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Chapter 11 - teh fight for Roxsas

One afternoon Riku, Sora, Kairi, and Namane,  were hangng around in Sora's house.Riku was litterally hanging on a pole he was bored to hell and didn't feel like being sarcastic at the time. Kairi and Namane were playing a video game.Sora and Roxsas were playing chess(it was either chess or preety princess)."Checkmate I win!" Sora shouted tryumphitly."What the hell!?" Roxsas shouted.


Chapter 11 - teh fight for Roxsas

Chapter 11 - teh fight for Roxsas

Namine yanked Roxsas away from Axel while they were making out  " Get you're hands off my man!" screamed Namine. "No way! He's mine!" Said Axel as he took Roxas by the arm.

Namine and Axell Began pulling on Roxas's arms trying to force the other into letting go.


" For the love of Kira STOP!!!!!!" sreamed Roxas. Namine let go of Roxas arm and Axel fell backward and crashed into the wall.

Axel quickly recovered from his fall and wrapped his arms around Roxas. "Mine!" Axel hissed. Roxas had turn bright red and looked up at Axel then he looked at Namine and again back at Axel. "So who's it gonna be? Me or her?" said Axel as he glared at Namine. Namine just stood there looking desprate and close to heart break.  She looked down sadly even though Roxas didn't say who he liked more. "I- I...." started Roxas. He looked at  Axel and Namine again. " I...." he tried again but he could not finish what he wanted to say. Roxas was so confused and felt so torn. It's so hard to choose. I'm too afraid to choose one and hurt the other. Thought  Roxas.

" Hey guys don't make him choose. How 'bout we have a race or somethin." Pipied up Ryuu.

"Yea a race!" said  Riku. "Whoever wins gets Roxas!"

" No not a race."said Jess," a fight!"

"Yea!" cheered Ryuu.

"I'm in." said Axel, "And I will win."

" Count me in." said Namine. There was a look of detirmination set in her eyes.

Roxas gave her a concered look. "Namine......"

"I can't give up now Roxas." said Namine," I like you too much."

" Enough chit chat let's get this fight on the road!" said Axel

***What will become of Axel and Namine when the fight? Will Roxas be able to stop them? Who will win the battle???

Find out what happens in the next chapter!!!!!! ***


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