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Chapter 2 - Close Call

I'm minding my own business in my room until my mom decides to go for the weekend, leaving me with a babysitter. And its.. Michael Jackson? Wow this'll be.. Fun! lol

Chapter 2 - Close Call

Chapter 2 - Close Call
It was nearly dinner time, and all that me and Michael did was talk, and talk, and talk! We eventually stopped after we had nothing else to talk about! I felt hungry, and laughed, "We lost track of time! It's like.. dinner time already!" Michael laughed looking at the time, "Yea I guess it is!" I got up looking outside the kitchen window holding my hips.

"With quick meals we could have ramen noodles.." I said, glancing over to him. He grinned, "I have a better idea.."


10 minutes later, we came back from KFC with a lot of food ready to eat. Michael had to stay in the car in the parking lot... He told me what he wanted, and I got it along with what I wanted.

Anyway, we had fun eating KFC chicken joking around wit' eachother. He made me eat some of the coldslaw, which I really HATE.. But I only fed up with it because he's like.. The King of Pop! Come on! Anyway, after dinner we went back into the living room. Out of nowhere, we heard a knock on the door. My heart sank. His probably did because the media hasn't found out he's back in America babysitting at 13 year old girl!

I whispered, "Hide upstairs, it's probably one of my friends." We got up, and he ran upstairs as quiet as he could.

I opened the door, and yep! It was my friend Nathan.

"Can I come in?" He said sounding shy. He ALWAYS asks that. The TV isn't on and nobody is around so he asks, "Your parent's home?" He asks.

"Nope. My mom won't be back until like, tomorrow." I say as casual as I can

"Cool!" He says, looking inside.

Michael starts to eavesdrop on our conversation... glancing down the stairs just a crack. "Let's go downstairs." Nathan says, walking into the kitchen going down into my room, which is the basement. I head towards the bottom of the stairs leading upstairs, seeing Michael's head. He started laughing, putting his hand over his mouth.

I smirked putting my hands on my hips. " I don't think it's a good idea for him to be here, Angela." He whispers suddenly sounding seriouis. I put one foot on the first step and whisper, "I agree wit'chou.. I'll chace 'em out."

Nathan notaces I wasn't following hiim, and he sneaks up on me hearing me whisper to Michael, but he didn't hear Michael talking.

"Who are you talking to?" He inturrupted. Michael shut himself up hiding again. Startled I jumped looking at Nathan. I slightly stuttered, "N-nobody I was just.." He smirked widely.

"You're hiding something.. Are you sure your parents arent here?" He asked. Michael couldn't help himself but giggle. He giggled and tried to keep his mouth shut, but it couldn't stay in him.

I shook my head, "I'm not hiding something if that something isn't LAUGHING!" I laughed.

"I'm gonna find out what it is!" Nathan said, starting to run up the stairs. Michael gasped looking for a spot to hide. I yelled, "NO WAIT, NATHAN!" I chaced him up the stairs, grabbing his shirt. That gave Michael time to hide. He hid under my grandmother's bed.

"What? What are you trying to hide from me??" He laughed, and then spit on my hand.

"Eww.." I growled.

I let go wiping it, and he ran fully up the stairs. I ran following him with my heart pumping. Nathan started looking around. "I bet the thing you're hiding from me is that Michael Jackson is here!" He joked laughing.

I fake laughed, "No that's impossible, Nathan! Actually, that was the cat I was talking to!" I lied.

Nathan looked at me, "The cat??" I nodded.

My cat meowed rolling around on my grandma's bed. Nathan jumped on it. Starteling the poor cat. Michael dodged the impact barely, but felt pressure from Nathan's weight.

"Let's head back downstairs." I said. "Yea sure whatever.." Nathan said, jumping off, and running downstairs. I followed. "I think you should go home Nathan. I don't want company." "Why?" He asked. "Just because.." I simply said. "Sure, whatever Angela." He headed towards the door and said, "Bye." He opened it and left.

I ran upstairs and sighed. "Couldn't help but laugh hu Mike......." I said with a big sigh of relief.

Michael laughed again, "Nope! I laugh easy what can I say." He said, getting out from under my grandma's bed. I stared at where he was. "Dang that was a close call!" He got up. Looking at me like I was stupid. "No kidding?" We smirked and went downstairs.

END OF CHAPTER 2 Comments please and thank you.. lol


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carmen002 on May 9, 2006, 6:10:24 AM

carmen002 on
carmen002you think you could put a chapter with me in it(gives you puppy pout)please.