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Chapter 1 - The Beggining

A story that seems like a rip-off of Sonic Heroes (NOTE: My Custom character makes up for the fact that there is no flying character.)

Chapter 1 - The Beggining

Chapter 1 - The Beggining
Once there was a young fox with two tails. This isnt the one you know as Tails or Miles, his name is Joe. A blue fox with two tails, red-eyes, and was abandoned by his dad, whom was killed by bandits 2 days later. It's not to late to stop reading this story. His mother was a kind gentle women, though we have no idea why she would marry Jo's Father, whom was a loud agrresive man. Here is lies the beggining of a new journey.One Day in the forest Jo walked along an unkown dirt path. Not knowing where he was going he followed the path. In his hand lied a baton, he always wore a red bandana around his neck, he never took it off unless he was showering or sleeping. If your wondering how he showers he uses a near by waterfall. Slowly walking he stumbled apon a girl with a basket of berries. "Hello there friend," she said. "Hello," Joe said, "you look like you could use some help with that heavy basket". Carrying the basket back to the girls village he got to know her. Her name was tikal.


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