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Chapter 8 - stranded in teh closet

One afternoon Riku, Sora, Kairi, and Namane,  were hangng around in Sora's house.Riku was litterally hanging on a pole he was bored to hell and didn't feel like being sarcastic at the time. Kairi and Namane were playing a video game.Sora and Roxsas were playing chess(it was either chess or preety princess)."Checkmate I win!" Sora shouted tryumphitly."What the hell!?" Roxsas shouted.


Chapter 8 - stranded in teh closet

Chapter 8 - stranded in teh closet

Riku and Jess stopped making out,

"Oh My God We're stuck in here!" cried Jess in a state of panic. "That's not really such a bad thing" said Riku.

"Yes it is!" cried jess. "I'm afraid of small spaces!!"

"It's okay" said riku holding jess close" We'll get out of here but you have to calm down."

Jess sighed. "Okay."she said,"I'm all right now."

Riku let go of jess. "Step back as far as you can." He ordered. Jess did what she was told and riku got into a fighting stance. He punched at the door as hard as he could and the door broke right down the middle.

"Wow." said jess. "shoot my hand!!" shouted riku. "man that hurt!"

"You did it Riku!" cried jess hugging him.

"Yeah, now let's get outta here." said riku.They stepped outside the closet and saw that every one had stop making out.

"What happened?" asked sora. "We got locked in a closet that's what frackin happened" snapped Riku,"God sora you're so stupid"

"What ever!" said namane,"Let's just get back to the frackin game!!"

"Yeah." said Roxas.

every one sat in a circle around the bottle. "Who's turn is it??" Asked Kiari. "I don't know just let jess spin it!" said Namene.

Jess flicked the bottle and watched it as it landed on........



"okay roxas, truth or dare?" asked Jess.

Unknowing of the fact that jess was a yoai fangirl roxas boldly said"Dare"

"okay i dare you 2 ....." But before jess finished her sentance, her friends Ayame and Midori(aka, me and chiros_girl) popped into the room.

"Hola mi amigos!" greeted Midori.

"what's up every one??" said Ayame.

"Mido-chan! Ayame-chan! Glad you could make it!" Greeted jess.

"You're just in time!"said sora,"Jess is just about to give roxas a dare!

"Ha!Ha! Roxas you r so in for it!" Laughed midori.

"What do ya mean?"questioned roxas. "You'll see." Said ayame smirking.

*What will jess dare roxas to do??? Findout in the next chapter! Mwhahahaha!!*


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RandomGuy on September 4, 2007, 8:53:21 AM

RandomGuy on
RandomGuylol man this is one of the funneir parodies of kingdom hearts. You should read Axel's journal its funny too. And why did it take you a year to write a chapter? And why didn't i get an random enough =P

Love2talk11 on September 5, 2007, 12:19:31 AM

Love2talk11 on
Love2talk11it didn't take me a year to write a chapter i was busy!!!!!dude i will put you i right now im just i the midst of major artist's and writer's block so cut me some slack okay??

RandomGuy on September 9, 2007, 8:03:24 PM

RandomGuy on
RandomGuywell i faved it but obviously i get no emails so it has been about a year since i saw a new chapter. And dont' worry about putting me in its hard enough adding random ppl as is. And i write too so don't think i don't understand a writers block.

Love2talk11 on September 4, 2007, 3:01:46 AM

Love2talk11 on
Love2talk11oh frack it happened again!!!!!!!