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Chapter 1 - Discovering The Dream

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 1 - Discovering The Dream

Chapter 1 - Discovering The Dream
Disclaimer: if you think I own Tenchi Muyo then I’m flattered but if you sue me for actually thinking that I own Tenchi Muyo then I’ll be mad like hell.

In the early morning, the cool fall wind cooled the dew-covered grass; all was quiet in the Masaki household, that is, until the little chef began waking everyone up. First to wake was Tenchi Masaki, since he had to get up early to work in the carrot fields. He yawned as he messed with his black hair.

“Good morning, Tenchi!” Sasami the little chef smiled.

He looked to her while stretching, “Good morning, Sasami.” He said through a strain. Sasami smiled happily as she walked to the kitchen to start breakfast. A few minuets later Ayeka walked down the stairs to the living room, she looked around to greet Tenchi but he was nowhere in sight. The purple haired girl sighed, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she went to greet her little sister.

“Good morning, Sis.” Sasami greeted as she got some ingredients out of the fridge.

“Good morning, Sasami.” Ayeka greeted in a tired tone.

The little blue haired girl placed the items on the counter while looking to her sister, “Ayeka you look tired. You didn’t get enough sleep again, didn’t you'” Sasami looked to her sister. Ayeka smiled embarrassingly, “I couldn’t stop thinking…”

“You might need to talk to Washu about that, maybe she can give you something.” Sasami replied as she began carefully cutting up some of the vegetables.

“I’m fine, Sasami.” Ayeka yawned.

Ayeka took this as her time to leave, once in the living room she was greeted by the teen boy she was infatuated with.

“Morning, Ayeka.” He waved, already at eight in the morning; he was in his cheery mood. Ayeka smiled as she greeted him.

Another hour went by and three more of the residents were awake and enjoying their breakfast.

“Washu…” Sasami started, the genius looked to Sasami, “I was wondering if you could help Ayeka, she hasn’t been sleeping well lately.”

Washu took a drink then looked to Sasami, “sure, just have her meet me in my lab, I can check and see what’s keeping her awake.”

“I’ve told you, I’ve just been thinking too much.” Ayeka joined the conversation.

Tenchi looked confused, “How long have you not been able to sleep'”

“It’s been about a week now, but I’m fine.” Ayeka replied.

Sasami looked to Ayeka, “You can’t keep having no sleep, its not good for you.”

Ayeka sighed as she looked up to the rafters; she had been hearing Ryoko snoring for the past ten minuets. She then scoffed, how could that woman sleep up there'

“Ayeka did you hear me'” Tenchi inquired; Ayeka had not listened to them for a second or two.

“What was that, Lord Tenchi' I didn’t hear you.” Ayeka snapped out of her thoughts and looked to the group around the table. Before Tenchi could repeat his statement Washu interrupted.

“If you keep acting like that, your gonna be like Mihoshi.” Washu joked as she pointed to the ditzy blonde who was happily enjoying her meal and humming. She was completely oblivious to the conversation that was happening. Ayeka smirked at the joke. Tenchi smiled but repeated what he said, “I said that I agree with Sasami, it’s not good for you to not sleep.”

“Meow!” Ryo-okie meowed before she continued to enjoy her carrot. Ayeka blushed; she loved it when Tenchi cared.

“Big deal, I bet the reason why she can’t sleep is because she’s busy thinking about how to get Tenchi.” A groggily voice said. Ayeka growled; the demon was awake.

Ryoko phased into her seat at the table and began eating at an animalistic speed. Washu groaned embarrassingly as she tried not to notice Ryoko’s unmannered eating.

“Actually Ryoko, that would be you, and I haven’t been sleeping well because I keep having the same dream.” Ayeka muttered, instantly Sasami and Tenchi gazed at her.

“You didn’t tell me about a dream, Ayeka.” Sasami replied, her food completely forgotten.

“What’s it about, miss Ayeka'” Tenchi asked as Washu listened in.

The purple haired princess sighed deeply before telling more of the story, “ I…it’s …complicated. And I don’t remember anything from it besides a woman’s voice.” Washu turned her gaze to Ayeka.

“So you don’t remember anything else' I can probably have you monitored and record the dream for you.” Washu volunteered.

“If it possibly means getting rid of this nightmare, then so be it.” Ayeka replied.

Ryoko had been strangely quiet, not interested in the dream what so ever, she finished her meal before everyone else and phased to the osen for a good soak.

The rest of the family had made ideal chatter while they finished their meals, not wanting to bring up Ayeka’s dream again.


In the dark (and sometimes scary) lab, Washu was hooking up Ayeka to a small machine; the princess was lying in a comfortable bed as she watched the red haired child zoom around her to begin the monitored sleep.

“Here, take this,” Washu started as she handed a small pink pill and a glass of water to Ayeka, “It’ll help you sleep faster. I would use some of my own remedies but it might affect your sleep.”

Ayeka, who was still uncomfortable with the test, nodded quickly before taking the pill, she then laid down and closed her eyes, and she could hear Washu sneak out of the room to the desk and computer in the other room.


Ayeka woke up with a jolt; she looked around the room and found she was still in Washu’s experiment room. The whole room was dark, emergency lights lit only small parts of the room.

“Little Washu'” she called out, but no one replied.

With a bad feeling that something was wrong, she unhooked herself from the machine, which was strangely turned off, she got out of the bed and walked to the small room beside the room she was currently in.

When she opened the door she found the computer still on, but Washu was nowhere in sight, which was out of the ordinary because Washu was scarcely away from a computer screen.

“Ms Washu'” she asked again before walking around the lab, all the lights were off like the room she woke up in.

“Ayeka…” a singsong voice echoed the empty lab, the purple haired woman quickly looked behind her; her breathing had became quicker with fear.

“I must be in the dream …” she quietly consoled herself.

“Ayeka…” the voice sung again, only this time it sounded like it was approaching quicker.

The princess looked around for the owner of the voice, her heart was beating hard and fast, finally she noticed two white dots in front of her. Ayeka froze; she recognized those small dots in the distance.

“There you are, my flower…” the voice purred, footsteps where heard as the eyes came closer.

“What do you want'” Ayeka fearfully asked, with each step the being took Ayeka took three steps back till she felt herself being pinned against a wall.

The footsteps stopped unexpectedly, the white eyes never blinked once, suddenly the being laughed, causing the girl to flinch.

“All I yearn for is you, Ayeka Jurai.” the being replied with a fanged grin.

Ayeka shuddered from the dominance tone of the voice, the being then jumped at Ayeka, causing the woman to scream.


Ayeka screamed herself awake, causing Washu to jump in shock. Ayeka flung herself out of the bed and fell to the floor. Washu was quickly by her side.

“Great Space! Are you alright Ayeka'” Washu asked as she unhooked the dazed female from the machine.

Ayeka nodded as she shook violently, this one had felt so real, the previous ones had never felt this strong. Washu had finished unhooking the wires; she then helped Ayeka up on the bed again.

“What the hell happened' I’ve been trying to wake you up for the past four hours!” Washu asked with worry and curiosity.

“It’s been four hours'” Ayeka gasped.

The scientist nodded, “I saw the whole thing too. It looks like this is no ordinary dream, though I think nothing is wrong with it. Sex dreams do tend to cause a reaction. Do you remember anything'”

“I do not have sex dreams! This is something else, I know it… and no, I don’t remember anything except for that voice.”

Washu hopped off the bed and began pacing in front of Ayeka, after ten minuets of this Washu spun around on her heels and pointed to Ayeka, surprising the woman.

“Someone or something is haunting your dreams. And by the looks of it, the thing knows you by your full name. Also since the strength it caused you in your dream was intense, it’s nearby.”

“What could it be Little Washu'” Ayeka whispered in fear of being heard.

Washu rubbed the back of her neck, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but …I don’t know. Or at least I can’t identify what it is since it hid in the shadows. We may have to try again tonight, will this be okay for you'” she asked as she paced back and forth around the small room.

Ayeka shuddered at the thought of meeting the mysterious female yet again tonight, but some things had to be done for the better good. The red-eyed woman sighed as she nodded in agreement.

“I’m going to give you something to relieve your nerves, I can see that your still shaken up from …this event…” Washu hesitated with the last two words.

“Alright but we can not tell any of this to Lord Tenchi and the others, I don’t want them worrying about something that we can easily handle.”

It took a moment before Washu answered, “Alright, but if this does get outta hand, we got to tell Tenchi.”


A/N: and so the story begins! Tell me if I should continue this or if it’s good or anything. Reviews to me are like chocolate strawberries, they’re sweet like nice reviews. Until you get a sour one… ^3^
I still wuv you chocolate strawberries!!!
NXU over and OUT!


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