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Chapter 3 - Late night discussions

For millions of years the Autobots and Decepticons have fought endless battles and a member from each side is finally tired of them; so they decide to do something about it. ThunderCrackerxOC and sides of others.

Chapter 3 - Late night discussions

Chapter 3 - Late night discussions
As the sun began to set, Tyra was already sitting on the hill, her little piece of heaven, her sanctuary. KiloWhatt had driven her there and was sitting beside her, watching the sun fall over the horizon. "Beautiful, huh?" Tyra asked. "Yes, it's very pleasing to my optics." Soon the sun was gone and the moon was set high in the sky. The light from the city and the stars mixed together, making it an even more wondrous sight that could only be seen in the country.

They both heard the roar of Jet engines fly overhead and land behind them. Tyra jumped up and ran over to the large Bot. "You made it!" KiloWhatt looked up at ThunderCracker. "Oh, hello. Your that bot we fixed the other day, aren't you? ThunderCracker, right?" ThunderCracker nodded and looked at both of them. "So, why did you ask me to come here?"

"To continue our conversation from earlier. I think something can be worked out to stop this pointless war." KiloWhatt stared between them, he seemed very confused. "From when? We've been at the Base all day. Well, other than... that fight... with..." And the wheels began to turn his head. "Tyra! Stay away from him!" He jumped in front of her, arm morphed into a large cannon. Tyra pushed on his legs. "Don't worry, Kilo'! We just need to discuss some things."

"B-but, Tyra! He's a Decepticon!" ThunderCracker looked down at the much smaller Autobot. "Yes, I was also equally surprised that you both were Autobots." KiloWhatt still held his cannon faced at the larger Bot. "Fine! But I refuse to leave you both alone!" Tyra sighed in defeat. "Fine... But, could you stay far enough away to where you can still see us, but not hear? I don't want Prime to know about anything." KiloWhatt looked at them. "Fine." He stormed off and sat down a good distance away from them.

"So, what do you think could stop the war?" Tyra sat back down. "I haven't put much thought into it yet." ThunderCracker sat beside her. "Well, are there any morales that all Cybertronians, Decepticon or Autobot, follow?" ThunderCracker was silent for a few moments. "The only law that I can think of is... Is that we can't endanger young ones. But that only goes for ones of our kind." Tyra sat there, quiet, trying to think.

Little did they know, but KiloWhatt was tuning in on them, following every single word. "Don't tell me..." KiloWhatt kept on eavesdropping. After a few moments, Tyra spoke up. "What about a hybrid child?" She asked. "Elaborate." ThunderCracker said. "Like...Like a half Cybertronian child, would that still count?" Now it was ThunderCracker's turn to think really hard. "She can't be..." KiloWhatt said.

"Well, it would count as our kind, just not fully. It depends on what the other half is." ThunderCracker looked down at Tyra. "Human?" KiloWhatt fell backwards. "Hmm... If the infant looked mostly like us, maybe. But, I don't really understand what you getting at." Tyra looked at him. "Like, a human and a Transformer having children." KiloWhatt wanted to stop listening and drive back to Base by now, but knew he couldn't leave.

"I think I'm beginning to understand. But I don't think it would be possible." ThunderCracker said. "But, if it could be, would it work to stop this war? For just long enough to change the views of the Autobots and Decepticon's?" She asked. "Possibly, if it could happen. And, I don't quite understand how human mate and conceive." Tyra blushed, she would have to end up explaining how humans do what they do to have children. She then sighed; it was going to be quite a long night...

A few long, merciless, question filled hours later, Tyra layed down on the cool grass behind her. "So, humans have to fuse their genes together, through intercourse, to conceive. Very, very interesting... It's different, and quite disturbing, but if it get's the job done..." ThunderCracker shrugged his shoulders. "No wonder why Megatron finds humans so disgusting."

"I AM still awake!" Tyra yelled from the ground. Far off in the distance, KiloWhatt decided to shut down, because their conversation had gotten too enlightening for him. "Though the splicing of your genes in much different from ours, because yours is much more complicated." Tyra sat up. "So, it is possible?" ThunderCracker shifted in his place. "Maybe; if it were to happen, it could end with a bad outcome."

"If would to stop this war, it is so worth that outcome." Tyra said, sounding very confident. "But, it would need to be done some other time. It's already very late, and our sides are probably getting very suspicious." ThunderCracker nodded and they both stood up. "KiloWhatt! You can come back now!" KiloWhatt was drawn out of his stasis and he was soon by Tyra's side.

"When shall we meet again?" ThunderCracker asked. "Same spot, same time, next week." Tyra said, ThunderCracker nodded. "I'll be back." He quickly transformed and flew into the sky. "I know you were tuning in on us." Tyra said. "Eh-heh..." KiloWhatt transformed. "Let's go back now, I'm tired and need a re-charge, and some energon." Tyra sighed and got inside of the Mustang. "Yeah... I'm hungry and tired, too..." And they were off, heading back to base for some well deserved nutrition and rest.


Hahahah... Hahahah... Poor little KiloWhatt, I guess that's what you get for eavesdropping! Of course a Decepticon wouldn't understand! They don't care! Well, atleast ThunderCracker is enlightened by the end of their little discussion, eh?


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