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Chapter 9 - Having Doubts

Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing

Chapter 9 - Having Doubts

Chapter 9 - Having Doubts
Ayeka sat in Washu's lab, still stunned and confused about the situation, if Chiyoko wasn't lying... then what was that dream?

Washu sat next to the princess, making sure that the younger woman was fine, she looked to the resting figure on a bed Washu had summoned, "You know this little situation you did shot our original plan out of the sky, right?"

Ayeka sighed in defeat, something she wasn't used to, "Yes I know... I just... I had to make sure she wasn't  intruding my mind again."

"And what about your questions toward her being in the war?"

The younger woman mumbled as she ran her fingers through her hair, "That dream I told you about was set during the time of the invasion... I don't know what that was supposed to mean but I thought Chiyoko had something to do with it."

"And since she lied about being on Jurai during the invasion, I know something's linked to this and Nibiru's defeat... it's just too confusing..." Ayeka continued, while speaking she was pacing in front of Washu, her body tense with stress and confusion.

Washu got up slowly and wrapped an arm around the petite woman's shoulders, "Well right now we should let up on this investigation, I can see this is taking its tole on you. I'll keep Chiyoko with me while you get some rest for a few days."

The princess looked to the Gargl in question, "You're putting her back in that cage?"

Washu shrugged, "Maybe, but I don't want to stress her either since she hasn't harmed anyone physically since the break-in. So I'll probably have her help me around the lab when I need an extra pair of hands."

Ayeka nodded before rubbing her eyes, "I messed this up badly..."

"Don't beat yourself up about it, you were scared so you sought answers, even though it killed our plan to get her to open up." Ayeka narrowed her eyes at the woman, who held her hands up in defense and chuckled nervously.

"I'm going to bed, good night Washu." Ayeka mumbled as she walked to the exit. Washu replied back with a quickly good night before watching the girl leave, once the door faded away she looked to the figure on the bed.

"I know you're awake, Chiyoko." Washu chuckled before summoning her floating cushion and sat by the bed, the Gargl rolled onto her back and sighed, her blue irises glowing brightly.

"I'm not going to bother myself to ask how you knew I was awake." Chiyoko mumbled sourly, causing the woman to smile playfully and shrug her shoulders in response.

"So this was all a scheme of yours? Make me think I can trust you so I could tell you why I wimped out and ran away?"

"Well...," Washu started with her childish voice, she tapped her chin with a finger as she thought a moment, "That was our original plan, but due to tonight, it's ruined. So we're just going to have to trust you ourselves in order for you to trust us."

The woman in the bed blinked with shock she then chuckled as she lightly shook her head, "Now I see why Ryoko calls you crazy... if you haven't noticed, no one has warmed up to me since I broke in..." she then sweat-dropped in embarrassment once something clicked in her mind, "Never mind I even said that."

"And that's why no one trusts you, the break in is still fresh in their minds, so far you haven't done nothing to prove you're not that same intruder they saw that night. Sure you don't act like a rabid dog going after a female in heat, " Chiyoko blushed deeply, "But since you've been here, you've fought with Ryoko over Ayeka for a few weeks. You brush Tenchi off when he tries to speak with you, and you usually zone out when Mihoshi or Kiyone tries to talk to you."

"What about Sasami and Ryo-okie? I talk to them." Chiyoko countered with a pout and her arms crossed over her chest.

Washu chuckled, "They're children, of course you're going to be nice to them. And also they are the only ones who aren't as suspicious as us."

The Gargl sighed in defeat, "Still... I talked to Ayeka too, even though I knew she was trying to get information about me."

"True but from what she told me your holding something back." Washu countered, watching very carefully for any silent reactions. She smirked inwardly once she saw Chiyoko flinch slightly.

"And I bet she's told you that I would tell her when I'm ready, right?" Washu nodded in response. The tanned woman growled as she rubbed her shoulders as if she was cold.

"I-I don't think I'm able to tell her, and if I tell you, you would probably tell her then it would be hell on Earth." Chiyoko explained with difficulty, however the genius understood perfectly.

"I won't tell her if you want to tell me, but if it's important that she needs to know, then you should only tell her." Washu replied, rubbing the back of her neck roughly.

Chiyoko scoffed, swinging her feet to the side on the bed, she stood and stretched, her tail twitched and her wings unfurled and flapped in the air. She then looked at the woman who was still sitting, "It's not that easy... I want to tell her... but at the same time I can't. It's like something isn't letting me, I guess it could be fear, or my old instincts acting up again, I just don't know." She paced in front of the red-haired mother, who only nodded when Chiyoko looked her way.

"If it's that difficult I would suggest trying to get to know Ayeka, the more you know about her then that fear or instincts might die down by then."

"You're just trying to get me to talk about my past, aren't you?"Washu shook her head, "As much as I want to know about your past and involvement with Nibiru's defeat, I'm not one to push someone into something they don't want to do."

"Tell that to Tenchi who is forced to be your guinea pig now and then." Chiyoko shot at the woman, who chuckled with embarrassment and scratched her head.

Washu quickly cleared her throat, "I mean besides that little exception."

"Of course you do... why are you helping anyway? I thought you didn't like being involved with drama."

Washu narrowed her eyes at the female, who flinched but stood her ground, "I don't know who told you that, but while I was teaching at the Academy, I tended to be a therapist on the side if the case was big enough." Washu sighed dramatically for effect, "But I didn't do it long since there wasn't anything dramatic enough for me to fix."

Chiyoko laughed lightly, "Well now I can't look at you the same way again..."

"Oh don't let that fool you, I may know about mental trauma but I know a lot more about science."

The Gargle chuckled lightly, "Sure... so how long am I supposed to be here while Ayeka is relaxing?"

Washu rubbed her chin for a moment as she thought, Chiyoko decided to pounce on the bed and hug a pillow, she rested her chin on a hand while waiting, she knew Washu was teasing her due to the smile the woman had on.

"I guess a week or two, you've really made Ayeka stressed and I want to make sure that she's in better mental health before you try to get close to her."

Chiyoko sighed heavily while rolling on her back, the pillow draped her eyes, "I didn't think that I would be causing her this much pain..."

Washu waved a hand, "As much as I agree with that, I have to say that this isn't your doing. You being here probably woke something up in her mind and it's showing. For now though let's just move forward with baby steps till she's actually comfortable around you."

Chiyoko nodded slightly, she heard Washu hop up from her seat and clapped her hands, "You should get some rest, we got an early day tomorrow."



Okay this was basically a filler on both sides of the story, the next chapter or the one after that one will skip forward a few weeks. I hope everyone likes this and I hope I'm getting better at my writing.


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