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Chapter 8 - Dreams of the Past

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 8 - Dreams of the Past

Chapter 8 - Dreams of the Past
Later that night, after fights and Ryoko, and having to separate Ryoko and Chiyoko from each other, she was exhausted. She rested in her bed and looked up at the ceiling, still trying to figure out her feelings she got once she stared at Chiyoko long enough.Why did she feel like that? Was it something she needed to remember? It felt so much like déjà vu. She sighed as she finally felt herself being pulled into a deep slumber, she was grateful of course, considering all what was happening.


Ayeka awoke to the sounds of fighting and blasts, she shot up from her bed and looked around, she was in her room on Jurai but something was different. Her home was under attack.

The doors to her room swung open, she yelped, noting that she sounded much younger, sounding almost like a child's. Her mothers Funaho and Misaki ran to her bed side, Misaki then picked her up, Ayeka clung to her mother, asking what was happening.

"We have to leave quickly, Azusa is holding them back as long as he can." Funaho said as she looked around, making sure none of the intruders was near.

Misaki nodded as she followed her co-wife outside into the halls, where distant sounds of fighting and yelling was heard. As Funaho and Misaki ran down a corridor to find their husband Ayeka looked around, seeing her home caught in fire and blood brought tears to her eyes.

"Check that corridor! We'll check this one!" a male ordered the two women froze and ran to hide against the wall, luckily their intruders attacked at night, so it was easy to hide in the shadows. Ayeka saw four figures walking toward them, she was so scared she could hear her heart in her ears.

The intruders' eyes glowed eerily against the moon's light. They didn't have any light near them so that was a good thing, they walked slowly and wearily, listening for any type of noise. One of them stopped however, and looked toward the women against the wall, he stopped his comrades, who looked at him.

"I think I heard something over there." he said as they all looked in the shadows, trying to find something there. Ayeka could feel Misaki hold her closer in fear of being found out, Funaho stealthily reached for her weapon.

Suddenly a bright light was pointed at them, causing Ayeka to yelp.


Ayeka woke up with a start, she panted heavily as her body trembled with fear, she looked around to make sure she was in the Masaki home. Once she knew she was there, she sighed, her body still shaken from the dream.

"Ayeka?" Sasami mumbled as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. The older sister jumped slightly but calmed down and turned to see her sister.

"Did I wake you?" she asked, feeling guilty now.

Sasami nodded but mumbled, "It's okay though. Are you okay?" she yawned.

Ayeka nodded slightly as she got up, "Yes, I'm alright. Go back to sleep." she said gently. The little girl nodded slowly before laying down and fell instantly back to sleep.

The older princess waited a moment longer before getting up and walking out, she was silently furious, making her way to a certain woman who now slept on the couch.


Chiyoko was thrown from her sleep when someone pushed her off the couch in an unruly way. She yelped as she slammed her shoulder on the floor, she waited moment before looking up to see Ayeka above her.

"W-what was that for?" Chiyoko mumbled as she got up and rubbed her eyes, before she could ushered another word, Ayeka grabbed her by the collar of her night-shirt. Chiyoko was completely awake now as she looked into Ayeka's eyes with confusion. The princess didn't say anything but by the looked in her eyes, something was wrong.

"How'd you get into my mind again?" she heard Ayeka's snarl.

The Gargl's eyes widen in shock, "What? I-I don't know what you're talking about! I've been here all night!" she panicked in a whispered tone.

"Don't lie to me! I know you're the one who put that in my head!" Ayeka yelled, unable to keep her anger under control. The Gargl quickly covered the princess's mouth in panic. This action cause the princess to be silent as well. She looked into Chiyoko's scared eyes and waited for the other woman to speak.

"Shush! I have no idea what you're talking about! But I swear on my life that I did not intrude your mind again."

Chiyoko slowly removed her hand from Ayeka's mouth and backed away, in both fear and caution. Now that the princess had time to calm down, she sighed as she placed a hand on her forehead to relieve the headache that was forming.

"We're going to see Washu. I don't believe the collar is working, and I don't trust your word."

Chiyoko sighed heavily as she nodded, she then followed her infatuation to the door under the stairs.


Washu looked to the door with a puzzled look, it was early in the morning and she had assumed everyone was asleep. What shocked her mostly was when Ayeka and Chiyoko came in at the same time.

"What brings ya here at this time of night?" Washu asked as she turned to face her halo-top again.

"Washu I don't think that collar of yours is working right." Ayeka said with slight resentment, however she tried to cover it before Chiyoko heard it.

Sadly the Gargl did, her fin-like ears dropped slightly as she looked to Washu as well, "She came to me saying that I was in her mind again, but I wasn't, I was asleep on the couch." she put her side of the story in.

Washu paused in her typing and thought a moment, "Would you allow me to give you a lie detector test? I know my inventions have a tendency to malfunction, so I just want to be sure it's working and you're not lying to us."

"I'm willing to do whatever I can to prove my innocence." Chiyoko said with too much passion, which both of the residents noticed.

"Alright then, follow me and we'll see if you are." Washu said as she hopped of her floating cushion and walked a certain machine. Chiyoko followed quickly while Ayeka walked at her own pace, still trying to figure out what that dream was.

Chiyoko sat under the machine anxiously as her eyes followed Washu walking behind her and placing a helmet of sorts on her head. Once done Washu walked over to a console machine and turned it on.

"I'm going to ask some questions, you're to answer them truthfully." Washu instructed the Gargl nodded quickly and readied for the test.

"Were you anywhere near Ayeka tonight, other than when she approached you on this subject?"

"No. I was asleep."

"Have you found a way around the collar's ability to regain your abilities to intrude one's mind?"


"Did you place something in her mind?"

"No." Chiyoko asked, looking confused about the last question. Washu nodded as she typed up more commands. After a couple of minutes a paper was printed out, Washu grabbed it and read its content.

"Well? Is she lying?" Ayeka asked, still wanting to believe Chiyoko somehow planted something in her mind.

Washu looked to Ayeka and spoke, "She's telling the truth. Are you sure what ever you saw was a memory?"

The princess paled, how could that monster be telling the truth, she looked to the woman in question then back to Washu, "Turn that machine back on, I got my set of questions to ask her." she ordered, her eyes narrowing dangerously at Chiyoko.

"Fine, give me a second." Washu said as she turned it back on, Chiyoko had become pale with fear, wondering what set of questions Ayeka had for her.

"Do you know anything about the war between Nibiru and Jurai?" Ayeka asked, Washu snapped her head toward the princess in shock. Chiyoko's eyes widen in horror as she stammered.

"Yes." She said, placing an emotionless mask over her features.

Ayeka smirked, she walked up to Chiyoko and asked her second question."Were you in the war?"

"Yes." Chiyoko said, staring into Ayeka's eyes. If Ayeka would notice, Chiyoko had a pleading shine in her eyes.

"Were you on Jurai when your planet intruded Jurai?" she asked, she failed to remember that Chiyoko told her that her unit was lost before they reached Jurai.


A slightly loud alarm went off on the machine, causing Washu to widen her eyes and try to silence it, Ayeka then knew she caught the Gargl in a lie.Washu looked to Ayeka and begged her, "Let's not find out this way, Ayeka. She can't go anywhere and if she doesn't tell us anything we can send her back to Nibiru."

Chiyoko paled horribly at the mention of being sent back, before Ayeka could answer Washu, Chiyoko panicked and broke out of the machine to get away. Before she got far though, Ayeka used her tiny logs to surround the woman and kept her there. The woman within the binds yowled out.

"I will not be taken back! They will kill me!" Chiyoko yelled within the trap. Ayeka's eyes widen in confusion.

"Why would they kill you? You're nothing but a deserter." she said, edging the Gargl to answer.

"I'M THE REASON NIBIRU LOST THE WAR!" Chiyoko screamed, her panic had taken over.

Washu finally stepped in and stood in front of Ayeka, "Ayeka stop this! This is not how we're going to get information! If we threaten her, she won't tell us the reasons why she's the cause of the war."

Ayeka refused to listen as tears blurred her eyes, she remained silent so Washu continued.

"I know you're mad because of that war. I understand why. If it weren't for it, Jurai wouldn't have been weakened enough for Kagato to attack it. But that's the past. We don't know why they declared war, but we might if you stop this. Chiyoko might tell us when she trusts us." Washu said gently, once she saw Ayeka start to break down, she switched to her adult form and brought Ayeka into a hug.

Once Ayeka let the trap fall, Chiyoko fell to the floor, stunned about what she heard. She refused to move, her body had become weak from the adrenaline rush, before she pasted out, she heard Ayeka whimper an apology.

A/N: OHHHHHH! I like this chapter alot ^o^ sorry I haven't updated, I was looking around my computer and found this, silly me, so I decided to post that one. I'm currently working on two of my stories, this one and Unexpected Attractions. I'm writing as much as I can before another writer's block attacks me.Anyway I hope you like this and enjoyed it.buh bye


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