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Chapter 2 - Riku's Plot...

Finally, a humorous story told by Riku*, all about Riku*. Riku* lovers welcome!

*Riku is a trademark of ME and if you attepmt to take him you will be bitten on your pinky finger. And trust me, it hurts.

Chapter 2 - Riku's Plot...

Chapter 2 - Riku's Plot...
Once again we find Riku and his friends on the island they all call, "The Island". Riku has been troubled lately because, Sora, a friend he drew, is getting all the attention. Even Kairi, his own girlfriend, is starting to fall in love with Sora! "oh, Pen, what shall I do?!" questioned Riku, to his magical pen. "Shut up and never use the word 'shall' again. And just draw something, you befuddled idiot!" retorted the pen. So riku drew himself a belt. It was way too long and hung loosely around his second pair of pants. "That's it! Unneeded Belts! It's got to be the new wave. Hah, wave. Like on the water. On the isla.. whatever." Riku exclaimed.
The next day, he walked proudly among his friends, and Sora... and waited for someone to say something. To Riku's displeasure, Sora started making fun of him! He walked back to the shore, very downtrodden, and started scribbling. But the scribbles started turning into a big shadow looking thing. He drew a big gap in the heart, and named it 'Sora'.
Later, at home, Riku got so frustrated, that he clicked the button on the pen. The huge Shadow monster came out, and slipped away into the shadows of an outhangign paopu tree. "The truly heartless, you are, Sora!" whispered Riku.
Sora was in bed, when, he remembered his and Kairi's escape raft. "The raft!" whispered Sora worriedly. He snuck out his window, but was ovecome by small shadow monsters! He ran out the lookout island, and saw himself in the large monster that was his own shadow. "Riku!" cried Sora. "Come with me Sora. Your door has opened. It's time for us to go." Misunderstanding, Sora said, "What about Kairi?" Riku let himself be taken away with is creation, and silently told it, "Take him down... down, deeper that ever..." and was overcome by the evil.

~*~*~To Be Continued~*~*~


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Kupo on July 12, 2005, 1:08:04 PM

Kupo on
Kupofunny! i suggest insults that are less clichaed and more clever for future chapters but it doesn't make a big dif. +favs