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Chapter 2 - Kairi's Story

Okay, I have here the stories of my Kingdom Hearts OCs. I also have the stories of some kingdom hearts characters and their places in my fanfiction.

Chapter 2 - Kairi's Story

Chapter 2 - Kairi's Story
Kairi lived almost happily in the Fairy World of the Collection for the longest time. She was the strangest fairy of any in all the Collection. She didn't have many friends and Terry was one of them until she fell in love with him. But one day she had to leave because two mean boys but off her wings. She had to make a wish. Her wish was to start over new as a kid again in a different world and not remember anything. She was sent to Destiny Islands. She changed how her clothes and hair looked. She didn't remember ber friends or Terry. Terry made a wish too. He wished he could start over only he would remember and when he said remember to Kairi three times they would both go back to the age they were when they made the wish. Kairi never told Terry or her friends why she left because she didn't want them to see her that way. Kairi made some new friends. She didn't know it but one of the friends already was her friend. He didn't know it yet either. He wasn't the only one of her friends that looked familiar. She had one friend named Sora who kind of looked like Terry but she didn't know who Terry was. But she would be happy soon.


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