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Okay. I'm bored. Do not expect this to be a very good story. Not actually fanart of anything, because I can do that kind of stuff. :)
i wrote this after my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me.
Descripted events of my life that had insightful value that I felt was appropriate to share.
This is a story I am starting.... Please tell me what you think.
read it
Elli Reyes and her friends have their own adventures as they grow up together in Los Angeles. Nothing unusual there, unless you have crazy and funny encounters like theirs.
what is really there
1st paragraph portrays live in general
second refers particularly to saheco
A poem describing something, figure it out!!
being the new kid well in my case the new girl is actuallt pretty easy, i mean the dudes are just as stupid as they were at my old skool so no need to worry about them,but yea this is my story peace!
this is a story i wrote for year 11 english. its only suppose to be short.

its enspired by alice in wonderland
this really happened to me...just want ppls opinion so comment pleases....Lady T you will understand probably more than anyone else...
You know sometimes when people just wanna tell the world something funny that just happened, well this is the place.
Victoria Isabella. She is hard to figure out. One word is Neglect. She longs for love, trust, & friendship. Ideas on this 'book' from Twilight's Stephenie Meyer and Speaks Laurie Anderson. If you have not read them I recommend.
just things I write when I can write .. as you'll see somewhat explained in the first one
This is mainly my report......I was bored, so umm................yeahhhhh
These are about my life
Let me know if you like them
another one by XIII
What is it exactly that drove me to the brink of insanity? Possibly my life has...
these poems are some i have done in my life when i was happy and sad i hope you like them
Summery - In this story there is a girl who discovers the biggest Secret.A secret so bad that it could kill everybody she holds dear to her.So its up to this girl and her best friend to save everyone before its too late.
This poem was written for my grandpa and it was put into his casket before he was buried. I wrote it before we went to the funeral. It has been publised recently and i hope to have more peoms published in the years to come.
this is a book i am still writng but its just ranomness
this is my friends work NOT MINE
he goes by the alis XIII and does it in old english text
he asked me not to name him so ya i might post more from him (if he gives me more)