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Chapter 3 - Caught In a Kiss

The PPG's are getting ready for a sleepover with their friends, when the doorbell rings.Bubbles rushes to open it,to find... Boomer,Brick and Butch!Over the years,the PPG's have developed bodies,and are any guys dream date.

Chapter 3 - Caught In a Kiss

Chapter 3 - Caught In a Kiss
“So,” said Butch. “What do you say?”

“What do I say about what?” asked Buttercup.

“Being my girlfriend, duh”” said Butch, with a cute smile. “Youu know you can’t resist me!”

“ Well, uh, I, um.” stammered Buttercup. She looked at Blossom.

Blossom was watching this long conversation in amazement. “ Buttercup! He’s a RowdyRuff Boy!! You can’t date him!”

“But, they’ve changed!” argued Buttercup. “ You heard what Butch said!”

“Yes, but, but! We can’t!” said Blossom. “ I mean come on! We can’t kiss evil boys!”

Now Brick stepped forward. “Hey Toots. Love the Pj’s.”

Blossom blushed, looking down at herself and realising that she was in her jammies.

“Um…. Thankyou?” said Blossom,in embarrassment.

“Anyway, like Butch said” said Brick referring to Butch. “ We saw you girls on TV the other day, and we knew that you were the ones we want. Look at Butch and Buttercup. I mean I thought she was the tomboy, and she’s acting kinda girly around him now! And look at Boomer! He’s got your other sister in his arms.”

Blossom suddenly turned to the unconscious Bubbles. “Oh my gosh! We totally forgot about Bubbles. Bubbles are you okay? ”Bubbles wouldn’t move, she just lay there in Boomer’s arms. Boomer bent down, and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Meanwhile, Buttercup and Butch had been talking, and they’d agreed to go out on a date, the next day. Butch held Buttercup’s waist, and then began to kiss her. Buttercup made no attempt to back away, for she too now had strong feelings for her hunky green counterpart.

And then Brick, picked Blossom up in the bridal position, and kissed her. Blossom, rather alarmed by this sudden action, gave a quiet scream, which was muffled by Brick’s lips. She just lay in his arms, enjoying this moment, because she too now was in love with this Rowdy Ruff.

And while the three couples were lip-locking, Alice, Sara and Roxxi arrived in the open doorway. They were amazed at the sight they saw.

Wow!So romantic! I luv it myself!!!!!!XD


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