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Chapter 2 - A Questing Comrade

Follow Levi and his friend Kaz as they Quest to find the Ravens that were rumoured to have died long ago.

Chapter 2 - A Questing Comrade

Chapter 2 - A Questing Comrade
The Chronicles of Aralyth
Book 1
Quest For Unity

Chapter 2: A Questing Comrade

The brisk morning air of springtime flowed into the small village house, waking the blonde fourteen year old who slept upon a makeshift mattress. His right eye, the blue one, opened first, glaring at the bedside window he had, wishing he could chance a bit more sleep. But he suddenly remembered his idea the day previous, and smiled. Yesterday he was unable to leave for he had to go purchase supplies, and to do so had to use what leftover money he had. He had also cared for his only horse, a large draft, a dark dapple-gray, with a darker mane and tail, and the feathers of his hooves were black. A beautiful animal, but a lot to care for. Levi threw off his warm blankets and rolled off the bed to his feet, rubbing his brown and blue eyes. He pulled on some black pants and a red vest overtop his white shirt.
Sighing tiredly, he walked out into the main hall of his small house, the dining room, and instead of going to make some oatmeal to eat, he passed by. Halting at his front door, he pulled the black cloak off of a coat hook and tied the notch around his neck, keeping the hood off for now. He walked over to the desk to the right and picked up the things he knew hed need for the journey. A haversack of food, and a map hed made. It wasnt the best, but would help him along. He also picked up a pair of goggles. They were thick and the eyes were not separated from each other. He pushed that into the haversack- hed need it for the wintry Mountains and part of Winterkrieg hed be passing through.
He remembered with a snap the cat he had owned for four years that still resided here. She was a beautiful young tabby, a gray with smooth, swirling black stripes all over her body. He couldnt just leave her here, and she would go nowhere if he didnt go with her, so hed have to take her. It was another stupid idea, but what else would he do? So, calling almost regretfully her name, he waited for the she-cat to arrive. Niko!
His companion came from atop the dresser and landed on his shoulder- she was small for her age, and weighed a small amount. He pet her head and then walked out the door, looking back one last time, and then heading to the stables as soon as he shut the door.
He let out a high summoning whistle as he neared the stables, and a dapple-gray draft horse stuck his head out from the stall, munching happily on some hay. Hey, Jester. Were going to be heading out soon, eat up.
The horse let out a snort of what seemed like Already? and then pulled himself back into the stall, continuing his meal, while Niko hopped off of Levis shoulder and into the stall, to nuzzle Jester in greeting. Levi smiled, shaking his head, and turned away, walking over to the stable wall where Jesters large saddle and reins were hanging. As he reached up for the tack, a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled it down playfully, and a familiar voice sounded in his ear, Where ya goin, Levi? The voice was that of an older boy, a fifteen year old.
Levi turned his smile towards the voice to see a taller boy, with dark brown locks that covered his eyes and frayed out at the sides, much like his own. Underneath the locks of brown, when one could see his eyes, they were dark green. Kaz, hey. Levi responded, not answering the question previously asked. Kaz furrowed his brow, still smiling, and pressed Levi, Come on, wherere ya going? You can tell me, you know I keep secrets.
Levi gave in and confessed, I- I was gonna go to the& but stopped himself. Kaz suddenly became serious and lowered his head, so he could hear Levi whisper, Raven Mountains. Kaz leapt back, almost laughing out loud. Are you serious?! You cant be, no way! Like you could get there on your own!
But suddenly, Kaz stopped, and grinned. Levi shook his head, knowing exactly what Kaz was going to suggest. No Kaz, Im going alone. Definitely not- But Kaz had already decided for himself, If you leave without me, Ill just follow you. You know Im an excellent tracker, Im a hunter. Id follow you through thick and thin, no matter what. Im going. Levi was about to protest, but Kaz raised a hand, cutting him off again, Sorry, Levi. As your elder, I say I should go, just for protection. I dont have anything better to do anyways, my parents are just as gone as yours, remember. The blonde boy frowned and replied almost sullenly, What of your employer, eh?
Kaz just smiled mischeviously and retorted Ive wanted to get out of his job for years. Ill be glad to leave. Levi warned him threateningly, You know well be going against the law- no, breaking it- if we even attempt to cross part of the Winterkrieg, and if we make it to Cahlana, the Kings gonna have us killed. And the Raven Mountains- theres nothing worse than that.
The brown haired boy shook his head to the side absent-mindedly, making his brown locks to move from his green eyes for a moment. He seemed to take this into consideration, and then he just shrugged his shoulders and replied, Yeah I know. Im older than you, Ive broken a few rules. Lets get going. Ive actually already got Stag all tacked up. I was going to go hunting. Guess I dont need to.
Levi smiled, and nodded. Alright, alright, let me get Jesters tack on.

The two teenagers led their two draft horses out on the streets, the wet mud roads and lanes squelching grossly. Both had their black cloaks on, with hoods pulled over, to keep warm from the cool, misty air. Stag, Kazs draft horse was a deep black, with white feathers on his hooves and black eyes. The horse nickered softly to his friend, Jester, who snorted back. Both their heads were held at ease. Upon Jesters saddle sat the proud tabby she-cat Niko. She rocked with the movement of her horse friend, and lazily kept only one yellow eye open.
The two teenagers turned out to the village entrance and exit, which, if you continued forwards, would lead you to Amberwood, to the left Winterkrieg and to the right, the sea, and walked by Cahlana Guards. Levi sighed in great agitation when the two guards yelled out, Hey, where dya think yer goin without a report, eh? Get back ere! The two stopped, halting their horses. Niko hissed crossly at the guard that came to check the packs of the two boys on Jesters saddle. After the guard finished checking the packs, he checked Levi, the other guard checking Kaz. Sneering once again in Levis face, he murmured, Where are yew eadin to, Galebringers son? Narrowing his eyes, Levi shot back tartly, Only out hunting. Im getting Kaz to train me for apprenticeship.
The lie seemed suspicious to the guard for some reason, but he let it pass and grunted, walking away with the other guard. The two boys exchanged nervous glances and then led their horses on.

As the late afternoon turned to evening, the sun a bit lower than midway in the sky, the two of them finally looked back over their shoulders. Jester and Stag were mounted, then, after the teenagers saw the town was a mere black splotch. Niko was nestled in the crook of the back of the saddle on Jesters back, right behind Levi. He pet her for a moment, before loosening Jesters reins and looking to Kaz. The two nodded, and urged their horses on. They galloped off, heading straight for the corner of Winterkrieg, and Cahlana. But most of all, the Raven Mountains.


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