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Chapter 2 - Buttercup and Butch

The PPG's are getting ready for a sleepover with their friends, when the doorbell rings.Bubbles rushes to open it,to find... Boomer,Brick and Butch!Over the years,the PPG's have developed bodies,and are any guys dream date.

Chapter 2 - Buttercup and Butch

Chapter 2 - Buttercup and Butch
“Bubbles!” cried Blossom, rushing out of the kitchen, after hearing her sister’s gasp. “What’s the matter? I heard you….” Blossom stops, terrified at the sight she saw.

Buttercup too, then ventured out of the kitchen. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “What did the air-head do this…”

Buttercup was stunned! There, in front of her was her sister, Bubbles, in the arms of a Rowdy Ruff!!

“I thought we destroyed you punks when we were five! Anyway, if you wanna be beaten again, come on over! I’ll give one of you a kiss and you’ll explode!” said Buttercup, all ready to fight. “ Now,where’s my counterpart, Butch?”

Butch stepped forward. “Wow! You have grown hot, babe! You were hot on the news the other day, but you are so much hotter in person! I can’t believe you still remember my name!”

Buttercup blushed red as a tomato. “ enemy..t-t-think that..I’m, h-h-hot?” she asked, blushing.

“’Course Babe! I mean look at you!” said Butch, checking Buttercup out. “You’re my double! Meaning that you are cool, tough and,” said Butch, flicking his hand through his hair. “ Totally the best!”

“so….” Said Buttercup, slowly. “You think I’m hot? But what happened to ‘I’m gonna destroy you!’ and all that junk? I mean you once tried to kill me and how come that you're not evil!! I mean, you guys were seriously evil!!”

“That was a long time ago, babe!” said Butch, flirtiously. “We’ve changed!”


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