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Chapter 4 - The End??

A story with my original character, Akuro Heavest.

Chapter 4 - The End??

Chapter 4 - The End??
New Chapter!!

The End??


“Where am I?” “Why am I here?”
Akuro woke up and looked around to see bars. He attempted to move but noticed his arms were bound to a chair. “These humans must not realize what they are dealing with,” said Akuro calmly. He quickly broke the restraints and rose to his feet. “These bars are a nuisance,” he said as he made the bars split. He then began to flash back to where he collapsed in front of Martha and the boy. “H-he’s locked away…inside me,” thought Akuro. “Th-that monster...has been inside me this whole time,” he thought again. “I understand now. That’s why they did it.” Akuro remembered back to when his parents were arguing. He realized that they hadn’t been arguing about him, the Niconian, they had been arguing over the fact that he wasn’t harnessing the power of the great beast, Gol, a monster the size of the galaxy who had tormented the universe back in the time of the legendary Wukong. Wukong was the protector of the Milky Way galaxy back in the time of Jesus Christ. God placed Wukong as the protector of the Milky Way to ensure that Gol never succeeded in his goal which was to eat every planet with life. Wukong fought Gol but lost the battle. He decided to pull his trump card out and seal Gol within himself. After the incident, God had decided for Wukong to relinquish his title as protector to live as pure energy and live for generations to ensure that Gol never be released. With each generation, Wukong switched bodies. He eventually made his way to Nicos and entrusted his soul to a Niconian baby boy. That baby was Akuro Heavest.

“Well, the universe sure is full of surprises,” said Akuro, “Enough of this, where is that girl?” He questioned whether or not he should save Martha but in the end, he decided to save her. Akuro then realized that he was floating in mid air. “I…can fly now? Well, again, the world is full of surprises,” he declared as he began to break the ceiling to escape the cell he was in. He then continued, by foot, to a certain door with a large “G” in Old English lettering. He opened the door to find Martha with her hands bound together and a Caucasian male wearing a black suit with a white hat that read “Fresh to Def” across the front. “Man, didn’t we lock you up and say we won’t let you out?” said the man. Akuro paused and stared at how ridiculous the man looked with his pink rimmed sunglasses and his excessively long chains with diamond crosses. He then noticed that the man had silver and gold teeth. “I’ve never seen someone who looked so pathetic,” said Akuro to the man. The man then attempted to rise to his feet and strike Akuro but then started running his mouth. Akuro got tired of listening and simply punched his lights out. “That was strange,” said Akuro as he proceeded to free Martha from her restraints. “What happened to you!?” she shouted. “None of your business,” replied Akuro. He then noticed a piece of paper on the man’s desk and saw the name Lamont Jackson crossed out in red ink. “I guess that boy who whined for help was this Lamont Jackson,” said Akuro. “Was he the one?” he asked Martha. “Yes, that was him alright, I heard a gunshot before I passed out so he probably was the one they shot,” she replied. Then Lamont appeared in the doorway in crutches. “I’mma finally get someone to notice me,” he declared. “I’ll be the greatest football player ever,” he declared once more. Akuro then looked to Martha, “It looks like you were off by a long shot.” Martha then looked at Akuro angrily and for the first time in his life, Akuro laughed at her playfully.

Two years had passed since that day. Throughout the two years, Martha was diagnosed with cancer and dropped out of her adventuring with Akuro. She died 5 months later. Lamont Jackson had finally become the football star he had always dreamed of becoming but was one day caught dog fighting. He denied all charges and the jury found him guilty and the judge sentenced him to thirteen years in prison. As for Akuro, he continued his search for his brother, Hiro.

Just as he vowed, he will find Hiro, no matter what the cost.


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