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Chapter 1 - Levi

Follow Levi and his friend Kaz as they Quest to find the Ravens that were rumoured to have died long ago.

Chapter 1 - Levi

Chapter 1 - Levi
The Chronicles of Aralyth
Book 1
Quest For Unity

Chapter 1: Levi

The sweet sound of the serenading nightingale echoed smoothly through the air, across fields and brooks, through small forest glades and open areas. All was peaceful along the ridge of Gahla, where the borders of Amberwood connected to Gahlas all the way along a small foothill that stretched as far as the eye could see. A couple crows, about the size of a grown mans arm in wingspan, cawed in a nearby aspen, as the dusk started lifting, foggy night shifting to bright day.
The sun began to rise to the east, towards Winterkrieg, where the weather was almost always like the Arctic. The blizzards never ceased, and nearly no one had ever gone into Winterkrieg and returned to tell the tale. All but one.
The boy who was seated upon the ridge of Gahla was staring off into the closest forest of Amberwood, thinking of his father, Gabriel, whom had been the very man to cross the Winterkrieg wastelands and return in nearly perfect condition. Not so long ago, in fact, only four months previous to the now, Levis father had been taken to the king for questioning. Levi had no idea why this had to be done- it was only a couple days after his father had returned from his long journey. When Levi bombarded the Cahlana guards whom came to arrest his father with questions, they simple replied, The King deems it suspicious that Gabriel Galebringer returned from the thousand-mile trek through the Winterkrieg and back again with nary an injury, and no hunger nor thirst.

That was the most he ever found out. Several months later, he finally came to realize that though the guards told him his father would probably be sent back home- he never returned. Levi never doubted the sheer obviousness of it. The King had his father executed. Odd thing was, a couple days after he came to understand this, the last Raven was killed. It was even more worrying because it was Levis fourteenth birthday, and his father was taken away a mere few days earlier.
Connections were fearfully made by some of the bewildered people in Hendor, a town situated in Gahla, though most disregarded it in fear for their own lives. The King was known to punish small offenses to the crown nowadays, and it was an abrupt change in his once kind and benevolent rule.

The blonde haired boy sat upon the grassy ledge, still thinking, still brooding. But it was not of his father, nor his mother, whom had long since been killed by a supposed offense to the crown punishment, no, he was brooding over the Raven. The only news that had reached his hear from across Gahla was that the Raven had been larger than a fully grown man, and a female. He pondered upon the Raven he had pictured in his mind. And all the years previous, his father told stories quite knowledgeably of the Ravens and their Stryders. He seemed to know quite a lot for a trader, considering he never had time to pay attention to anything but his work and the occasional storytime with Levi, his son.
Blinking his one blue and one brown eye, Levi stood, turning around to face the north, where far ahead, he saw the small village of Hendor, his home, and backing it up hundreds of leagues away, The Raven Mountains. Of course, as the name implies, the Ravens once inhabited the area. Until King Hael moved his citadel over from far West, by the sea, to the foothills of the Raven Mountains. The moment the citadel was settled in the foothills, less stories were told of men who had seen Ravens as they ventured into the peaks. Now, the Raven Mountains were forbidden. On penalty of death, should anyone dare break the new addition to the law. Pulling the hood of a night black cloak he had pinned around his neck over his head, Levi strolled calmly into the dawn, not taking his eyes off of those Mountains the whole time.

The black hood slid off of Levis head as he entered Hendor, the cause being a couple of Cahlana guards pulling it off. They sneered at the fourteen year-old, checking him up and down for any sign of suspicion, and then shoved him into the midst of the villages early-risers, who were hustling about. He sighed in frustration, completely ready to spin around and lay a punch to one of the guards faces, but he refused. He wasnt afraid of breaking the law, no, he was afraid to let the guards get to him so easily. He had to build a barrier of strength up so he wouldnt anger so fast. He could tolerate them for now.

Stepping into his warm house, Levi turned and shut the wooden door, locking it tightly and looking out the window to the left, closing the thin yellow drapes for some privacy. Taking off his cloak, Levi sat upon his bed and sighed once again. Im gonna find a Raven. He thought, a sudden wave of excitement swelling through him. No matter how stupid it sounded, he wanted to go out and do it. Breaking the law was fun, finding a Raven would also bring him glory, and his name to honour again. Levi could then say his surname with as much happiness as he could say he found a Raven. He couldnt wait to start off. But, as everyone knows, you need a friend to help you along&


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