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Chapter 7 - The Plan Begins

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 7 - The Plan Begins

Chapter 7 - The Plan Begins
Disclaimer: If I owned Tenchi Muyo, there would be only ONE change to how the show ended, an episode where Tenchi finally decides and a short montage where it shows Tenchi with that special someone ^o^ (either friendly or romantic but it will be both). But that’s not gonna happen, so we’ll never know…(sobs T^T)

Chiyoko woke up today with a strange feeling, she looked around and saw that she was still in the cage, but something was different. She slowly got up with a groan. She draped a hand to her forehead.

“This is odd, I don’t usually sleep that heavy.” She muttered to herself.

Suddenly the door leading into the cage opened, causing Chiyoko to quickly jump to her feet in fright. The other door opened and two people walked in. One was a little girl with red hair, and the other was Ayeka.

“Wow, that knock-out gas really kept you asleep!” the little girl laughed.

Chiyoko’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What is going on' Why do I have a terribly headache'” she asked while maintaining a defensive stand.

“The first question, we’re letting you out. And the second question, it’s a side effect due to the knockout gas I put in here five hours ago. ”

Chiyoko’s eyes widened in surprisment, “Knockout gas' Letting me out' What is all this' Why all of a sudden'” she asked quickly.

Ayeka stepped in this time, “Washu told me that you have been getting irritated with this cage. So I had suggested that you can come out of the cage with one exception.”

“A-Anything for you, darling.” Chiyoko stuttered with silent happiness. Maybe this was her chance to win Ayeka’s heart once and for all.

“Since you have the ability to travel through one’s mind, I told Washu to create a collar that will keep you in your physical form until I deem that you are trustworthy.”

“A collar' Isn’t that what humans use for their pets'”

“Yes that’s what it is. And the reason why we put it there was because if it was on your wrist or ankle, you could easily take it off. Now this collar is not a normal one. Like I said, it keeps you in your physical form, but it also blocks out your ability to travel, create, or read someone’s mind.”

“It also has a defensive network, if you or anyone that’s not me, tries to take it off, it’ll give you a nasty shock.” Washu chirped in.

Chiyoko suddenly touched the collar, it had a warm sleekness against her skin, she suddenly tried to tug at it, and a small buzz could be heard while Chiyoko tensed up.

Washu sighed as a sweatdrop formed over her head, “Why does everyone not listen to any of the warnings that I give them'”

Ayeka looked down to Washu with a puzzled gaze, what was the little scientist mumbling about now' Chiyoko sighed heavily once the shock was done; she staggered a little before looking to Washu and Ayeka.

“Have you told any of the others of this plan'” she panted.

Ayeka nodded since Washu appeared to be in her own thoughts, “Yes, and some of them do not like this idea. But Washu and I think this should be healthy for you since you have been in here for almost a week.”

The Gargl appeared to be thinking, “This is not a joke, is it' Cause I do not want to fall for it if it is.”

“This is no joke, Chiyoko. Now Sasami cooked lunch for us, why don’t you come with us.” Ayeka tried her best to put a smile on for Chiyoko to trust it.

The female looked shocked that Ayeka had finally said her first name genially, she then down to her hands for a minuet, what seemed like an eternity to the Washu and Ayeka, Chiyoko finally walked out of the cage carefully.

“The first part of the plan is working out great!” Ayeka thought while they headed for the Masaki household.


Tha residents of the Masaki household was currently watching a show that just came on, but they didn’t pay attention to it since they were eager for the three girls to come out of the lab. Ryoko seemed the most annoyed by the idea, and she showed it as well.

“What’s taking them so long' How long does it take to get a psycho out of a freaking cage'” Ryoko mumbled loudly, causing Sasami and Mihoshi to look at her funny.

“Ayeka said that the lady is a little timid so maybe their having trouble getting her to come out.” Mihoshi chirped in cheerfully.

Ryoko huffed out a breath while she crossed her arms and tapped one foot onto the floor, “Still, it doesn’t take this long.”

Tenchi looked to Ryoko with a slight smile, then looked back to the T.V. He was a little uneasy with this plan too but allowed it to happen since it was bugging Ayeka so much.

“Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce, Chiyoko.” Washu’s nasally voice spoke loudly to the residents sitting at the couch.

Instantly Ryoko and Tenchi looked to the lab door to see Washu, Ayeka, and Chiyoko walking out. Chiyoko was so close to Ayeka that their arms would bump eachother on accident. The other residents got up from their seats and walked over to Chiyoko, who was trying to hide behind Ayeka’s back. The little scene caused Ryoko to silently growl, and Tenchi to feel uncomfortable.

“I-it’s nice to meet you, I am Chiyoko Miyamoto…” Chiyoko introduced herself with a slight bow.

“Wow! I don’t remember seeing her this pale when we saw her four days ago!” Mihoshi inquired, causing Chiyoko to blush.

“Well you try being in a dark room with no light whatsoever, and see how you would look.” Kiyone defended.

“What do you mean' Y-you would put me in there'” Mihoshi started to whimper, causing Kiyone to growl silently.

Ignoring the police officers rant, Tenchi introduced himself, “Hi Chiyoko, I’m Tenchi Masaki.” He held out a hand.

Ryoko quickly inhaled and held her breath, Tenchi must’ve forgot about Chiyoko’s ability, Washu better hope that the collar works. The Gargl withdrew her hands to her chest before slowly reaching out to shake Tenchi’s hand.

Tenchi smiled once Chiyoko grabbed his hand and timidly shook it; everyone finally exhaled their breaths. Chiyoko seemed the most relieved, and to Ayeka’s curiosity; she wanted to know why.

“I think you already know Sasami, right'” Tenchi smiled while patting the little girl’s hair softly.

Chiyoko nodded, “yes I never did thank you for those meals you brought me, they were very good.” She smiled warmly, Sasami smiled while taking Ryo-okie off of her shoulder.

“This is Ryo-okie, she’s a cabbit.” Sasami held up the little feline/rabbit that way Chiyoko could see her properly.

Chiyoko nodded while carefully rubbing Ryo-okie’s neck, this received a pleasant purr from the cabbit.

The cops introduced themselves while Chiyoko smiled and nodded, and then the only one that needed an introduction was Ryoko.

“And she’s Ryo…” Tenchi trailed off once he notice Chiyoko and Ryoko giving each other a deadly glare.

“Yes, I know who she is. And I do not care for it.” Chiyoko said coldly, still giving Ryoko another dirty glare.

Ryoko huffed out a breath loudly, “and I don’t give a damn about yours, either.” Chiyoko growled silently as her eyes narrowed. In an instant moment, everyone could feel the tension between the two women. Luckily Washu broke the silent fight Ryoko and Chiyoko were having.

“So what did you cook us, Sasami'” Washu asked quickly, knowing Ryoko would instantly get off the subject. It worked like a charm too.

“Oh I was thinking about making Stir-Fry but since I ran out of some of the ingredients, I made us some Sashimi.”

“What is Sashimi'” Chiyoko muttered to Ayeka, who pretended not to hear the woman beside her.

Washu smiled while everyone walked to the table, “We haven’t had that in a while, don’t you think Ryoko'”

The demon caller ignored her mother while giving another death glare at Chiyoko, who was currently sitting next to Ayeka. Tenchi noticed this as well and began to be more uncomfortable. The intruder also noticed that the two people sitting on the other side of Ayeka were staring at her. She noticed the boy shift looks from her to his food. Ryoko, on the other hand, wasn’t being secret once so ever, the cyan haired woman made sure that Chiyoko noticed her, and when she did Ryoko would growl.

Ayeka noticed the tension that was going past her and back. She didn’t really care but since she had to go along with the plan, she sent a glare at Tenchi and Ryoko, who instantly went back to their meals.

Chiyoko noticed this and blushed wildly; her flower had stood up for her, with that thought in her mind she started to eat the new meal Sasami had made for them. Maybe since she was out of that cage now she could have more of a chance with Ayeka. And maybe Chiyoko could finally see Ayeka when she isn’t trying to get information out of her.

Ayeka had noticed the sudden blush and had to calm herself down because of it, but she had to wonder. Where was the warrior woman who fought Ryoko' It certainly wasn’t this woman beside her, or was Chiyoko pretending' She was supposed to invade the Jurai royal family’s minds after all. This all could be to gain Ayeka’s trust, or maybe it was true feelings. Ayeka shook her head at that last thought; where had that come from' She quickly focused on her meal before her thoughts went any deeper, she had a feeling the next few weeks will be awkward and strange.


Chiyoko was found outside, sitting next to the lake while throwing small pebbles into the crystal clear water. Since her other clothes had to be washed along with the other girls’ Washu had given her some clothes that Chiyoko had requested, since Chiyoko was a fan of the Feudal Era in Japan she had loved their clothes. She wore a simple grey haori and black pants, under the grey haori was a white shirt. She wore her same black boots. Sometimes when she was around Ryoko she felt like she was dressing just like her. But she got used to it within later in the week.

Chiyoko sighed in a relaxed sense while she looked at the cloudless sky, this was the only warm day they had and she enjoyed it. She had missed this, being physical and be able to feel everything again. She missed the sun mostly, before her days within the old man she thought she wouldn’t miss it. She never thought that she would miss the little things that nature does.

“I assume you have missed this'” a voice behind Chiyoko asked, this caused Chiyoko to jump and ready a battle stance. Once she noticed it was only Ayeka Chiyoko quickly calmed herself.

“Y-yes. Spending time within others’ minds does that to you…” Chiyoko trailed off.

Ayeka smiled warmly while walking next to Chiyoko and sitting down, “Then why didn’t you leave them, like you did with me'”

Chiyoko’s tail twitched nervously while sitting next to Ayeka, she brought her knees up and hugged her legs, “I couldn’t. I was too afraid back then.” She sighed with shame.

Ayeka looked to Chiyoko and noticed that the woman seemed to be in personal pain, but she couldn’t help but ask, “Afraid of what'”

Chiyoko looked to Ayeka for a moment, she then looked back at the lake, “I can’t tell you. Maybe once I feel ready I can. And I hope I will.”

Ayeka nodded, well she got a little clue as to why Chiyoko was on earth, now she just needed to a thousand more to figure out Chiyoko’s past. The princess turned her glance from the water to the woman beside her, suddenly a dull feeling came from her chest, what it was, Ayeka didn’t know but she felt like Chiyoko reminded her of something in the past. She shook it off once she was caught staring, she hid the light-tinted blush that surfaced.

Chiyoko noticed and blushed as well, to get out of the sudden awkward moment she asked, “So how long have you been on earth'”

Ayeka looked to Chiyoko then the sky, “Almost three years now, I came here in search of my older brother Yosho but instead found Ryoko here.”

“I heard about him… he was supposed to be your fiancé…” Chiyoko muttered the last part with a growl. Ayeka didn’t noticed since she was in her own thoughts.

“Oi princess. Sasami said that dinner is ready.” Ryoko said gently as she phased beside Ayeka, who was taken back by Ryoko’s gentle side, if she was looking at Chiyoko she would’ve notice the Gargl giving the space pirate a death glare.

“Oh I’ll be there in a minuet.” Ayeka replied as she got up, shockingly with the help of Ryoko and Chiyoko.

Ryoko nodded before walking off, while Ayeka wasn’t looking Ryoko and Chiyoko once again gave eachother a death threat.

Ayeka began walking toward the house with Ryoko but stopped when she noticed Chiyoko wasn’t following, she turned halfway, “Are you coming, Chiyoko'” she asked confused.

The Gargl once again looked touched that Ayeka said her name so genially, she gently shook her head no, “I’m just going to stay out here for a while, its been a while since I met such peace.”

The princess arched a brow at the last statement but then nodded before walking with Ryoko back to the house.


A/N: so sorry that I didn’t post for a while, been dealing with some personal stuff that wouldn’t leave me alone. I hope that this chapter is good and that its moving along nicely. I’m going to try to post regularly but I can’t promise. Anyway hope you like this! ^^

NXU over and OUT!


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