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This is my only love story I made about Joker and Harley Quinn. Harley is an abused girl named Sarah McKinley. Please comment! Tell me if I spelled anything wrong! Comments make me happy!
This is a poem I wrote inspired after having read the whole Hunger Games saga in a few days (which I absoultely adored). Let me know what you think :)
Another thing I made while on Deviantart. Enjoy (I guess...)
A book I made while on Deviantart.
A in progress 'novel' I am currently working on. I am proud of my work. Please keep in mind NOT to steal or use anything. Don't feature on any website with out my given permission.
This is a prequel to the 1st vampire kisses novel by Ellen Schreiber. I did this for my creative writing assessment and I thought i''d post it. comment :) even if you havent read the books :)
Rachel has had the same horrible dream for 2 weeks. She thougt nothing of it at the time, untill her and her friends got trapped in one.
This is one of my first storys that actually came out good. Please comment.
an adventure about pokemon and a trianer finding a new obsession in a sport called Pokegear
A little ongoing project of mine.....
I'm eventually going to put the characters from the poems into a story.
this was a story that i had to write for English using random words that the students came up with in class.
Something I wrote when I was upset.
From the Twilight series, New moon. Edward left bella, months later Victoria changed her. Years later, Bella and her BFF go to Paris,and so does Edward. How will he react?
hi laurel hi mira listen invaderzim told me that gir pulled the plugs in zim's ship! do you want to make biscuts if so typ yes or no.
This Is The Live Of Katinka :D
This was made for my best friends Lily and Vivi, who did not believe when I told them the truth about someone.
this is for my bf anthony. it's his story based with his mom. his mom is mother broken he is lover suffer and his father is father leave.
i write alot of poems and this one is about my parents when the were mad at me for something i did wrong, it is also that i couldn't see my bf for a while because of it and i love him so yea :)
dont steal i have copyright. i hope u enjoy^^
This is a poem that was in my diary. ^_^ So you guys can't read this. Muahahahahahahaaha! No but really. I just typed it up today, and I guess I'm going to be writing poetry...but still drawing because drawing is more funner. heh heh...bad grammar is fun. But lets see, this is about me and what goes on through my mind. Alot. Cause I'm violent like that. ^^
All Iggy wants is for Max to see him... he wants her to see him the way he see's her. IggyMaxFang Maximum Ride fanfic
It's just a play from my school.It's actually really funny.