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Chapter 0 - Explanation and Prologue

A story with my original character, Akuro Heavest.

Chapter 0 - Explanation and Prologue

Chapter 0 - Explanation and Prologue
Well, I had to write a story for my lit class and also had to create my own character.

I created an alien from the planet Nicos in the Milky Way Galaxy named Akuro Heavest. He's the main character and is very emotionless in his current state.

The story involves other characters created by some classmates of mine.

One is Martha Smith, a 16 yr old nerdy fortune teller who smokes and the other is Lamont Jackson, a boy who wishes to play football professionally.

I was against using other classmates characters as I would then have to find someway to connect them to the badass Akuro Heavest but alas, I would've failed if I did not use them so I had to. The story is sort of comedic with some serious stuff.

Anyway, here is the beginning of the story.

On a distant planet far off in the Milky Way galaxy, two parents argue over their Son. The father holds a seven year old by his shirt and forces him to face his mother. At the same time, the mother curses at the Son. “He’s a pitiful waste of Niconian breath!” exclaimed the mother. The father broke in with, “You’ve failed us so many times unlike your brother who actually makes something of himself you pathetic excuse for a Niconian!” the boy looks at his mother with wide open eyes then looks back at his father as a shiny tear escapes his left eye. “What did I do to deserve this?” thought the boy as he wiped the sorrow from his eyes. Then, a shattering blow hits the boy in the neck and he falls into a temporary state of unconsciousness. With that, the mother opened a strange pod as the father tosses the boy in and locks it. The father then hurled the pod into the deep reaches of space.


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