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Chapter 1 - Crash landing

For millions of years the Autobots and Decepticons have fought endless battles and a member from each side is finally tired of them; so they decide to do something about it. ThunderCrackerxOC and sides of others.

Chapter 1 - Crash landing

Chapter 1 - Crash landing
This an AU Transformers fiction that has several OC's. Get over it. It is also placed during the G1 series of the show; so don't hold ooc'ness against me.


The stars lit up the dark night sky; a teenage girl sat on a large hill that overlooked the large city of Dallas, she looked longingly out into the sky. She heard the engine roar of her Ford Mustang and turned around just to see it transform into a large robotic-being. It jumped over and scooped her up just as a large object fell from towards them. It crashed into the hillside. The two rushed over to check it out. "It-It's a Jet!" As soon as that was said, it also transformed into a robot, much larger than her Mustang. It still lay on the ground and three more Jets flew overhead.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked and she saw the large hole in the robot's chest. "He seems badly injured, Tyra. Think we should take him back to base?" The Mustang asked, Tyra looked between the two. "Naw, just gimme' your spare tool kit and I'll fix 'em up." The Jet still lay on the ground, helpless, as the human cut and reconnected wires and replaced pipes; after a good hour the Jet sat up. "All fixed! Are you doin' alright?" She asked the new Bot. "Y-yes, Thank you."

"Well, while were at it, my name is Tyra Mills and this is my Guardian, KiloWhatt!" KiloWhatt held a hand out to the Jet and helped him up. "My name is ThunderCracker." The tiny human smiled at the giant robot. "You need to be careful of those other Jets; the Government has a problem with unidentified aircrafts." ThunderCracker looked up. "Those weren't Government Jets, those were my so-called Comrades." He looked back at Kilo and Tyra. "Well, I must be getting back to them. Thanks again for the repair." And he was off, the two stared as he disappeared.

"Well, that was odd." KiloWhatt said. "Want to go back to your home or the base?" Tyra continued to stare off. "Sure, we can go to base. I wanna' brag to WheelJack and Ratchet." It was a leisurely ride to Autobot headquarters, small talk idled here and there between the two. As they drove inside the base, Tyra got out and ran into the repair quarters. "Jazz... I think you just fight with IronHide so you can get re-painted..."

Ratchet was bent over Jazz with fixing his busted arm; Jazz just laughed. "And? You just fight Optimus so both of you can get re-painted, too!" Ratchet stood up straight and crossed his arms over his chest. "No, we do it for practice." Jazz made a 'pfft' sound. "My @$$! You like being painted by KiloWhatt WAY too much!" As if on Que, Tyra and KiloWhatt walked into the room. "Are you just begging to have a non-working arm?!" Ratchet began to loose his temper. "Whoah-whoah guys! Don't kill eachother!" Tyra yelled.

"Uhh... Yeah, I'm gonna' go check on GigaWhatt and KeneticShock; later Tyra!" KiloWhatt ran out of the room. Ratchet set his wrench down beside Jazz and walked to the other side of the room. "Tyra, you can finish fixing him; I'm done." He sat down in his lab chair, Tyra climbed up beside Jazz and continued where Ratchet left off. "Speaking of fixing, guess what I did earlier." Jazz shifted when Tyra hit some sensitive nerves. "Shoot." Ratchet began going through some computer files. "I saved another Bot from emanate death."

Ratchet looked over his shoulder at her. "Really? Did you know him?" Tyra held some wires together. "Nope, but I did catch his name; ThunderCracker. He was shot down by his friends, he seemed really nice though." Ratchet and Jazz jumped up. "Do what?!" Ratchet almost fell out of his seat. "You saved a Decepticon!?" Jazz yelled, making Tyra jump. "Decepticon? I thought he was just a random robot! I didn't know... But, he was so polite and didn't try to kill me or KiloWhatt..." She stopped messing with Jazz's wiring.

"You couldn't tell?" Ratchet asked. "It was dark out... I didn't see an emblem... I-I'm sorry if what I did wasn't right..." She continued to fix Jazz. Ratchet got up and walked over to her. "Well, you didn't know... And I guess it was the morale thing to do. Friend or Foe, I probably would have done the same thing if he was hit by his comrades." Jazz stared at them. "Traitors." Ratchet hit Jazz in the head with his wrench. "Shut-up, nobody asked you."



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