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Chapter 6 - Troubled Thoughts

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 6 - Troubled Thoughts

Chapter 6 - Troubled Thoughts
Disclaimer: sadly I don’t own Tenchi Muyo, so the whole cast (including Chiyoko) isn’t getting paid for doing this; I’m too broke for it anyway.

Later on that day in Washu’s lab, where Chiyoko was still in the cage, the Gargl had become irritated with the four clear walls she had been looking at for three days now. She missed the sun, though she hadn’t experienced it in over 1,700 years. She just wanted to get away from this dark room, if not for a day. She tapped her foot repeatedly on the ground as she leaned on a corner, she was careful not to hurt her wings on the wall, her arms were crossed against her chest and her facial features appeared annoyed. Chiyoko sure wasn’t going to win Ayeka’s heart if she was going to spend her time here. That thought lingered in Chiyoko’s mind.

“They should know that this is not healthy if continued for weeks.” Chiyoko consoled herself as she started to gently play with a strand of her black hair.

That was another thing that had bugged the female, she had no one to talk to; she was alone. Sure, she had Ayeka to talk to, but the princess only stayed for an hour before leaving. And when Ayeka was there she only asked questions, she never talked. During her time within the old man, they had talked all the time, sure it made the old man look bad but they didn’t care. They were good friends, although she was dwelling within his mind.

She sighed noisily as she got up and started to pace around the medium sized cage. Her arms were crossed behind her and her eyes gazed at the floor. Someone had to let her out at some point. They just had to.


Washu watched the camera surveillance video playing on her Halo-top; she had been watching the Gargl pace around that small room for forty-five minuets now. The crab-haired little girl was currently debating if they should let her out for now, but the Gargl could easily hide inside one of them.

“Well that gives me something to do.” Washu’s nasally voice echoed her lab, it sounded playful and evil at the same time, she hopped off the cushion and ran to another dimension of her lab, she had an invention in mind that would surely keep Chiyoko at bay.


Currently Tenchi was walking home from just finishing the fields, he wiped the sweat from his brow after he stopped to put his shirt back on, he was a little sore but he was used to it. His endurance had increased since his time training and managing to survive the fights Ayeka and Ryoko had.

As he started to walk home, Tenchi had begun thinking about the kiss that had almost happened with Ayeka. He smiled at the thought of kissing those soft lips Ayeka had, but then frowned when he remembered what interrupted it.

“I wonder how that lady’s doing. I didn’t even bother to ask until now.” He talked to himself, he kicked a rock in his way; soon the rock was being kicked toward his house as the young boy walked.

He continued to walk while thinking more into his thoughts but then stopped in another realization, he didn’t bother to tell Ayeka of his feelings for her. This whole situation with the Gargl had finally brought out his feelings for the princess. But how could he tell her though' Ayeka had been busy for the last two weeks worrying about the dream she kept having, then she’s been interrogating the woman ever since the break-in.

The brown-haired boy looked to the ground, thinking on what to say to Ayeka. Maybe he should wait till the whole break-in situation was over and forgotten, there was just too much emotions happening here. With that thought in his mind, he started to walk again, still kicking the small rock that rolled in front of him.


Ayeka was found doing laundry out in the backyard, she was currently washing a kimono of hers that had gotten dirty due to the recent fight she and Ryoko had. This time it was over the last piece of a cucumber roll Sasami had made for lunch. Somehow Tenchi was mentioned and soon it had became an all-out battle. As Ayeka was scrubbing the stain out of the sleeve of her kimono, Ryoko was lounging on the roof; the demon caller kept switching her gaze to the clouds then back to Ayeka.

“At least this situation covered up that little act I did earlier.” She mumbled to herself as she itched behind her left ear.

Ever since she found out that that intruder was actually after Ayeka instead of Tenchi, she was a little more hot-tempered then usual. Then when she heard that Ayeka was alone with that intruder, Ryoko had been furious. Sure, she would fight with Ayeka over Tenchi but sometimes Ryoko found herself protective of Ayeka as well.

And it sure wasn’t like a friend type of thing; cause Ryoko would find herself thinking about Ayeka in a romantic sense. So yes, she was a little protective of both Ayeka and Tenchi. If anything, she was a little protective of Ayeka more since Chiyoko came into the picture.

The thought of Chiyoko having a chance with Ayeka caused the space pirate to growl, Ryoko basically disliked Chiyoko when she first fought with her. She had disliked her more because of today.

Ryoko looked back down to where Ayeka was doing the laundry; she allowed a small smile grace her lips before she noticed Washu walking to the purple-haired princess. Ryoko would go down there but she didn’t want to bother with Washu after the little incident with the statue landing on her head when Washu explained Chiyoko’s origins.


Ayeka felt a tap on her shoulder as she just finished with the kimono; she looked over her shoulder and noticed Washu standing behind her smiling playfully. Ayeka dried her hands on a napkin she brought with her then got up and faced the small red-haired child.

“Is something wrong, Mi- I mean Little Washu'” Ayeka asked after she quickly corrected herself.

Washu looked up the roof of the house then back to Ayeka, “well…it’s something, but I don’t think it’s wrong. Could you meet me in my lab for a minuet'” she asked while she continued to smile.

Ayeka nodded timidly, before she knew what happened, Washu grabbed her hand and led her toward the lab.

--Washu’s Lab--

Once inside Washu and Ayeka were in the greenhouse-like dimension of the lab, Washu summoned her Halo-top as she began to explain why she requested Ayeka to meet her.

“You remember that DNA strand we got from Chiyoko'” Washu asked, Ayeka paused for a moment then nodded for Washu to continue.

“She was right when she said she didn’t had a background for a while. But I managed to find her old one.”
Washu summoned two floating cushions as she typed up a command. Ayeka carefully sat in hers while Washu just leaped onto hers.

“She was also right about being a soldier to Nibiru. She was supposed to be in the reinforcements that were departed to aid their army at Jurai. Her team was actually a special force where they would invade the enemy’s mind. But that’s not the good part. She was ordered to invade you and your family’s minds.” Washu smiled in amusement. A screen of Chiyoko’s record file showed in front of Ayeka while Washu continued to type on her Halo-top.

“And you find this amusing'” Ayeka well manneredly asked while reading some of the file, though she was angry at the way Washu found this funny.

“I find this funny because she didn’t follow her orders. She ran away. I know Nibiru was pissed about that! All her records stop after that.” Washu let out a small laugh.

Ayeka’s eyes went wide with shock, before she could ask anything Washu continued, “I don’t know what caused her to run away but I don’t think we can ask her why. She doesn’t seem to trust us very much, including you since she didn’t tell you the whole truth.”

Ayeka nodded, “Well how do we get her to trust us that way we can ask her' If she had followed her orders, Nibiru would’ve won that war.”

“Which brings me to the second reason of why I brought you here.” Washu said hesitantly as if suddenly afraid.

“And what is that'” Ayeka asked with curiosity.

Washu suddenly summoned a dimensional portal and pulled out a strange black-metal collar with silver lining around the rims, “I was thinking that we might need to let her out of that cage. I think tha-,” she was quickly cut off.

“Are you insane! She would most likely try to invade my mind again, if not me, then someone else’s!” Ayeka swiftly jumped from her seat and stared at Washu.

Washu quickly held up a hand as a sweatdrop formed over her temple, “Now just hear me out,” she requested with a timid expression. It took a minuet for Ayeka to calm down and sit down again.

“Now,” Washu begun before clearing her throat, “I think we might need to let her out because she’s getting aggravated with the confined space, plus it might be a chance for you to get on her good side. And I already thought about her trying to invade someone’s mind. So I invented this collar that will keep her in her psychical form. It also will block out her mental capability to create or travel through one’s mind.”

“So you’re telling me that you basically cut off her wings.” Ayeka asked figuratively.

Washu nodded while whirling the collar around her index finger, “so what do you think' I can put some knock-out gas in her chamber and while she’s asleep I can put this on.”

“Will she be able to take it off'” Ayeka asked after thinking about it.

“No, it’ll be indestructible once it’s on her neck and if she, or anyone that’s not me, tries to take it off it’ll give them a nasty shock.” Washu explained with a wicked smile, “I would like to see Mihoshi try to get this sucker off! A-ha-ha!”

Ayeka smiled while she thought, after a few minuets Ayeka spoke, “Alright. Let’s try it.” she sighed.

“Great! Now we just got to figure out how to put this as your idea for everyone will believe it.” Washu said excitedly.


A/N: I felt like that Tenchi, Ryoko, Washu or Chiyoko didn’t have much of an appearance so I thought I should write like a paragraph of what they’re thinking about the situation. Also tell me if this is kinda slow or fast, I kinda feel like that it’s starting to lag.
Hope ya like it
Please review, and I will give you a cookie (well not literally, I don’t know where you live, so I’ll eat a cookie and think of you…that isn’t creepy…not one bit O3O)

NXU over and out!


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