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Chapter 4 - Kaz's Discovery

Follow Levi and his friend Kaz as they Quest to find the Ravens that were rumoured to have died long ago.

Chapter 4 - Kaz's Discovery

Chapter 4 - Kaz's Discovery
The Chronicles of Aralyth
Book 1
Quest For Unity

Chapter 4: Kazs Discovery

As Levi trekked through the shallow snow, he raised his head, goggles shining in the dim sunlight that broke faintly through the clouds above. Looking forwards again, he spotted two black shapes up ahead, and began running, holding Niko in the crook of his arm, and the reins over his shoulder. As he made it closer to the two figures, he saw Kaz was staring up quietly into a single evergreen, holding Stag at a halt.
Levi wondered what he was doing, and as he arrived at Kazs side, Kaz didnt even blink. He still stared in awe at the tree. Levi laughed a bit and nudged Kaz, who didnt respond, Okay, Kaz, what are you doing now?
Levi glared at his friend mockingly and then followed his friends stare up into the tree. Then he saw it. A black egg spotted with gray and ivory white. It was huge. It would probably take both hands for Levi to lift it, as it was the size of his head. He whispered uncertainly, Go get it, Kaz. We gotta get it. Kaz needed no further ushering. Almost absent-mindedly he let go of Stags reins, walking up to the tree and lifting himself onto the first limb. It was six feet into the air, and the egg was nearly at the top of the tree. Grunting with the effort, Kaz heaved himself two branches up, nearly half way there. The whole time Levi stared at the large egg, memories of his fathers stories echoing back to him. Some say the Ravens and their Stryders all perished decades ago. But, his father had said, I believe there are just a couple more out there. Weird thing was, as he said it, he had a look in his eye. Levi couldnt describe it, but he remembered how interested he was after that. To know about his fathers trek through Winterkrieg the most. But he was taken away. And only a couple days afterwards, the last Raven was said to have died. It was all connecting now, but Levi couldnt believe it, not now, anyways, and he pushed the thoughts away roughly. Suddenly, he came back to reality when he heard Kaz shout excitedly, Ive got it! Levi watched as Kaz struggled down from branch to branch, carrying the load, and landed on the ground. Kaz immediately sat down underneath the tree, and Levi ran and joined him.
What is it?
Almost without thought Kaz responded as though he knew all along, A Raven egg. Levi burst out in laughter, nudging his friend playfully, Yeah right! We heard they were all dead! Kaz retorted swiftly, this time with a fierce glare that wasnt joking at all, You wanted to go find a Raven in the Mountains, didnt you? Well, Ive found one in Winterkrieg, so there isnt much difference. Just closer. Believe me, this has to be one. What else could be this big? Levi for once had no answer to the question. Levi gave in and spoke, Okay, so, say this is a Raven, and, and, um& Its Raven and it hatches, and then its big and hungry, and weve never seen a Raven and dont know what it likes, and& Kaz just smiled, gazing kindly at the egg as though it had feeling, and responded dreamily, I can hear it. Levi, cant you hear what its saying? Its almost as if it knows how to speak already. Levi furrowed his brow and shook his head, worried, No, Kaz I dont. Are you alright?
But then a voice spoke out into his mind, deep baritones, as though the creature inside was already fully grown. Friend of the Raven Stryder Kaz, greetings. I have long awaited to be found.
Levi cried out in shock and wonder, and then both boys leapt back (Kaz hitting his head off a branch) as the egg gave a loud crack. Stag, the black horse, whinnied in interest, and Niko just purred in boredom. In front of the four of them, the egg was breaking. Hatching. The egg was actually hatching. And first, out came a smooth, perfectly preened wing, and it swung out, six feet long even though the egg it hatched from could barely hold a raveled up two foot wing. Another preened black wing broke through the other side, casting away pieces of the black and white shell. On the last feathers of each wing were splotches of gray and ivory, as though someone splashed along the feathers with paint. At last, a great head shoved its way out, a large, powerful beak opening to breathe in the cold air. His beak was dark gray, his body ivory black, and his legs gray. He flapped his great wings for a couple moments to stretch them out, and then looked to each boy with gratefulness. Black eyes held pride and dignity in them, though also care. I am free of the tiny egg at last. Please, what are the names of my two rescuers? the two teenagers were still disbelieving, and instead of Kaz, who was the cause of the eggs hatching, Levi spoke first, stuttering, W-were& Were Kaz and Levi. I-Im Levi. And thats Niko- and the horse is Stag. The great Raven nodded, clacking his beak in acceptance, and then turned his beady black eyes to Kaz. I feel your aura of power. It was you who opened my egg. And because you were the first to touch my egg, it is you who shall ride me. You are my Stryder.
Both boys just stared at the seven foot tall Raven in more wonder. There was no explanation for their questions. Kaz simply blurted out, R-ride you? How can I ride a Raven? I-Ive never seen one before. Ive only heard of them in legends!
The black bird chuckled, and then clacked is beak in thought. After a while, he asked curiously, Well, Stryder Kaz, are you going to give me a name? The brown haired boy just swallowed and looked to Levi, who shook his head, shrugging. Err& Any ideas, Raven? the black bird just replied nonchalantly, The Raven cannot give itself a name, Kaz. As my Stryder, it is your duty. Kaz just sighed and murmured under his breath, I guess I should have used some foresight& The bird, however, cocked his head at the only word he heard- foresight. Foresight? A well chosen name, for me, seeing as I am the wisest of Ravens. Levi and Kaz just looked at each other, and then Kaz added, Yeah, sure, Foresight. Foresight, my& My Raven.


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