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Chapter 1 - Not Her!!! (O_O)

This is a story that I wrote for my sis on my typewriter. Enjoy! :D

Toad is (c) of Marvel

Komo is (c) of herself

Story is (c) of meh! (hawiian_tiger)

Chapter 1 - Not Her!!! (O_O)

Chapter 1 - Not Her!!! (O_O)
Why can't Pietro just leave me ALONE?!? Thought Toad as he hopped down the street. He had just been sitting on a log before. But then Pietro just HAD to come and ruin the moment. "How predictable!" said the annoying child of Magneto. "A Toad on a log!" HONELSLY, he thought how could a mutant as great as Magneto have a son as annoying as Pietro?!? He shook his head. That was just impossible.
Just then as Toad was about to head over to the football field to steal some wallets, something glomped him.
"What the-?" he stared at the thing sitting before him; it had a black jacket, blue jeans, and a long green tongue. NO! Thought Toad it can't be! But it was; the thing was KOMO!!!! Komo stared at poor Todd with her horrid red eyes.
"What do you want from me?" he demanded. In a hissing voice she said, "A-a-a..."
"A what?!?"
"A..A COOKIE!!!!!" she put her gruesome tongue in his front right pocket.
HEY!" he shouted "GET OUTTA THERE!!!" Komo just stared at him. From that day forward, whenever Komo saw Toad she stuck her tongue in his front right pocket. And everytime he yelled at her.



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