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Chapter 2 - Journey to the Sacred Island

Lola lives in a collection of worlds that is called the Collection. She is married to Riku and they live in a giant librairy which she has to live in because she is the chronicler.

Chapter 2 - Journey to the Sacred Island

Chapter 2 - Journey to the Sacred Island
Cloud and I slowly made our way to the castle. The platform between the worlds of The Collection was surprisingly empty. There was something suspicious in the air. The platform was never empty. We stopped at the enormous castle that filled the center of the platform.
"Cloud, I don't recall if I told you this, but I think I know what this is about," I said as we entered the castle.
"I don't see why it matters," he said bluntly.
"You must be prepared for battle, bad news, or good news."
"I understand."
"Good, Terry is sending us somewhere. I will give you your first lesson on the Gumi Ship."
We entered Terry's study and bowed to our king. Terry was a very peculiar fellow. He looked almost exactly like his best friend, Sora. The only differences were his gray skin, black hair, long cape, and his witche's hat. The king's sword hung on his belt. He was always prepared to fight at a moments notice.
"Lola, do you really think it is neccessary for one who is higher than the king to bend her knee on his behalf?" he asked with a playful smile.
"It would seem that it is not neccessary unless she wishes to show respect to a revered leader," I said with equal enthusiasm.
"I guess we should get down to business."
"I already know that you're sending us somewhere. Just tell my gumi ship where to make bearth."
"I am not the one who sends you, Lola. The grand sorcerer is holding a meeting on the sacred island."
"The chronicler council meets again. What more carnage can we wreak upon the universe?"
"You aren't thinking of skipping, are you?"
"I would never dream of skipping. I'm probably the reason why we're coming together. I was only expressing my disgust."
"I take it the chroniclers don't get along."
"My dear friend, you have a talent for understatement. In the whole universe, chroniclers can have one of two personallities. Half are kind-hearted and selfless. The other half is self-centered and selfish. Many of our council meetings end in violence."
"Well, I don't want to keep you from being on time."
"Wish me luck."
We quickly exited the castle and made our way to the gumi ship. I wish Terry would have told us that we were late. I didn't have much time for Cloud's lesson. We began as soon as I was able to activate the auto pilot.
"The first thing you need to know, as a chronicler, is how to manipulate a certain element. This magic book will choose your element and teach you how to control it," I said handing him my magic book.
"How will I know what it chooses?" he asked as he examined the book.
"It will appear on the pages. It looks like your element is metal."
"Is there anything else I shoul know?"
"Yes, listen carefully because this is very important. Some people who have gained the manipulation of metal experience a reare and irrelevent side effect. If you are one of those people, then you will be able to see and speak to spirits. If you do experience the side effect, tell no one, not even me."
I must commend Cloud for his patience. He tried many times before he could control his element. By the time we got to the sacred islandhe had made a small dent in the side of my gumi ship. At least he showed significant control. The first time I manipulated fire I nearly burned my house down.
The sacred island was a part of the world called Destiny Islands. You had to take a boat to get to it. Lukku would have asked me if she could tag along if she where I was going. Kairi, Hannah, Sora, and Rosa lived on Destiny Islands. It really was too bad that I didn't have time to say hi. Hannah wasmy best friend.
We were the last ones to arrive and the water was calm and quiet. It seemed like our boat was the only thing in the water. Once again it was suspiciously quiet. This time the feeling was different. I felt a disturbance in the water.
"Cloud, have your sword ready," I whispered cautiously.
"Where is it?" he asked in a low voice.
"Not far from the sacred island. Let's make sure it doesn't get back to Trixy."
Trixy's henchmen were mostly heartless. This one was no exception. They were all shadows that were manipulated to be more powerful. They were bigger and creepier.
The heartless sprang out of the water and into my flames. It flew back and ran toward us. I grabbed Cloud and flew up just out of it's reach. Then I remembered the metal cube that I put in my pocket for Cloud. I handed it to him and he dropped it on the boat.
"Can you control it from a distance?" I asked critically.
"There's only one way to find out," he said with confidence.
"If this works, I can make it easier for you to bend the metal."
I looked down and the metal budged. It really did work! To help it change for I set it on fire. Cloud turned my metal cube into a spear. The heartless attacked it and it went back to the darkness.
There we were, at the sacred island. I had alot of work to do. I had to teach Cloud about the past chroniclers. We had to have an initiation ceremony for Tania and a funeral for her master. How would the other chroniclers react to my sudden promotion? It looked like the worst was yet to come.


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