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Chapter 3 - The Breakin

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 3 - The Breakin

Chapter 3 - The Breakin
Disclaimer: Owning Tenchi Muyo is a dream to some of us, but sadly only one person owns it and that’s Masaki Kajishima


Today was a stressful day for Ayeka, and she thanked Tsunami that it was nighttime; Washu had given Ayeka some of her own remedies. From what Washu told her it was something that kept the dreams away. So here she was, lying in bed and thinking. Unfortunately for her the medicine didn’t kick in just yet.

Just what was Washu’s computer going to tell her' What was this woman, who was this woman' This woman had to be a species that traveled through dreams, or possibly created realms that rivaled dreams. Her sister sighed in her sleep as she turned to lay on her right side, knocking off Ryo-okie from her resting place on the little girl’s shoulder, Ryo-okie mewed gently then crawled to Sasami’s pillow to fall back to sleep.

Ayeka smiled warmly as she watched the little scene, suddenly Ayeka felt thirsty, she carefully got up so she wouldn’t disturb her little sister’s rest.

Once downstairs, Ayeka got a glass of water, she leaned on the counter with her waist and hand, though she didn’t take a sip just yet. She dazed off in her thoughts once more, that last dream had haunted her, or more precisely, a sentence the unknown woman had spoken.

“You are mine now, Ayeka Jurai, furthermore I will arrive shortly for you.”

“Just how shortly'” Ayeka asked aloud, then took a long drink, she sighed in content of the cool water cooling her nerves… for now.

“Ayeka' What are you doing up so early'” a man’s voice asked, causing the princess to jump. She placed a hand on her chest in attempt to calm her uneasy heart.

“I’m sorry, lord Tenchi. I was thirsty, did I wake you'”

The boy shook his head no before going to the fridge and taking out a carton of orange juice and then went to the cupboard to get a glass, “Not really, I was actually about to come to your room and ask about earlier.”

“Oh.” She said silently, they both remained in a silent company before Tenchi spoke up again.

“Is something bothering you' You seem a little jumpy ever since you first went with Washu about the dream.” He asked with concern.

The purple haired woman sighed as she gently put her cup down on the counter, “I suppose you have the right to know, lord Tenchi.” She replied before walking into the living room, Tenchi followed her quickly.

Once sat down Ayeka began telling her current situation, “As I told the family, I’m keep having the same dreams. Well when Washu had done the dream recording, she found out that this is no ordinary dream, the person in the dream is a woman who knows my full name.” she let the first part sink in, Tenchi nodded for her to continue.

“Every time I dream, she’s in the dark, calling my name. The last two dreams I had I can remember. She keeps calling me, she said she yearns for me, and last night in the dream she…” she trailed off as she blushed, she accidentally rubbed the bite marks on her neck, Tenchi caught on to this, his eyes widened.

“She’s real'” Tenchi asked; Ayeka only nodded as she quickly moved her hand away from the mark.

“She is… and she told me that she’s coming for me, I didn’t want to alarm you. But it seems this is getting out of hand too quickly.” Ayeka said in shame.

“Has Washu updated the security system yet'” he asked, his drink completely forgotten now that Ayeka might be physically threatened.

“Yes she told me once the computer recognizes the DNA strand that she got from… the marks… it’ll be alert for that particular person. But since she said she’s using an old model since the one she created isn’t built yet, it’ll take a day for it to analyze it.”

Tenchi sighed in relief as he leaned into the couch some more, “That’s good to hear, that only leaves us being unprotected for a day. But I still want to make sure that you’ll be safe, I don’t want some intruder breaking in and harming any of you girls.”

Ayeka smiled warmly at Tenchi while he did the same, suddenly Tenchi leans in slowly as Ayeka does the same. Both of them closed their eyes as their lips meet only a breath away from contacting, suddenly Tenchi could hear a soft click of a window upstairs, he looked toward the stairs, Ayeka noticed this too and also looked at the staircase.

“Did you hear that'” Ayeka whispered, knowing that now three people were awake in the house.

Tenchi nodded before carefully getting up from the couch and tip-toeing to the staircase, he could hear small creaks of the floorboards coming nearer the hallway. The being sounded light; it obviously snuck into houses before since he heard nothing else. Preparing all his strength to his fists, he saw the being round the corner to the stairs; suddenly it stopped. Tenchi froze, it was real late at night and not even Ryoko could see properly in this type of dark. But yet he still felt its eyes on him.

He had hoped to knock the being off guard once it got down the stairs; Tenchi slowly turned his head to check on Ayeka, she looked to him and nodded, she was on the floor hiding in front of the couch, since hiding behind it would give her away.

Tenchi looked through the stair rails to see two white eyes shining dimly, the being then growled, causing Tenchi to flinch, that’s all the being needed.

It broke through the rails and jumped at him, a wooden rail knocked Tenchi off balance, making him fall on the floor. The being made a cat-like yowl as it slammed its hand into the ground; the being’s claws had gotten stuck in the floor. Thankfully Tenchi rolled away from the attack before the being struck him. Instantly Ryoko phased into the room in her favorite blue kimono to see what was going on. Her eyes landed on Tenchi holding his stomach in pain, she growled as she noticed Ayeka, who was pointing behind her eagerly.

Suddenly the being tore its hand out of the floor and struggled to keep itself balanced due to the sudden change of weight then glared at Ryoko, the demon caller summoned her energy sword and growled out, “Big mistake, buddy” she charged at the person, who dodged by a second. The thing hissed as it jumped at the wall then bounced off to hit Ryoko in the back since Ryoko was floating off the ground. The space pirate phased out of sight, causing the person to run into the opposite wall. A grunt escaped its lips.

That one little grunt told Ayeka who it was; she quickly ran to the lights and turned them on swiftly. What greeted her eyes she didn’t expect it.

On the floor was the woman of her nightmare, the voice completely fit with this being. Long, mildly spiked or messy, black hair was sprung out in all various places like Ryoko’s but was in a long ponytail, the woman looked like the same age as Ayeka, her bronze skinned body was slim yet toned, on her right side of her neck was a tattoo of two black swirls with two small dots between them. She looked just like a human, except for the small sized bat-like black wings that hooked onto the woman’s shoulders like a waistcoat. She had long pointed fin-like ears and a black spade-tipped tail. The woman’s attire was from the feudal era Japan; the female’s Haori had slipped off her shoulders and arms, but the chest part was extremely tight, showing the woman’s upper figure perfectly, the bottom of the shirt was loose and moves like a dress. Her Hakama were also tight at the waist and ankles but moves loosely around the woman’s thighs and legs. Her shoes looked similar to Ryoko’s small boots she wore with the yellow and blue striped kimono. Her whole outfit was black.

The woman groaned and she pushed herself off the floor to charge at Ryoko again, that is until she noticed Ayeka on the other side of the room, Tenchi caught on to this as he ignored his stomach and got up to get to Ayeka before the woman could.

The woman snarled loudly as she targeted Tenchi, since he was running toward her reason of being here, before she had time to run and grabbed Tenchi’s neck, Ryoko had phased right behind her and stomped on the woman’s tail hard enough to fracture it. This earned a painful roar and the woman’s full attention. The female swung around to punch Ryoko, but the former criminal grabbed the fist then the other when it came around.

Both had their hands entwined with the other, the woman was pushing onto Ryoko while the space pirate did the same. Light blue cat-like eyes bore into yellow cat-like eyes as they battled to outdo the other. While Ryoko was holding the intruder Tenchi ran to Ayeka, grabbed her hand, and ran to the kitchen.

The woman caught Ayeka leaving in the corner of her eye, this seemed to enrage the female since she yowled again and tried to push Ryoko away from her, Ryoko began to struggle with holding the female so she swiftly spun the woman around so that the woman’s back was pressed firmly against Ryoko’s front, she ignited a energy dagger at the woman’s throat. The woman’s wings unexpectedly came to life but it wasn’t doing her any good, with her arms and wings pinned she couldn’t do anything else.

At the last moment Washu runs out of her lab with a large sized gun and points it at the intruder. Ryoko caught this with the corner of her eye, she then quickly got out of the way once Washu aimed it and shot at the female. A surge of electricity coursed through the woman as she gave a cry of pain. She then fell to the floor, she breathed hard in her unconscious sleep as smoke rose off her body from random spots.

Ryoko panted as she demolished her energy sword and stared at Washu, who was slinging the gun over her shoulder as smoke rose from it.

“What the hell took you so long'” Ryoko growled deadly, Washu gave her daughter a glare.

Tenchi and Ayeka emerged from the kitchen as Kiyone, Mihoshi and Sasami ran downstairs. Too bad reinforcements came a little too late.

“What happened' We heard all the commotion and came down as soon as we could!” Kiyone asked as she pointed her blaster at the trespasser. Sasami ran up to Ryoko and hugged her friend.

“Are you alright'” the small child asked.

Ryoko smiled warmly as she patted Sasami on the head gently, “Yeah I’m fine, its her that we should be worried about. Don’t you think that was too high Washu'” She turned her attention to the sleeping form on the floor.

“No it wasn’t too high, in fact it was too low.” Washu said sheepishly.

The princess cautiously walked to the stalker of her dreams, “What is she'” she managed to squeak out in fright.

Washu walked over to the form and crouched down near it, it took her a minuet to recognize the woman’s species, “She’s a Gargl.”

“A what'” Tenchi asked.

Washu carefully rolled the female onto her back, “A Gargl. Inhabitants of the planet Nibiru. Now I know how she got into Ayeka’s dreams. Because they weren’t even dreams, just realms similar to them.” Washu was about to go further into explanation before Ryoko cut her off.

“Don’t you think we should get her contained before you start giving us a lecture'” Ryoko asked annoyingly.


A/N: Oooooooh what is a Gargl'' I’m going to let you guys try to figure it out. Sorry to the Ayeka/Tenchi Fans but personally I’m a Washu/Tenchi fan. (Then again, I’m also a Ryoko/Ayeka fan O3O)
I hope the fight scene was good enough for ya. To be honest this is my first battle scene EVAR! I hope that it was detailed and that I got everyone’s character right. I don’t think that Kiyone, Mihoshi and Sasami will have a big scene. This story basically revolves around Tenchi, Ayeka, Washu, Ryoko and (of course) my character.
Yes I am not telling her name even in here

NXU over and OUT!


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