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Chapter 1 - Letters From Lola

Lola lives in a collection of worlds that is called the Collection. She is married to Riku and they live in a giant librairy which she has to live in because she is the chronicler.

Chapter 1 - Letters From Lola

Chapter 1 - Letters From Lola
Letters from Lola

Dear Cloud,
A lot of things have changed since we last met face-to-face. A great tragedy has just struck me and I am already being marked as unlucky. I know that you are content in Midgar but I have a favor to ask of you. I would be greatly relieved if you would do me the honor of becoming my apprentice chronicler. Do not feel obligated to accept my offer, you would be of no use of your heart isnt in it. I know you remember that being a chronicler means that you have to sacrifice your life to saving the Collection. Yes or no, I await your favorable reply with what little patience I have left.
I knew he would say yes without thinking even if I told him the cost. We were like brother and sister and I knew he would do anything to make me feel better. I could picture him opening the letter and smiling when he reads my name. I received his letter the next day. Its funny how fast mail travels between worlds.
Dear Lola,
I am so happy you havent forgotten me. Ive always wanted to know what you do and Ive always wanted to learn your secrets. You knew I would say yes even if I knew the costs. If you didnt want me to do it then you shouldnt have asked. You know I cant say no to you.
That was what I was afraid of. Im also afraid that being in close quarters with him will reveal my biggest secret. The truth is Cloud is my real brother. If that secret got out it would never be the same between us.
When Cloud arrived in the Collection I immediately began his training. I had him start reading a wall of books that contained information about every subject you could hope to learn about. I had other matters to attend to.
Dear Riku,
I miss you. Ive been so busy since the unmentionable tragedy happened. Will you come visit me? Im starting to forget your face, please say yes. You cant say no to me, I need you. OX
I knew I would get his reply in under an hour because his home world, Agua, was part of the Collection. My home world was also in the Collection but I lived on a tiny planet specially made for the chronicler. My best friend, Terry Turner, was king of the Collection. His castle was a world by itself. Riku, Terry, Kairi, and I were like an inseparable team. Sora and Hannah, of course, came along later.
I tied my long blonde hair back into pigtails. I always wore my hair like that. I looked over at Cloud and he was looking at me like he could read my mind.
Do you think theyll ever let me forget about this Cloud? I asked.
As long as I dont die everyone will forget that this ever happened, he said reassuringly.
Thanks Cloud, you can bring something good out of any bad situation.
What are friends for?
More than you could ever imagine.
I flexed my wings and stood up to get a book myself when I heard a knock at the door. Riku was standing there with a look on his face so cheesy that I had to laugh. I was really glad that he started laughing too because I didnt want to be mean.
What was that face about? I asked.
It was a different face before you opened the door, he said.
Im sure it was a very pretty face.
Cmon Lola, did you want to see me so you could laugh at me?
No, I wanted to see you because there is a lack of hot guys named Riku in my house but now there isnt.
Wheres Lukku?
Upstairs I think but she could be anywhere in this big old library. She misses you. So do I, why dont you stay a while youre always off doing stuff.
I gave him a squeeze and a peck on the lips then set of searching for Lukku under a pile of books.
Uh Lola, shes our daughter, I dont think youll find her under a pile of books, Riku added.
You never know where youll find that girl so I decided to be inventive, I said smartly.
Im not a hamster Mom, came Lukkus voice from upstairs.
I spotted her sitting on the steps like she always did. Riku spotted Lukku, walked up, and sat down next to her. Oh boy, why is she playing favorites. Its obvious that she likes Riku better than me and I know exactly why. Hes the one who takes her to see Rosa all the time.
There werent that many people in the universe that I could trust. They were basically all in that room. Terry, Kairi, Sora, and Hannah were, of course, the exceptions. I almost never left my study because I had no reason to but when I did I could trust one of them to protect it for me. The people of the Collection always loved their chronicler and were willing to do anything to protect her or him.
Everyone in the Collection knew why they protected and revered the chronicler almost more than they did the king. One day I would have to face it. It is the fate of every chronicler to die destroying a great evil. Mine was called Trixy and she was a real pain. She was bound to show up at any place, and any time, without warning.
I sighed when I opened an e-mail from Terry summoning us to his castle. I decided that this was too important to pass up.
Riku, Im going to see Terry and Cloud is coming with me. Could you watch the study for me? I called up the stairs.
Sure you go ahead, said Riku.
Why am I going? asked Cloud.
Im pretty sure I know why he wants me.
I dismissed any remarks about my former apprentice that people made on our way to the castle. Instead of the hopeful and praising looks that I usually see there were looks of scorn and shame. They didnt understand that there was nothing I could have done. I felt better when I was in Terrys sitting room and I knew Cloud felt the same.
So, Terry, why did you want to see me? I asked.
The head chroniclers are calling a meeting at the sacred island, said Terry.
This isnt all about me, is it?
No Lola, one of the master chroniclers has fulfilled his duty and their having a funeral for him. Afterward they are going to promote his apprentice, Tania, to an official chronicler. Because if this master chroniclers death, you have been appointed to the head council.
Im glad they didnt appoint Tania. It is a terrible thing to judge a chronicler by his or her master.
Id hate to hold you two up, you should get going.
Ill speak with you when we return.
Then Cloud and I were off to the sacred island to be pestered by the other chroniclers and most likely meet some of Trixys henchmen. It was time to put my new apprentices fighting skills to the test. Good luck and Godspeed Cloud Strife!


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