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Chapter 5 - Strange Suspension Begins

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 5 - Strange Suspension Begins

Chapter 5 - Strange Suspension Begins
Disclaimer: Look all I’m doing is borrowing the Tenchi Muyo cast, its getting embarrassing having to say that >_<’

Ayeka awoke that day feeling refreshed, she had no dreams last night, and best of all; Chiyoko wasn’t in them stalking her. She got dressed and walked downstairs, Ryoko was still asleep, Sasami was cooking breakfast, and the two Galaxy Police Officers were on the couch arguing about which of their favorite characters from a show would win.

Tenchi was nowhere to be found, so Ayeka assumed he was already out in the fields, since it was a Saturday, he would be home earlier. She had wanted to talk to him about last night, about the kiss. But since he wasn’t there she would have to wait. Once Ayeka sat down on the couch Mihoshi immediately greeted her.

“Morning, Ayeka. You look really good today.” Mihoshi complimented.

Ayeka blushed as she nodded, “Thank you. I was finally able to sleep last night.” She continued.


An hour later Sasami was finished with the breakfast but instead of bringing out the residents plates first, she was carrying a tray.

“Sasami, where do you think you’re going'” Ayeka asked once she caught her little sister heading for Washu’s lab.

“I was going to give our guest her breakfast, do you want to come'” Sasami asked innocently.

“Well you certainly can’t go in there alone.” Ayeka sighed; she was hoping that she wouldn’t have to see Chiyoko so soon today.


Chiyoko quickly got up from her resting place and stared at the door unlocking and slowly opening, a little girl with blue hair walked in with a tray of food, Chiyoko’s love interest walked in after the little girl.

“Good morning to you, Darling, I see that you look refreshed.” Chiyoko smiled while she got up and walked to the front of the cage.

“Sasami be careful, she may be sweet but she is dangerous,” Ayeka ignored Chiyoko’s compliment and kept a close eye on Sasami.

The Gargl looked to the little girl holding the tray then quickly back to Ayeka, “Me' Dangerous' Now I would never harm a child or you, Ayeka.” Chiyoko looked hurt by the statement.

Sasami shifted nervously as she looked to her sister then back to their guest. Chiyoko sighed heavily as she sat in front of the cage and looked to Sasami, “ So you must be Sasami, you’re such a cute little girl. Is that for me'” she asked as she pointed at the tray in question.

Sasami smiled warmly as she nodded, she unhooked the hatch under the door so that Chiyoko could get it, the Gargl carefully did so, knowing that Ayeka was still jumpy around her.

“I don’t believe I have introduced myself, have I Sasami'” Chiyoko asked after she drank her juice.

“No.” Sasami said shyly, Ayeka was carefully watching in case the Gargl would do something wrong.

“I am Chiyoko Miyamoto, and it’s a privilege to meet you.” Chiyoko smiled, causing Sasami to blush bashfully.

“It’s nice to meet you too. I hope the food is okay. Washu told me that you don’t like salt, so I didn’t put any in it.” Sasami said.

Chiyoko smiled again while nodding, “Yes well, whenever you see her, please tell her my thanks. I believe she’s the one with the unmannered cyan hair, right'”

Ayeka suddenly tried to hold back a smile, Ayeka thought the same thing about Ryoko’s hair, but she didn’t believe anyone else would say it for her.

“No the one with the unmannered cyan hair is the one who held you back last night.” Ayeka finally chirped in, “Sasami why don’t you go and eat breakfast with the others. I will come up shortly.”

Sasami nodded before waving good-bye to Chiyoko, who waved back, then walking out of the room then upstairs. Once Sasami left Chiyoko sighed shyly while noticing a strand of messy hair in front of her face.

“Although my hair is not that far from hers…” Chiyoko trailed off while consciously messing with her hair.

Ayeka held a small smile as she watched Chiyoko mess with her hair till it was at least decent in front of someone. Once the woman had gotten her hair fixed to where it wouldn’t bother her, she looked to Ayeka and smiled.

“Sasami is a sweet thing.” The Gargl commented again.

Ayeka nodded as she sat down in the chair, “Thank you.” she replied as she fixed her hair, watching Chiyoko fix hers got Ayeka wanting to mess with her own hair.

“Are you still uncomfortable around me'” Chiyoko suddenly asked as she munched on a piece of toast.

Ayeka sighed, the small smile fading into a serious frown, “Yes, I don’t know how you got into my head but I want to ask. But I’m afraid of the answer.”

“Ask away, my flower. This time I will answer them if I can.”

Ayeka got more comfortable in her seat, “How did you get into my head'” she asked; Chiyoko nodded while she still munched on the toast.

“An old man you had met in the grocery store. He was the one that had a stroke after you bumped into him.”

Ayeka tried to remember the last time she went to Tokyo, “I never did find out if he was okay or not. But that was a month ago…” Ayeka trailed off.

Chiyoko nodded gently after she was done with the piece of toast, she picked up her plate and fork and started to play with her food, “It was a month ago, and he should be alright since it was only minor stroke. My kind can transfer to another host with a mere touch of another being, so when you bumped into him, I transferred to you, but I had laid dormant inside you, not wanting to cause insanity like I did to the poor old man.” Chiyoko answered calmly in a monotone voice. The color in Ayeka’s face had gone pale from the answer.

“I did not do anything to your memories nor have I went through them like I did with so many others, instead I created my own little area and lived there. That is, until, I fell for you.”

“So when I had gotten drunk two weeks ago'” Ayeka unconsciously blushed lightly with embarrassment.

“Quite frankly I can say that I was rather disappointed in your behavior that day. I had wanted to talk to you about it but my affection quickly turned into obsession. That is the reason I had ‘stalked’ you as well. I did not realize my obsession until I woke up in this cage and had time to think.” The Gargl replied while playing with the eggs on the plate before taking a bite.

Ayeka roughly rubbed her forehead while she processed this information, not wanting to ruin the rest of the day thinking about this event, Ayeka quickly asked another question, “How did you get to Earth'”

Chiyoko took a sip of her drink before replying, “Sasami is quite a talented cook. And to your question, I was a foot soldier to my home planet but my unit was lost. My ship crash landed here but I was the only one surviving.”

“A foot soldier'” Ayeka muttered to herself.

Chiyoko didn’t notice since she was busy eating the eggs she was playing with earlier. Ayeka cleared her throat, before she could ask her remaining question, Ryoko had barged into the room hastily, she surveyed the room quickly before noticing Ayeka, she seemed to relax a bit.

“What are you doing down here'” Ryoko quickly asked while walking up to Ayeka.

Chiyoko silently growled; Ryoko seemed tense and ready to snap at any moment, this person seemed dangerous around Ayeka. Her eyes narrowed as they followed Ryoko walk to Ayeka.

“I was asking Chiyoko questions.” Ayeka stunningly replied, before she could say anything else, Ryoko roughly grabbed her upper arm and pulled her out of the room.

Instantly Chiyoko growled loudly, she quickly got up and jumped to the front of the cage, she couldn’t do anything since the cage didn’t even crack. No matter how many times she tried. She watched as Ryoko gave her a threatening glare before walking out with Ayeka. Chiyoko’s light blue cat-like eyes that had turned into slits due to her protective motives, slowly turned back to the human-like eyes. She quietly snorted as she walked back over to her corner and sat down, not bothering to eat her breakfast anymore.

Unknowing to the two girls and Gargl, a small video camera was positioned in the far corner of the room, Washu was found in front of her halo-laptop with a hand rubbing her chin, her child-like features held a serious and observing look.


Once Ayeka and Ryoko was out of the room, Ryoko snarled while continuing walking, “You don’t go down here without me knowing about it, got it Princess'”

Ayeka surprisingly stared at her rival, “What has gotten into you'” she asked, once she and the space pirate was out of Washu’s lab.

“Nothing… just let me know when you go down there, that way I can be there.” Ryoko said more calmly.

Before she could say anything else Ryoko phased off, Ayeka paused to understand this event, if she didn’t know any better, she’d say that Ryoko was jealous or protective of Ayeka.


A/N: yep, there’s a love-square happening here! I think you already know the candidates of this lovely game.
What is Washu doing' There are a lot of things building here! (I hope…)
Also I hope that this chapter answered some questions about how Chiyoko got there.
Again I still hope I stayed in character, if not, then the rest of the chapters may be a little OOC because this is the best I can do. And it looks like that I can’t think of anything to base this on something anymore.
And another thing, please review, if ya do, I will do a little dance of happiness!

NXU over and OUT!


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