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Chapter 1 - Wake up!

Mario wakes up in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people.

Chapter 1 - Wake up!

Chapter 1 - Wake up!

I awoke in a strange place. My head pounded for a few seconds. I looked around. The walls were a bright lavenderish, while the floor was an brownish orange. I was on a white, comfy sheet. Where am I? I thought. A Lavender-eyed girl, wearing a lavender dress, with lavender catlike ears poking through her blond hair and a tail to match, called out “He's awake!” to another girl with cute pink eyes and a pink dress, and the ears of a pink canine poking through her beautiful blond hair, a white and pink ribbon on the right one, her pink canine tail poking through her dress. The pink-eyed girl ran towards me. “Mario, I'm so glad that you're ok!” she said happily. Am I Mario? I thought, as she hugged me so tight that it hurt a little bit. Her tail was thrashing around, and the smile she had was up to her cheeks. Who is she? I pondered. “Now, Now, Peach, let's not get too excited. He just woke up. Give him some time to think” reprimanded the Lavender-eyed girl. The Pink-eyed girl, who I assumed was Peach, answered “Ok, Nastasia. Sorry for bothering you, Mario.” She then walked towards the Lavender-eyed girl, who I assumed was Nastasia. Peach was pretty. Real pretty. The 2 girls walked out of the room, while I watched them leave. I then looked at myself. I was wearing a comfy red shirt, with an orangish stripe in the middle, and soft blue sweatpants. I saw something that was a dark gray, and gave chase.

Ten minutes later
That was my tail.


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