:55 PM

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WeresheepFantastic. Keep um comming. Also as a side note, "You go, G-money!"

Grievous: "Shut up!" *Punches in the face.*