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Chapter 4 - Lola's Story

Okay, I have here the stories of my Kingdom Hearts OCs. I also have the stories of some kingdom hearts characters and their places in my fanfiction.

Chapter 4 - Lola's Story

Chapter 4 - Lola's Story
Lola was a fairy in the Collection. She was also was the Chronicler of the Collection. Every day she would go down to the archives and write down stories. Riku was her boyfriend. Her best friend, as you already know, was Kairi. When Riku left she made a wish to stay fifteen until Riku reached that age again. She missed him so much. At one point she gave up hope. She figured he must be dead wherever he was. By that time Kairi had left too.
She was still friends with Terry and she had to help him. She was smart and knew what the prophesy meant. By the was, Lola speaks spanish but she'll only speak Spanish to Riku. Actually she was the one who, originally, told Terry to touch the king's sword. She also knew that Cloud had two missing sisters. She also knew that she and her sister, Samantha, were the ones he was looking for. She knew all this because she was Cloud's mentor. She found out that they were siblings from a book of letters that her mother sent her when she was young.
Recently, before the main story begins, Lola went magical treasure hunting. She found a box the size of a small person. She knew how to open it. she had to say the person's name after healing them. The only people capable of doing that were the people of Agua. Then, after she went magical treasure hunting, she went in her gumi ship to get her hair done.


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