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Chapter 4 - Giggles

The PPG's are getting ready for a sleepover with their friends, when the doorbell rings.Bubbles rushes to open it,to find... Boomer,Brick and Butch!Over the years,the PPG's have developed bodies,and are any guys dream date.

Chapter 4 - Giggles

Chapter 4 - Giggles
Though Blossom was enjoying herself, she thought something fishy was going on. After all, why would their enemies be liking them? It just made no sense! Blossom pulled herself away from Brick and immediately took control over the situation.

“Ok, boys.”she said, cautiously. “Our friends will be here any moment for a sleepover, so, um…. Would you mind going?”

“Ok baby!” said Brick, smiling sexily. “Whatever you say. Here’s my number, call me!”

Buttercup also listened to her sister, and tugged herself away from Butch ( not as willingly as Blossom did from Brick though: ) Butch gave her a wink and said “See ‘ya toots.” Bc blushed, and gave a small wave, but stopped after seeing Blossom frown at her.

Boomer himself, backed away from Bubbles, who was now conscious. She still didn’t know who she was kissing, but she had enjoyed herself, even though she already had a boyfriend, as she was head cheerleader.

The RowdyRuffs then left, passing the Powerpuff girls friends. Once they had gone, the girls rushed up to their friends and immediately began to talk.

“Oh my gosh!” said Alice to Blossom. “ You two were P-E-R-F-E-C-T for eachother! I can’t believe you have a boyfriend for the dance! Even I don’t!” she added, a little jealous!

“He is NOT my boyfriend!” yelled Blossom, distressed.

“Touchy, touchy,” said Alice playfully.

Blossom laughed. “Anyway, we’re not going out! He’s my former enemy!”


“Bubbles!” squealed Sara. “That blonde cutie and you looked sooooooo cute together! So, how did you get such a hot guy?”

“Well, I kinda fainted into his arms, and he caught me! And when I awoke he was kissing me!” giggled Bubbles. “But I was soooo not gonna disagree!”

They both giggled!


“Yo! Butttercup!” called Roxxi. “I thought you hate boys!”

“I still do Rox!” said Buttercup.

“Oh!” said Roxxi sarcastically. “Then it’s perfectely normal to snog a boy!”

“We weren’t snogging!” said Buttercup, a little bit angry. “We were, um…”

“Bc and the other guy sittin’ in a tree.”sang Roxxi. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” she burst out laughing,and dodged Buttercup’s ‘playfull’ punch!


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