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Chapter 2 - Hello, again

For millions of years the Autobots and Decepticons have fought endless battles and a member from each side is finally tired of them; so they decide to do something about it. ThunderCrackerxOC and sides of others.

Chapter 2 - Hello, again

Chapter 2 - Hello, again
"Another day, another battle!" IronHide yelled as he dodged a lazerbeam. "Don't these guys know when to stop?!" Tyra asked, shooting at StarScream. "Apparently not!" IronHide jumped out of the way of another shot. Tyra dove behind a large boulder for shelter from the raining rubble. Walking back-wards she bumped into something; quickly she turned around, gun pointed towards the other and vice versa. Both guns were slowly set down.

"T-ThunderCracker?" Tyra said, ThunderCracker stared down at her. "Tyra? Why are you here?" He was very confused. "I'm fighting... You." She held her gun back up at him. "Wait, so your an Autobot?" She nodded. "And your a Decepticon, though I wish you weren't." Her grasp tightened around her lazergun. A loud bang followed by several crashes were heard. Tyra dropped her gun as she fell over.

"Why... why do they fight like this...?" She asked, wobbling as she got on all fours. "We have been here so long, that I've forgotten..." ThunderCracker shot over the boulder, aimlessly. "It so pointless... It's an endless battle. Neither side will stop until the other is destroyed..." Tyra stood on weak legs and picked up her gun. "Megatron is now blinded by power." ThunderCracker fired another shot. "And Optimus is so involved with destroying Megatron... That he has lost sight of the goal..."

They looked at one another, red optics to dark brown eyes; Giant robot to tiny human. Something hit them, not a bullet, not a lazer or even a boulder; a thought hit them, and it hit them hard. "Decepticons! Retreat!" Megatron's voiced echoed around the small valley. "ThunderCracker, meet me back on the hill tonight!" Tyra yelled as he ignited his engines and took off; he nodded back at her as he followed his comrades into the sky.

All the Autobots cheered as the Decepticons flew away, tails between their legs. "Great work team!" Optimus Prime said strongly as Tyra walked out from behind her cover, still quite wobbly. "Are you alright?" KiloWhatt ran over to her. "Yeah, just fine." She smiled. "Alright, let's head back to headquarters!" Everyone transformed and drove back to Autobot Headquarters; Tyra hitched a ride from KiloWhatt.

The Autobots dispersed to their quarters, going in all directions. A few followed Ratchet and WheelJack to the Med-Lab for repairs, and a few went to get repainted; KiloWhatt and Tyra were some of them. KiloWhatt ran over to his brother, GigaWhatt, and they shared a high-five followed by a body slam. "Man! Best battle yet! Did you see how I knocked SkyWarp out of the sky?!" KeneticShock shook her head in disappointment. "Why was I created by the same scientist's and at the same time as you two?" She continued to paint Jazz; who seemed all too happy to be there.

"Aww, they aren't that bad, 'Shock. I'd rather have these two over my brothers." Tyra laughed. Soon the two knuckled-headed bots got to their job of painting Gears and SkyFire. After a while, GigaWhatt looked over at Jazz and his sister; looking at where Jazz was looking. He picked up a nearby screwdriver and chucked at Jazz's head. "Stop that!" He yelled. "What?! What am I doing?"

"Your staring at her chaise!" GigaWhatt pointed at Jazz, who was trying to act innocent. "Do what?!" KeneticShock stepped away from Jazz and crossed her arms over her chest; KiloWhatt sighed. "Giga'..." GigaWhatt looked over at his older brother. "What? You don't care that Jazz is ogling our sister? Our BABY sister, mind you." KiloWhatt looked down, in defeat. "I care, but, 'Shock is a big girl... She can handle it on her own... If she cared enough, she would have punched his optics out by now..."

"And I should!" KeneticShock glared down at Jazz. "Eh-he..." Jazz rubbed the back of his head. "Please don't." He flinched when she raised her fist up at him. "Don't let me catch you doing it again, or there will be consequences." Jazz quickly nodded his head yes and she continued to re-paint him.


Poor Jazz, he is always being hit in the head, ain't he? Well, the price for being perverted to IronHide's protege's sister.

If I can give any description of my current OC's, here they are:

KiloWhatt is a silver 2004 For Mustang. GigaWhatt is a camo-green Army Humvee. KeneticShock is a blue Chevy Corvette with two green racing stripes; and, Tyra Mills is a 16 year old Human female; brown eyes and brown hair with blonde streaks.

Check my gallery for pictures soon.

PS: I know I have alot of fictions to type for various reasons, but I have a bad case of ADD; so it's hard for me to stay focused on one thing for so long.


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