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Chapter 4 - The Confrontation

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 4 - The Confrontation

Chapter 4 - The Confrontation
A/N: sorry I haven't updated this last Friday but I had major depression attack and it motivated me to not write this chapter. Though this morning at four something I started to write this. But then I passed out, so without further ado I give you chapter four, the confrontation.

Disclaimer: Come on, if I possibly owned Tenchi Muyo, do you think I would be sitting here at four-o’clock in the morning writing fanfiction' I think not! I need coffee…

Ayeka looked to the lady within the indestructible glass, this had been the woman haunting her dreams. The being on its home planet it was called Gargl, but on Earth it was called a devil, imp or Doji. Ayeka sat down in the chair seated in front of the glass cage; she went through her memories of last night when Washu explained what the Gargl race was.


The woman was still out cold when Ryoko roughly threw her on the floor of the cage, before closing it Washu gave Ryoko another glare. Once the cage was locked and the alarms were on, she explained to Tenchi, Ayeka, and Ryoko of their unusual friend, if they could even call her that. Kiyone, Mihoshi and Sasami had gone back to bed after Tenchi told them to.

“ Like I said earlier, our friend is a Gargl. On their home planet, Nibiru, they’re known for their hot tempers and battle strategies. The Gargl on Earth are known famously as demons. The Gargl had gotten its name by a catholic monk who first encountered a Gargl in person.”

“So why do we call them demons'” Tenchi asked while rubbing his head confusion, he was going to have no sleep tonight.

“Thinking of the devil with their spade-tipped tails and bat-like wings, they were labeled as unholy creatures. During the year of 1254 AD, which was when they were first encountered; there was an exorcism. That was actually a Gargl leaving its host, I didn’t research which case it was but that’s when most of them landed here.” Washu explained while she ignored Tenchi’s interruption, the three people tried to understand her. Without knowing they were having trouble understanding this, Washu continued.

“How does this have anything to do with my current situation'” Ayeka asked; she looked to the sleeping Gargl.

“The Gargl has a extremely strong mental capability to create worlds within others’ minds and live in them. Like I was trying to get to. Though they can leave their host at any time, that’s why she broke in the house, to catch us off guard,” Washu interrupted irritably.

“ Since humans don’t have a strong mental defense they become crazy or insane. In addition causing them to act out. How do you think Einstein was so smart'” Washu asked, though everyone knew it was rhetorical, “now I’m not saying that Jurians are weak minded like the humans,” she looked to Tenchi, “No offence.”

“None taken.” Tenchi sighed.

“ But back to the exorcist thing, it also doesn’t help the fact that the Gargl is actually allergic to the exact same things that exorcists use during an exorcism. Example…” Washu trailed off as she picks up a bottle of holy water, “This is holy water as you can see-,”

“Yeah we see that, get to the point!” Ryoko growled, suddenly a huge, fat, raccoon-like statue lands on her head.

Washu waits until Ryoko has hushed down, she clears her throat as she holds up the water once more, “Like I said before your interruption, Holy Water burns them, why' Because Gregorian Water contains salt, which if it makes contact with a Gargl’s skin, it burns; their chemistry doesn’t mix well with salt. Others things that exorcists use are harmful to the Gargl.” She pointed to the other things on a table that was suddenly there.

“I suggest for the time being that you carry these, Ayeka, since she was mainly after you.” Washu said as she handed Ayeka a silver crucifix and a bottle of Holy Water.

“Suddenly I feel like we’re in that American show, what was it called' Buffy the vampire slayer, right'” Ryoko said as she threw the statue off her head. Tenchi laughed as he agreed with her, Ayeka and Washu was the only ones not laughing since they never heard of such a show.

“Do you think that cage will hold her' I mean… she gave Ryoko a run for her money.” Tenchi turned to ask Washu, causing Ryoko to blush in awkwardness.

“Don’t worry, I had this cage designed to absorb any amount of strength, and since she’s only half the strength level of Ryoko, this thing won’t even crack,” Washu said with pride as she looked at the Gargl on the floor of the cage.


So here she was, tightly clutching the crucifix, and watching the female. The Gargl was currently trying to doze off, her long, slightly messy, black hair obscured Ayeka’s view, the Gargl was leaned onto one of the corners of her cage, her strong yet slender arms crossed against her chest and her legs were crossed. The woman’s tail slowly twitched like a lazy cat’s. Her black wings were caped behind the female.

“I don’t think it’s polite to stare, my flower.” The sudden voice spoke gently, causing Ayeka to jump.

Ayeka then scoffed as she moved some of her purple hair away from her view, “well at this point, I’ll make an acceptance. Why did you torment me in my dreams' Why are you after me' Why do you know my name'” she didn’t expect to ask so many questions, but this whole event had gotten the princess stressed out and tired. Sadly for her, the Gargl answered none; she did though ask a question.

The Gargl sat up and stretched, she raised her arms above her head, held her hands together, and arched her back, she spoke through a strain, “is it a crime to simply know your name'” she flopped her arms on her lap once she was done stretching.

“Under the circumstances, yes it is. Now I am only asking this one time, how did you get into my mind' As far as Washu tells me, Nibiru is far away and you need to be in close contact to enter someone.”

The female got up and walked to the front of her cage, she leaned on the wall as she gave Ayeka a fanged grin, “I haven’t been on my home planet in a long, long time.”

“How long have you been on Earth'”

The Gargl took a moment to think, with the long pause it wasn’t a good sign, “I believe I arrived here in the seventeenth century of this planet. I am not sure, do you still use telegrams'”

“No we don’t.”

The woman nodded before scratching the back of her head, “I guess I have been here longer then I thought,” she smiled with embarrassment.

“How long has it been since you left Nibiru'” Ayeka asked in curiosity.

The Gargl smiled warmly as she moved a strand of her black hair away from her view, “It has been almost eight hundred years, not counting my years living here. Tell me, has it changed since my departure'”

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask Washu to give me an update of it.” Ayeka lied.

The answer caused a sad expression to run across the female’s face, “that is unfortunate news to hear.” Ayeka sighed as she rubbed roughly at her forehead, the female had been dodging almost all her questions and it was getting annoying.

“Do you care to tell me your name, and don’t try to change the subject.” Ayeka asked.

“Before I answer, I just want to apologize for the way I acted last night. I shouldn’t have broke into your home and destroy your house. When I saw the male I thought he was going to hurt you. Also when he was running toward you I thought the worst. It also wasn’t helping my cause when he dragged you into the other room while his partner was holding me back. I hope you and the others that I saw last night can forgive me in the future.” She said solemnly, causing Ayeka’s frustration to ease a little.

“Can you tell me your name please'” Ayeka asked, suddenly realizing that the Gargl had once again dodge her question.

“I know the tactics of this conversation. Once I tell you my name or one thread of information, you will tell the small child to search it. I will announce that I have not had a background for a long, long time though. Nonetheless you have asked nicely for my name, so I will also announce my name. I am Chiyoko Miyamoto.”

“ However to be honest, I am quite surprised that you didn’t test my DNA to tell you of my history.” Chiyoko continued to respond politely. Washu was in the other room with a hand slapped across her forehead, how could she forget to do that' It was like Chiyoko had basically thrown that in Washu’s face.

Ayeka slowly nodded, she slowly got up and walked out of the room, not bothering telling Chiyoko farewell. Chiyoko’s eyes followed her love interest walk out of the door, once the door hissed shut and locked, she walked over to the corner to sleep.


A/N: I hope I stayed in character with Washu’s explanation of my race and exorcisms.
I know that Chiyoko and Ryoko sound the same but I love the name Chiyoko so much, in Japanese it means “child of a thousand generations” and she’s been on Earth for nearly…ummm…okay I think like almost 25,000 years, including her time on Nibiru, which was eight hundred years.

Speaking of, this chapter happens at night, but I think you guys should know that already.
I think right now I should say that the idea that Washu explained belongs to me, also so does Chiyoko.

Also I couldn’t help but add Ryoko mentioning Buffy the vampire slayer.
(Most absolute favorite of my shows)
Again please review, I ran out of chocolate strawberries (sobs)



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