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Chapter 1 - Meeting Mike

I'm minding my own business in my room until my mom decides to go for the weekend, leaving me with a babysitter. And its.. Michael Jackson? Wow this'll be.. Fun! lol

Chapter 1 - Meeting Mike

Chapter 1 - Meeting Mike
I was in my room playing video games when my mom opened the door to my room. My room is in the basement, but it doesn't really have that basement feeling to it other than the laundry area. "Angela.. I'm going to be gone for the rest of the night, and I'll be back at about tomorrow evening. I've hired a sitter to look after you." She said.

Blankly still concentrating on the game and still somehow listening to my mom I said, "Aight...... When will this sitter be here..?" I said, pausing the game. My mom continued, " Your sitter will be here shortly. I'm heading out right now. I'll see you tomorrow."

She closed the door, and I went back about to my business. It was night time, so I could see the lights from her car flashing on, and waning in sight when she drove out.

A few minutes later, another car parked at the house somebody came in. It was the sitter. I sighed, and paused my game again, walking upstairs into the house from my room to the rest of the place.

"This is gonna be interesting.." I said to myself while walking up the stairs.

The mysterious person sighed. It sounded like a man, but his voice was higher than it should be. I opened the door finding myself in the kitchen, and the man was in the living room unpacking his things for the night.

I walked into the living room slowly, and I paused stairing at what I saw. I only saw his back but that was just because he was unpacking his things. He turned his head towards me. It was Michael Jackson! I blinked in shock, and he smiled politely, "Hey.. you must be Angela."

I nodded slowly weakly smiling, and walked towards him to shake his hand. We shook hands, and I said, "Nice to meet you. No..... An honor!" I laughed.

"Oh.. You're a fan? I've finally actually found a FRIENDLY face other than my children." He said.

I shrugged looking down, "Yea. I'm like, the only one here that does in this area. Other than a few adults but that's it." He raised his eyebrow, "You're sayin' most people here don't like me whatsoever??" I nodded slowly looking down, putting my hands in my pockets.

He shrugged, "Well neither of us know that for sure." I looked up at him. He turned his head over to his things and continued talking to me sitting on the couch, " Well, I'm going to be here for about a full day or so.. What do you usually do on the weekends?" I sat down next to him and scratched the back of my head.

"Well... Depends on what's going on. I like to spend my time on the computer a lot... It varies on my mood." I shrugged, sitting down next to him.

"Ah a fan's life must be nice." He chuckled taking out his hat from a bag. I laughed, "Not really! Most kids are real mean around here. Hell.. These guys kept on throwing sticks at me just for the fun of it. Since they can't hurt you, they hurt fans." I rubbed the side of my face. He looked at me in concern, "They threw sticks at you?" I nodded. "One socked me in my right ear.. The kids are my age, and there were like, younger kids that were about 7ish watching them throw sticks at me.. They started to just for the fun of it." I said as if I didn't care about the matter.

" What has gotten into kids these days.." He sighed staring at the ceiling. I could tell he felt a little disturbed.

I answered, " After generation to generation the adults got irrisponsible. Their children therefore got irrisponsible. More chaos started happening until things got outa hand.." I sighed sounding sad. I then laughed closing my eyes, "I bet that's why I'm a fan of yours. I have good parents."

Michael relaxed himself on the couch closing his eyes. "Let's not talk about this shoot..." I relaxed myself too, and said, "Sorry if I offended you." He looked at me and shook his head, "You didn't... You didn't." I smiled and looked down, closing my eyes.


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