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Chapter 1 - The Story Begins

A story with my original character, Akuro Heavest.

Chapter 1 - The Story Begins

Chapter 1 - The Story Begins
The Story Begins
It was a peaceful night on Planet Earth. The grass was freshly wet with dew and the winds were blowing delicately, making the trees sway slightly. The sky was filled with gloomy, grey clouds but no rain at all.
The grey clouds parted as a bright light flashed through the horizon. It made a rumble so loud that it shook the strongest mountain. It busted in two pieces and a small figure began to tumble as the light flickered and began to fade. The light left behind two pieces of what appeared to be some sort of space pod meaning that the figure that had just landed on a small patch of grass was an alien. Although ethnic to Earth, the alien had the characteristics of a human. It had flowing, black hair and lightly toned skin. It was very small, looked to be around the age of seven, and appeared to be male. He remained where he was and slept through the night.

The next day, the boy awoke and stared at the yellow orange horizon. His red eyes were wide open and his mouth remained dropped. “Where am I?” he asked himself. He felt the emptiness in his heart and began to sob. “Why am I here?” he asked again. Then, he flashed back to where he fell unconscious at the hands of his father. “What did I do?” he asked as he felt the bruise on the back of his neck. He rose to his feet and began to cry for Hiro, his brother, to come save him. “Hiro!” There was no reply and he began to burst into tears. As he wept, he came to the simple conclusion, “They’ve left me for dead.” “They don’t love me anymore,” he continued. His teary eyes began to harden and his tearful expression turned into an emotionless glare. “It’s my choice now, I vow to never screw up again for as long as I live,” he declared. “I am Akuro Heavest, and I vow to find you Hiro,” he again declared as he set off to find his brother.
He traveled all over Planet Earth throughout his life, hoping to find his brother. Unknown to Akuro, he wasn’t on his home planet, Nicos, and so he never knew where he was going. He simply trusted his own judgment and obtained what he needed to survive.

Twenty three years have passed since Akuro landed on Earth. This is where the story begins.

Next Time.
The Coming of the Fortune Teller


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