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Chapter 5 - story

story including captain underpants.

Chapter 5 - story

Chapter 5 - story
The Incredibly Stupid Adventure Of

This is George Beard, Harold Hutchins and Jareth Barton. George is the one on the left with the tie and the flat-top. Harold is the one on the right with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Jareth is the one in the middle with the cool shirt and the long arms. Remember that now.

One day, George, Harold and Jareth were at school when suddenly, an evil fat villain jumped through the door and roared like a ferocious ant.
My name is commander snotty poo! shouted the villain. And Ive come to destroy all the dirty knickers in the world! Commander snotty poo grabbed a stool and started hitting Mr Eagan on the knee with it. Oh no! cried Jareth. That villain is going to hurt the poor stool!

Weve got to stop that monster! cried George. He reached into his tie, grabbed a gooey mallet, and threw it at the villain. Harold found an Elephant in his jumper, so he threw that, too. Finally, Jareth reached into his shirt, pulled out a frothy satellite, and threw that as well. But nothing seemed to stop the slimy commander snotty poo! This looks like a job for Captain Underpants! shouted Jareth.

Suddenly, Captain Underpants slithered into the school. Hi, said Captain Underpants. Hows your smokey lion knee today?
That doesnt make any sense, said Harold.
Who cares? said Jareth. Weve got to stop that villain! So Captain Underpants grabbed a baseball bat and hit commander snotty poo over the head repeatedly.

Holy sniffing snails! shouted George. Captain Underpants has defeated commander snotty poo! Lets celebrate by eating seventeen servings of wet snot and drinking five cups of sticky urine, said Harold. That sounds delicious, said Jareth. Just be sure you sprinkle some vomiting spiders on my food, and a slice of cat food to my urine.



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