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Chapter 1 - Morning Chores/Fire chamber

It's been 15 years since Kairi, Sora ad Riku retured to Destiy Islands.

Sora is dead.
Riku has joined the dark side, to become young.

Kairi moved to Hollow Bastion.

Sora and Kairis Daughter now holds the keyblade.

Chapter 1 - Morning Chores/Fire chamber

Chapter 1 - Morning Chores/Fire chamber
Kiyoko squinted.
The sun was raising and it was shining right through her huge window, right in her face. She put her hand over her eyes making a discusted face. She pushed her hand on her face, pulling upward into her hair. She yawned and streched. What's next?
Pulling off her covers. Oh boy. She did not particularly want to do this, considering the castle was still freezing cold. Mom and the others had already left. Maybe, if she was lucky, Aerith would still be here.
Another morning ut like the rest, all alone, with a huge castle to clean.
How fun.
She knew where to start. The lowest chamber in the castle, the fire chamber. She pulled off the covers, prepared for the cold. She felt a nauseating pain shiver up her legs, goosebumps. Another in her chest. But thats what she got for not having any munny to buy PJ's. Between keeping the castle clean nd her chores, she did't have time for a job. She slid off the bed. She shivered as she bare feet touched the froze floor. She pulled off her thong, exposing her naked body to the invader hiddened in her room. She slinked over to her dresser and opened it. She pulled out her only outfit.
She slipped on a dark grey/black thong and some shorts that might as well have been underwear. She didn't care for the colour either, corpse blue. She grabed her shirt out of the dresser and held it up. She loved this shirt SO much. She slipped it on and pulled it down to show her cleavage. It did't quite cover her shorts. It was stripped, black and light blush pink. It was a tube top. She pulled out her necklace and her bow. Her necklace was a gift from Aerith and the bow, one from Yuffie. They were both light blush pink. She slipped on her necklace and clipped her bow to the front of her shirt. She had to stlye her hair first. But before she did ANYTHING, she had to start a fire. It was so cold in the castle.
Why couldn't mom have started a fire?
She had no socks, no shoes to wear. So her feet would have to suffer. She looked like a slut. Perfect.
She was only eleven but she looked like she was about 17 in her outfit. She liked that feeling. It made people not underestimate her.
"C'mon Suzu," she said snapping her fingers. Her 'Hello Kitty' plushie rubbed it's black gem eyes and yawned.
"Is it time to clean the castle?" Suzu asked hoppig out of Kiyoko's bed. Kiyoko smiled, Suzu was one of the only people/things that stayed with her. Suzu and Aerith. Aerith was the one that taught her everything on magic. She taugh her cure, cura and curga. She said that's all she needed. But on the side, Aerith taught her how to enchant things. That's how Suzu came to be. Kiyoko picked up Suzu and put her on her shoulder.
"TO THE FIRE CHAMBER!!!" Kiyoko said throwing her arms up and jumping the air. She ran up the stair of the librarys/her room. Out of all the rooms in the castle she had to share the library. Bleh. She inserted the 'm' collection into the book shelf and watched it move. She walked into the elevator tower shaft and jumpped on to one of the glowing strings. She sailed down until it ended ad swung onto a platform. She looked over at Suzu, who was clinging to her head.
"Can't you take the normal way down?" Suzu asked.
"This is faster, and you know it." Kiyoko smiled, she walked out of the elevator shaft and into a room, leading outside the castle. Outside she ran to the front of the castle. There was another glowing string.
"HOLD ON!" Kiyoko said jumping on it and sailing downward.
"AHHHH!!!" Suzu yelled a tear coming from her plastic eye. Kiyoko landed with a THUM on the ground. She was in the rising falls, or atleast a part of it. She walked on to the frozen water, over to a floating bubble. She touched it and it took her into the dungeon part of the castle. She shook off the col chills she got from the bubble. She looked a head. An hour of contraptions lay ahead of her... if she didn't know a short cut. She held her hand up into the air, palm streched. Suzu jumped on top of her hand and put her stuffed hands on her chest.
"REALEASE!" Kiyoko yelled. Suzu started to glow and a hearts shaped light shot out of her chest. CLICK! All the contraptions undid themselfs.
"I'm glad Aerith showed me that..." Kiyoko whispered as she started to walk deeper into the dungeon. She feet were numb by this point, but she was used to that. Kiyoko finial reached the fire chamber. When it wasn't warm, it was the coldest room. When her feet touched the old ground, a seering pain shot ito her foot.
"shoot" Kiyoko said without thinking. She tried to igore the pain as she walked into the chamber. She grabbed some wood and started piling it into the fire place. Suzu got off her should and got ready for when there was enough wood.
"That should be good.." Kiyoko said wipping the sweat off her forhead. It was amazin how work set her body on fire.
"FIREEE!" Suzu shouted and flame spat from her hands intoo the wood, setting it ablaze. Kiyoko got a shiver down her spine. The feeling someone was watching her. She spu around just in time to see a dark figure dissapear.


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