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Chapter 1 - Terry's Story

Okay, I have here the stories of my Kingdom Hearts OCs. I also have the stories of some kingdom hearts characters and their places in my fanfiction.

Chapter 1 - Terry's Story

Chapter 1 - Terry's Story
Terry's Story
If you were born in the Collection then there are a few things you have to know for someone to pick you out of people that weren't. The first thing is you would know about space travel and gumi ships. Second you would have traveled to other worlds. Third you would be either a fairy, someone who loves water, or a haunting character. The last thing that would distinguish you from the rest is you would know the truths of the king of the Collection. Those are as follows: The Collection is looking for it's king (they don't have one). What they know about him is as follows: HIs last name is Turner. He has something to do with darkness. that comes from the prophesy of the king:
Turner will rise, when accused thieves become lies, by all who seek to be him.
Wrong will become right, and battles are won, and the darkness will bring the most light.

That's where Terry comes in. He would have been the least expected person in all the Collection to be the king. He was a ghost. Although there were other ghosts in The Haunted Forest and was frowned upon as a thief. He was accused of stealing the king's sword. (In the Collection the king's sword was out on display so all could try their luck to see if they were the king. If they were, it would put off a light so bright that all other lights would go out and you couldn't tell the difference.) He was set up. By who he'd never know but he would never give up trying to get his turn to touch the sword.
What really happened on that fateful day was that he ws looking at the sword when it's tip glowed. Thinking he had touched it, a jealous other told everyone that he had tried to steal it. Terry was thrown aside as everyone's least favorite person in the Collection and one of his best friends turned on him. That's when he sadly left to venture with Sora, Donald, and Goofy.
When he returned he was angered at the people of the Collection. A crowd was gathered around the sword. It seemed that they had given up hope and that's exactly what had happened. So when Terry went up to it they didn't care anymore. So he picked it up and for a second even though it was the middle of the night, the sky was filled with light. It was like the sun had come up early. Then he put it down. All realized what had happened and all discovered what the prophesy had meant. To this day Terry Turner lives in Collection Palace never again to be frowned upon or ridiculed. Well, almost never.


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